So, I know I haven't exactly been working on much these last few weeks, but I decided to get this up. By an unknown fan, I was requested to write an additional scene in this story. Kind of like a 'what if' sort of deal. But I figured, 'hell, why not?'

Most of the chapter is what you've read in chpt 16, but you'll know when the deleted parts kick in. (Probably cause I marked them :p)

I hope this deleted scene turns out pretty good. This was my last bit of work I upload until my senior testing is finished. So enjoy!

-Deleted Scene-

Takeo wasn't expecting this. He knew he was in for a world of shit when he got the news he was being moved to Tokyo for a year, then to Europe. So he was slightly expected to see guards come and harass him as usual.

He didn't, however, expect to see the very man he abused, raped, humiliated, standing there with a look of want on his face. It stunned him...not to mention confused him.

He stood and said,

"What are you doing here?"

"Did you not hear me? I said I came to talk to you."

Takeo glared and turned his back and walked to the back wall, resting his arm against the stone and said,

"I don't want to talk to a rich cunt like you. Go away."

Sono rested his head against the cell bar and said quietly,

"I'm not know that. But that's not why I'm here."

Takeo said nothing and sighed to himself. He turned to look at the blond male, seeing his brown eye gleam in hope. He didn't want to see him. Sono was the last person he ever wanted to see before his move to Tokyo. But here he was, in the flesh, alive and well. He pushed himself away from the wall and walked over to the blond, stopping within five feet of him and glared him down. This man got him put in jail again and he still had dreams of seeing him dead.

But now, as he stood before him, Takeo saw how much he did to him. And inside, he felt...guilty? What? No, Takeo Mizuno felt no guilt for anything he did and for the people he killed. Why was it this man got under his skin? He growled and said,

"I could've killed you...I should've killed the fuck are you still alive?"

Sono's eye tilted down to the right and he said,

"It wasn't the right time for me to die, I suppose...I didn't want to go yet."

"But that was my plan! It should've gone all to formation! How the fuck did it fail? How-"

"Plan? What Plan?"

Then...Takeo grew silent, hand set to his mouth. Fuck...he let it slip. Groaning, he walked away to his bed and sat down, hands buried in his black hair. He knew he had let something valuable to him slip to someone who should'nt know anything about it. Now, he knew Sono was staring at him, curious about his 'plan'. He sighed loudly, trying to avoid to topic. But the blond gripped the bars, staring at him with such burning curiousity.

"Takeo, what plan? Tell me. I came to talk to you."

"...No...go away."

"I'm not going anywhere. Takeo, please. I came to talk to the person who opened me up to the world beyond my solitude. Not the killer he became..."

Takeo made no move to respond and Sono grew persistant. He gripped the bars tighter and said,

"You might not be willing to talk to me, so you can just listen. Years ago...I sat alone under a cherry blossom tree everyday because no one would even talk to me. I was alone...until you came and approached me. You were my first friend, the only person outside my family I could trust with whatever I had. Then...then you kissed me in 6th grade. You were my first kiss, my first love intrest."

Takeo tilted his head and looked at the blond with such stunning confusion. And Sono saw he had touched a nerve, so he went on.

"Yes...wither you believe it or not, you were the first person I fell in love with, not Naoki. Your jet black hair, your piercing blue eyes, I fell for it all. You were so kind to me. You were different from everyone else. And I don't know what happened to you that caused you to change into the man you are now, but I didn't like it all. Why do you think I went to Naoki for comfort in high school? Because you were gone. When I broke up with you, it was because you changed into someone else, someone I didn't like. And now, years later you suddenly appear and want to kill me. You could've done at graduation, but you didn' tried to kill me again and couldn't. You always hesitated and someone stopped you"

"Enough, I get your point. I don't want to discuss this anymo-"

"Well I do! Takeo, to me. What happened to you? You took away the two boys I fell in love took away Naoki and you took away the Takeo I first fell in love with. Why? What did we do to make you hate us? Why did you want us dead?"

And for the first time in a long time, Takeo sighed in defeat and stood, walked over to where to the blond was and got closer, gripping the bars and stared into Sono's good eye. God those eyes...those brown eyes...eyes he could get lost in...he reached out and caressed the blonds cheek, making Sono jump suddenly at the soft touch. But he relaxed against it, knowing that he touched some nerves in his words and maybe now Takeo wouldn't harm him. Takeo continued to caress his cheek softly and ran his thumb over the tape that held the bandage over his eye.

He reached out to run his fingertips over the blonds neck, feeling the skin tremble under his fingers. It was a comforting silence between them and Takeo felt two differnet urges corsing through his veins.

One urge was to ring his hands around the blonds neck, forcing the air out of his body, feeling the life fade from his core. To see his eye fade into white death and his goal would be completed.

However, the other urge was to take him in his arms and kiss him like he used to, assuring him that nothing had changed. That deep down, he was still the same Takeo Mizuno that won over Sono's heart. But even then, he knew it was a lie. The Takeo he was long ago was dead and forever gone. The killer had taken over his form, but somehow, the blond hadn't changed. He still got under his pictures and in reality.

He removed his hands and sighed again, moving away from him and leaned against the wall again, mumbling to himself. He looked up at the blond and said,

"You really want to know what happened? You really want to know what changed me?"

Sono nodded and leaned closer to the bars, eager. Takeo shuddered and said,

"Your father...your fucking father changed me. After that night, the night he beat the shit out of you for seeing us kiss, it sparked something in me. Somehow, I felt excited seeing him hurt you. Excited and frightened all at once. So, I tried to fight the thrill by abusing anyone I found worthy of my hands, but it didn't satisfy me. It went like this through all of high school. And when I saw you and Naoki...having sex in your bed, I went fucking crazy. I suddenly wanted the two of you under my hands, hurt and bruised. I wanted you to suffer the most."

"Is that why you took Naoki from me? Because you saw us? Because you were jealous?"

"Yes and no. Yes, I was one who instigated those men to rape you so you'd coming running back to me. I didn't expect Naoki to get in the way. Believe me Sono, Naoki's death was entirely a miscouculation. But even as I say that, I'm not sorry that it happened. I'm glad he was killed so you would be all mine...heh, but that didn't happen all that well either, now did it. To answer your last question, yes I was jealous. Madly jealous."

The blond gulped and leaned his head against the cell bars again, as if not surprised by this confession. He felt tears in his eye, but refused to let them fall. Deep down, he knew Takeo's reasons for all his murders and other crimes. But none of it mattered now. He wanted to see HIS Takeo again. Not the monster who took his place.

He extended his arm out to the man and said,

"Takeo, I don't hold any kind of grudge against you for what you did in the past...that's why it's the past. Yes, I'm still angry for what you did and I was scared of you for years. You gave me nightmares after that night to a point where I refused to sleep. But please...let me see the real you again. Not the killer you became. I want the boy I grew up with back...I want my best friend back..."

Takeo stared at the extended hand, but made no move to reach out. He found it odd that Sono was speaking to him like this. After all the hell he put him through, he wanted to see 'the real him' again. Sighing, Takeo stood and remained by the wall, staring at the blond, eye desperate for his touch.

Suddenly, Takeo felt it again. The love he felt for the blond once before, rekindled and aflame again. No longer envisioning him as a bloody victim of his dreams, he saw him as the high schooler he loved for than the world he grew to hate. His feet betrayed him and soon, his hand was connected with Sono's, rubbing his knuckles lightly, feeling the warmth. He felt that same hand caress his own cheek, feeling the mans soft skin...he grasped it with his own hand and whispered,

"Why are you acting like this? I put you through the worst torture anyone could go through. I took away the boy who stole your heart from under me...I threatened to kill everyone you knew...I tried to kill you...why all of a sudden are you treating me like I'm your friend again?"

And Sono smiled, rubbing Takeo's cheek with his thumb, whispering back,

"Because through your murderous exterior, I still see the good in you. I always have. You might not believe it through all the blood that's tainted your hands, but I do. I came wanting to talk to you about it all and it's what I got. I know the reason you went crazy, but tell me what this plan of yours was? Why did it take you so long to kill me, or try to?"

Takeo placed his hand over the blonds and removed it from his cheek, sighing to himself. No way Sono was going to let this go. Might as well let it out now.

"My plan reunite us."


"After Naoki was killed, I admit, I was shocked and hurt to know my best friend was gone. Even knowing he was fucking you on the side, I was still hurt. And I knew this would change things between you and me since he was gone and I didn't want that to happen. So after I left Fukushima, I started planning it all out...find you, torture you to the brink of madness, then kill then I would kill myself. So we could all be together again. All I wanted was for us to be together and to be happy."

He shuddered and then Sono saw something he had never once seen before...a tear. A tear from Takeo Mizuno's eye. It trailed down his cheek and instantly, Sono reached out and wiped it away with his thumb. He had never seen Takeo cry ever in his life and to see him show this kind of made him happy. Takeo was still human. He was still the boy Sono knew all those years ago.

He wiped the tear away and rubbed Takeo's cheek again, staring at him. The man rubbed Sono's hand and sniffed, knowing the blond reached into his heart and yanked at his heart strings. He reached out and rubbed the blonds own cheeks, laying his forehead against the bars.

"I want to touch you...I want to hold you again."

Though the request was out there, Sono didn't think it was a wise idea at the moment. Takeo could easily be lying and would kill him the moment he unlocked his cell door. But he was willing to take the risk.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the key, slowly unlocking the cell door and quickly stepped inside, locking it again and set it back in his back pocket. When he turned, he saw Takeo stare at him, fists clenching. Suddenly, Sono felt his blood quicken and he slowly backed up. But yet again, Takeo surprised him.

The man stepped forward and tried to hold the man against him again. He was nervous, which was new to him. But he saw the blond smile weakly, whispering,

"Orange was never your color...I perfered you in black."

Takeo smiled and chuckled, stepping forward again and slowly, very slowly, wrapped his arms around the blond, holding him to his chest and rubbing his head. He felt Sono wrap his arms around his waist, nuzzling his chest. Takeo set his head on the top of Sono's blond locks, inhaling lightly.

"You smell so good...I envy your boyfriend...I wish I could take you away from him."

Sono visiably tensed up in Takeo's arms, much to the mans discomfort.

"Relax, you little shit. I won't do anything like that. I'm perfectly content with this..."

He kissed the top of Sono's head, rubbing his neck. The blond relaxed in Takeo's arms again, gripping onto his jail suit.

"Sono, if this is out of turn, I need to know...can I kiss you?"

The blond's eye widened at the request...a kiss...from Takeo Mizuno. He remembered those kisses in school. They always got his blood pumping and his heart throbbing. He looked up at the man and blushed.

"I-I don't know, wouldn't be fair to Se-"

"I know, but please, I want this. I want to feel your lips again. Your kisses meant everything to me. Your beauty, your smile, your eyes..."

Takeo reached up and touched the eye bandage, and Sono jumped, snapping his hand away. But Takeo moved again, slowly removing it and watched as Sono shut his eyes tightly. The bandage was then removed and Takeo's eyes widened at the sight of the black eye. It wasn't as swollen as before, but it was still purple and swollen to where Sono still couldn't open it. He touched it tenderly, leaning down to kiss it.

Finally, Takeo leaned down and slowly took Sono's lips in his, rubbing his neck gently. He wrapped his arms around the blonds waist and the other in his hair, deeping the kiss to a point of breath taking madness.

Sono also felt the affects. The moment Takeo kissed him, all the good memories came flooding back. He shut his eye and wrapped his arms under Takeo's arms, feeling the man deepen the kiss. He felt the mans tongue prod against his lip and he couldn't help himself. His mouth opened and moaned lightly as Takeo's tongue wrapped around his own, drawing moan after moan from each man.

-Part 1-

It was only after a few moments where Sono felt Takeo's left hand rubbing his lower back, a little too intimately. Especially when he felt that rough hand dig into the back of his jeans, rubbing his ass gently.

Suddenly stunned, Sono pushed him away and backed up against the cell, eyes wide and shaking. He gripped onto his shirt, gulping at what his once best friend tried to do. Takeo tilted his head in slight confusion.

"What's wrong?"

The blond gulped again, eyes averted to Takeo's dirty cot. He was horrified at the possibility of...well, that happening again. Takeo had already done it once. And it scared him more than anything to-

"Babe, you're shaking. What's wrong?"

"Don't call me know I always hated it when you called me that."

"I know, but still. Why are you shaking so much?"

"Takeo, I've put up with you for a long time. Even though I allowed you to kiss me, there'd be no way in hell I it again."

Sono found it hard to process his own words. Why was he having such a hard time trying to form rational words that told Takeo off. He should've been able to say no to Takeo...

But that racked up so many happy memories. Memories of him and Takeo, kissing lightly in his bed while his own family was down stairs. Takeo sneaking into his room in the middle of the night, just to crawl in bed with him, holding him tight and seemingly never letting go.

This man, the very same man who kill hundreds of people just to get to him and to kill him...he used to be the same boy way back when who would climb up Sono's window to bring him soup and sweet rolls and chai tea when he was sick with a cold or the flu or anything that rendered the blond unable to move from bed.

Before Naoki, Takeo was all Sono needed in his world. When Naoki moved to Fukushima, it changed...for starters in a good way. It was long before Sono realized his odd feelings for his tan friend. Takeo was still all he needed.

Tears rolled down the blonds face as all those memories flooded his mind. He didn't even realize he was in tears until he felt Takeo's soft lips touch his forehead, those soft arms wrap around his thin waist. He felt his own tears stinging his sore eye, but Takeo kissed them away.

And for a moment, Sono felt like he was with Seiji again, assuming that this was all some kind of messed up dream. But no. Takeo continued to embrace him, kiss his face until his tears vanished. He ran his fingertips across Sono's wet face, kissing his neck.

"Let me in, babe. I want this...before I leave...will you? For me?"

In a brief second, Sono felt sick to his stomach once again. Faced with the fact that he was pressured to cheat on the love of his life with the man who, in turn, fucked up his love life.

But Seiji did say to go about this as Sono saw fit and that whatever he did, he'd understand...but sex? He couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Takeo...I...I can't I..."

"I suppose I understand your reasoning. But hear me out first. Sono, try as much as you want to not believe this, but you were the first person I ever fell in love with. When I confessed to you in 6th grade, I meant every word of it. I know that was such a long time ago, but even now, the last thing I want to do is to kill you, which is shocking even for me. Give me this one night, just this once. No rape, no pain, just us. Please..."

Takeo kissed him again, much more gently and Sono lost control of his mind. After 3 months, who wouldn't lose focus of their minds.

He kissed back and wrapped his arms around Takeo's neck, leaning in to whisper,

"Just this once...just this once."

Takeo smiled and kissed the blond, leading him to his cot and sat him down, running his fingers through his shirt. Sono shivered at the feel of the mans cold fingers on his skin; somehow, it actually turned him on.

They trailed higher, reaching their destination at the blonds nipples, tweaking them roughly. Sono gasped sharply into the kiss and broke apart, letting out a tremor that Takeo found absolutely cute.

The man removed his hands and positioned Sono on his back, rough hands already removing his belt and pulling at his zipper. The blond absentmindedly reached out to unzip Takeo's prison suit and tug it from his pale shoulders. Takeo quickly removed it right after he tugged off the blonds jeans and boxers. Now only dressed in his sweater, Sono felt horribly exposed...and horribly nervous.

He felt Takeo's hands trail up and down his soft thighs and he reached up to tug off his sweater, finally exposing him in all his bruised glory. Now he felt exposed and nervous. The blond tried to cover himself with his arms, feeling like a young virgin again.

Takeo smiled and leaned over him, kissing the top of his head, whispering,

"You're just as beautiful as I always imagined you to be. I'm actually kind of...jealous."

Sono's eye opened lightly, to see Takeo's soft smile.


"Sono, ever since I first tasted your lips, I've had fantasies about us in bed together, bare like this. And I told you before. I was insanely jealous of Naoki that he got to your body first. But now, it's my turn. And I want to savor it. I want to see what I've missed out on. I want to see the body before I raped it's core. I promise I'll be gentle with you."

Takeo then began kissing Sono's soft chest, rubbing his neck lightly, teasing his torso, stomach and neck with his tongue. All the while, Sono felt his mind slipping out of his control again. Takeo was driving him mad with lost lust.

The mans tongue dipped into his belly button, earning a soft squeak from the blond below him. Takeo chuckled.


Sono blushed...and Takeo smiled softly, kissing his blonds legs and abdomen. He trailed down to his private area, which to his surprise, was rather hard and throbbing. He trailed it with his fingertip, making Sono jump and clutch the cot sheets.

"Takeo...just do it. I don't want prep..."

The man looked up at him quickly, as if not hearing him correctly.

"Are...are you sure?"

"I've dealt with sex without prep before. I can handle it..."

Takeo just stared into those eyes. He saw fear, nerves, shame. When he should've frowned, he smiled and spread the blonds thin legs, positioning himself. He took a firm hold of Sono's hands and within one thrust, slammed into his body, kissing him to swallow his scream. The last thing he needed was having the guards ruin his good time.

Sono screamed. Oh he screamed. The feeling of having Takeo slam into him raw and dry once again was a painful experience, but this time, it felt different. Like, there was meaning behind this. When Takeo released his lips, he let out a shaky breath, his eyes watering like a flood. He was sweaty, his blond hair sticking to his forehead. But he didn't seem to care as much.

Takeo stilled, letting Sono adjust this time. He watched as he cried, letting out miserable breaths of air. He leaned down and kissed his black eye again, rubbing his arms.

"I love you...I always have."

Takeo didn't expect the blond to respond. He knew after all that happened, there was no way in hell he would love him again.

He gave a hard thrust, which was greeted by Sono's sharp cry of surprise and he reached up to grip Takeo's shoulders tightly, wrapping his legs around his waist, tears continuing to flow down his cheeks.

Deep down in the dark corners of Sono's mind, there were times he imagined what sex with Takeo would be like. Granted, that was long, LONG before Takeo became what is was now. He imagined him to be a gentle lover, yet with a dominant side. This was nothing like what Sono had pictured.

To him, this was nothing more than sex before a guilty mans eternal trial. That's what he thought at first.

Takeo ran his hands through Sono's hair as he thrusted mad and deep into him, bringing him in for a deep kiss. The blond kissed back eagerly, mostly because he wanted this experience to end, but partly because he somehow didn't want this moment to end at the same time.

Somehow, it felt wonderful having Takeo inside him, to a more gentle extent. Sono knew he would regret this later, whither it was through Seiji or something else, but somehow, none of it mattered.

He gripped onto Takeo's shoulders tightly as he felt a liquid boil burning deep inside him. It was coming and from the feel of things, it was going to be heart breaking. He took Takeo's face into his shaking hands and out of impulse, out of memory, out of repressed love, he kissed Takeo's forehead, his legs tightening around his pale waist.

The blond came first, letting out a loud whimper as it took him by surprise. His back arched and he didn't even hear him moan out Takeo's name. But Takeo heard him and it pushed him off the edge, letting out a harsh groan and came deep into the blonds hot channel. was quiet.

Both men tried to catch their breath; one found it horribly difficult to do so through his sobbing.

Takeo hoisted himself on his shoulders and wiped away Sono's tears, knowing why he was crying. He gently pulled out, helped Sono to his feet and walked him over to his cell shower, turning it on to a low pressure, since the water was cold.

He washed off his shaking victim, cleaned his whole body and even washed his hair. Afterwards, he dressed him in his clothes and redressed himself in his prison suit. They didn't discuss what had happened just a few moments ago. Takeo got what he desired the most in his life. It wasn't to kill the was to make love to him the way he wanted. Maybe not in the setting he desired most, but even still, his wish came true.

They remained silent for a moment. Much too quiet for Takeo's taste. He moved behind Sono and turned him around, kissing his lips again, feeling his arms trail around his waist. When the kiss broke, Takeo whispered into his ear,

-part 1 of deleted scene ends-

"Sono, run away with me. I can escape from prision again and we can start again. Go where no one knows my America. I-"

" know I can't."

Takeo moved him so he can glared into his eye. Now, he was angry.

"Why the fuck not?"

"Takeo...I admit, I enjoy being held by you again. It reminded me of all the good I feel in you. Your kisses feel amazing...but their nothing in comparrasion to the man I fell for now. I'm in love with someone else, Takeo. I'm sorry..."

Takeo sighed and kissed the top of Sono's head, rubbing his back. He knew the blond was right, though he was very angry about Sono rejecting him again. And that anger blinded him momentarly. He gripped onto the blonds neck with both hands, squeezing tightly.

Sono was shocked, trying to pry the mans hands away. His breathing was being cut off, he clawed at the hands, tears now rolling from his eyes...both eyes. Takeo slammed him up against the cell door, squeezing tighter, feeling the blonds veins pump slowly.


Sono's tears landed on Takeo's wrists and suddenly, the man gasped, dropping the man to the floor, watching as he gasped for air. He stared at his hands, eyes wide and he was shaking. His eyes deverted to Sono, clutching his throat and trying to find air. Takeo backed away from him, shaking madly.


The blond turned his weak head to look at the man and he saw how bad he was shaking. He collapsed to the floor, fisting his hair and crying, saying 'I'm sorry' over and over again. He didn't change. He was still the monster he knew he would become. He heard Sono's soft voice call his name, but he pushed him away.

"Go away! I can't look at you anymore!"

But Sono didn't leave. Instead, he got to his knees and hugged Takeo to his chest, allowing him to cry in his shirt. Sono ran his fingers through Takeo's black locks, kissing his head gently.

"Shhh, it's ok. I'm here now, it'll be ok."

Takeo looked up at him and took his face into his hands, kissing his nose like Seiji would do.

"Babe, please...I can't handle being alone again. All those people I killed...trying to ease the solitude...Sono...I still love you."

Sono weakly smiled and rubbed Takeo's hand, kissing his cheek. Love...Takeo still loved him after 15 years apart. Well, who could be surprised? Takeo was obbssesed with him. And as much as he felt like saying 'I've always loved you' to the man, he couldn't bury it with a lie.

"Takeo, I know how much you want me to say I love you back...but I would be lying if I said it. I love someone else. I will admit, that I still carry a great deal of care for you, but it has lessened over the years."


"You were right about one thing...I did become a slut. I slept with people to ease the sorrow filled hole in my heart that you etched. I tried to find happiness in the lust of other men, but it didn't help at all. But even as I had sex with all those people, I felt my care for the past disappear more and more each year until I found my soulmate. If I were into the theory of past lives, I'd say he'd be a second Naoki, but I doubt that's true. I love him for him and all he's ever done for me. He's helped me through so much. And I'm sorry. and ended the moment you first went MIA."

Takeo sighed again and removed his hands, knowing all too well that the blond was right. Knowing that his time was up, or seemingly, Sono got to his feet and walked out of the cell, locking it up. Just before he turned to leave, he heard,

"Sono, wait. I have something for you."

Curious...that was an understatment. Sono turned to watch Takeo crawl under his bed and pull out a small black bag. When he reached into it, he pulled something small out and walked back over to the blond, smiling. He took Sono's hand and said,

"He would want you to keep it."

With that, he placed the item into the blonds palm and Sono instantly paled. He gasped and he found that words eluded him. He looked at Takeo, tears peeked again.

"Naoki's did you get this?"

"After you went to Tokyo, I broke into your parents house and went looking through your old room, trying to find something, not sure why though. I saw it sitting in front of the picture we took the week high school started for us. I figured I'd use it as an outlet to get to you, but I figure this is best. Take it...I have no use for it."

"You stole...the ring Naoki gave me...only to return it to me?"

Takeo nodded.

"I know it's something you don't want to see given that you already wear the ring of another man. But it's something to keep Naoki alive..."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his locket, opening it up to the picture. And Sono smiled, reaching into his own coat pocket and pulled his own locket out, opening it up to show the same picture. Takeo smiled,

"Naoki was buried with his you and I will be."

"Like we always planned...Takeo..."

Unable to help himself, the blond leaned in closer to the bars and Takeo reached him, their lips locked through the cell bars, a soft kiss to end their heart felt meeting. After the kiss, Takeo whispered,

"When I'm free, I'll come looking for you again. This time, I will kill you with no hesitations."

Sono chuckled and said,

"In due time, I'll look forward to it...but there's no chance of you being freed. I need to go...Takeo, no matter what happens, I'll always miss you as the man you were, not the man you became."

The blond walked away from the cell and just as he reached the white door, he heard,

"Babe, just so you're aware, you're a drug I'm forever addicted to. No matter what happens, you'll always be my personal little drug."

Without turning, Sono laughed and said,

"I'm no where near surprised..."

With what, Sono left the room and quickly shut the door, leaning his forhead against it, trying to ease his breathing. It had gone a lot smoother than he had figured, which was a good thing. He got his answers and he embraced the man he once loved after so many years. He took a shuddering exhale and quickly left the storage, walking back into the station.

Yakura was waiting there for him and quickly stood, running towards him with a worried face.

"How was it? Did he hurt you? And where's your eye bandage?"

Sono's hand quickly went to his uncovered black eye, but he only smile in responce. He told Yakura all that was said and done, how Takeo was gentle around him, excluding the moment where he almost strangled him. Yakura was astounded, and happy all at once. He patted Sono's shoulder and walked him to the door and out to the bus stop, seeing him on and waving as it took off.

During the bus ride home, Sono kept staring at the ring...the ring Naoki gave him. After all these years, it was still so beautiful...he remembered that day so vividly. The day Naoki had made his love for Sono official and overwhelming. He remembered what Naoki had said to him that night. About how he loved Ami, but he was in love with him.

I want be together for as long as God intends for us to be together. When we graduate, we can go to school in America. You can go to an Art Institute and I can go to a Media College. If so, we can live in a small apartment together. We can get jobs, start a new life...leave Japan behind for a few years."

The dream they had shattered by Takeo's hands. But it didn't seem to bother Sono as much as it should've. It was the past and was best left in the past. He clutched the ring tighter and wiped his tears away silently, whispering Naoki's name to himself.

-part 2-

He pulled out his cell phone and opened it, mindlessly dialing a number...he should've done this a long time ago...

There was a pause...he was afraid no one was going to pick up at first. Until he heard,

"Hello? Hanasaki speaking."

The blond gulped, unsure of where to begin with this conversation. He heard the man say 'hello?' again and somehow, Sono couldn't stop his mouth...

"Oto?'s me."

Another pause...a much more shocking pause. Sono was afraid that the man hung up on him. He was almost tempted to hang up himself until he heard,

" that really you, little brother?"

"'s me...I...wanted to see how you were doing?"

"You waited 15 years just to ask me that? Fuck, I should be asking you that after you just stopped contacting us."

"I know...and I'm so sorry, Oto..."

"Well...what did you want?"

Sono felt tears weld into his eyes. It sounded like his own brother didn't want to talk to him. How could he blame him though? Sono made it clear he didn't want to talk to his family...but he felt as though he should.

"Oto...if this is a bad time..."

"Might as well get on with it, Sono. What do you want?"

"I...just wanted to see if you were...busy this weekend. Maybe I could come down and see you again."

"...I'm sorry, what?"

"Oto, I know I haven't been the best younger brother ever...but I realize now that I was taking all my problems out on you and mother and...well, you know. Please...I want to see you again. Can't we talk about this?"

"I don't think we have anything to talk about."

There they were. The tears Sono tried to avoid were pouring down his cheeks once again. He gripped his phone tightly, trying to ease his breathing. It didn't go unnoticed.


"Oto, we have so talk about. Please...I want to see my big brother again...I miss you so much..."

"...I thought you hated us."

"I never hated you. I was an idiot and blamed you and our parents for everything that was fucked up in my life...please...I want to make things right between us again. Please let me come see you."

The bus stopped for a few moments, letting people on as Sono desperatly awaited his brothers answer. He wiped away his tears and gulped, hearing Oto let out a sigh over the phone and say,

"You have no idea how much I miss you, Sono. The only reason I didn't call you was because you didn't want to call us...I saw what happened on the news and how that demon came and found you...Look, as much as I know this is short notice, I'll book you a plane ticket for next Friday. Is that ok?"

"That's perfect...That's so perfect."

Sono thought he heard Oto smile over the phone, even as he heard his soft laugh. God, Sono missed his brothers laugh.

"I'll let Miyuki know you're coming. She'll be so excited to see you again after so long. I'm excited to see you after so long...but Sono, there's something I want you to do after we hang up, ok?"


"I want you to call mom and dad and tell them you're coming. I may live in Tokyo, but I can still set you up with a train ticket to Fukushima. If you're coming to see me, you're going to see them...ok? Can you do that?"

Sono wasn't sure what to say to that request. He knew he and his father weren't exactly on good terms, so he wasn't sure if he'd be willing to see him again...his mother, maybe...but...


"Oto...I don't know if I know dad and I are-"

"I know, baby. But I don't care. You two need to get passed that and move on. Just call and talk to him or mom...either one will talk with you. Ok? I need to get back to work. Text me when you get done with them. Ok?"



"I...I love you."

Again, he thought he heard Oto smile over the phone and he said,

"I love you too, Sono. I'll see you next week."

With that, the blond hung up the phone and felt his heart throbbing against his chest. After 15 years, he was going to see his older brother again. Oh, he couldn't remember the last time he felt so excited. Tokyo, Fukushima, he didn't care where he was going. He was just so excited to be seeing his family again...he'd have to tell Seiji about it later, but he'd do it before than.

But there was one thing he had to do. This time, he felt less scared as he dialed another number and waited. He heard a secretary pick up and when she asked if she could help him, he smiled and said,

"Yes...could you patch me through to Hanasaki Kenji?...thank you"


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