I don't own Sailor Moon. This is a rewrite of Counting the Days, featuring the same broad concept, but I have adjusted and refined the plot.

Usagi smiled as she skipped down the hallway of the hospital. She couldn't wait to see her mommy and little brother. Now... if only she could remember where her mommy's hospital room was...

A small crying attracted Usagi's attention. She turned her head to the left, where she saw an open door. The morning sun caused a pinkish hue to fall over the room. Slowly, she walked inside, wondering what was going on. From the doorway, she saw a boy, about ten-years-old, sniffling and crying. Slowly, she approached him and rested her head on his thigh. When he, surprised, looked down at her, his crying stopping for a brief moment.

"Who are you?" he asked in a quiet voice.

"Don't cry," she ordered him kindly.

"Soon, a dear friend is going away," Mamoru explained. "But I can't do anything to help him."

"Starting today, I'm going to be a big sister," the girl told him. Initially, Mamoru thought she was just being a child, absorbed in their own selves instead of anyone else. But what she said next surprised him. "Mommy had a baby, and I brought this as a gift." She presented him with a bouquet of roses. "Here." She handed one of them off to Mamoru.

"Thank you," he said, reaching out to accept the rose. The second their hands touched, their eyes widened. Both gasped, and they stared into each others' eyes for a brief moment.

"You..." the two whispered in unison.

Then, both fell unconscious.

Eleven Years Later...

How long would it be before they realized the truth? After all, they were her guards. She wondered if he felt the same way about his guards. It would make sense, wouldn't it? It would make a lot more sense than most of the thoughts running rampant in her head.

So... how long?

It had already been fourteen years, but then again, they hadn't faced what she faced, hadn't grown up as she had grown up. They hadn't met their soul mates as children. Did their parents even know who they were? They should.

"What are you thinking about?" a voice behind her asked in a teasing tone. Soon, she was wrapped in his embrace from behind, his lips gently kissing her neck.

She turned her head to Mamoru, her husband of ten years. She let out a tiny sigh and turned to face her work once again. The math homework was far from what was bothering her. In fact, she had finished half an hour ago and was simply staring at it. "It's just... the senshi," she confessed. "When do you think they will remember? I mean, we remembered when I was three and you were ten, but them... they have met the Shitennou, and they do not remember."

"For all you know, they do remember," Mamoru reminded her, earning him a look of warning from his wife. "Okay, so... what exactly do you want me to say? They'll remember when they're ready? Use your powers to make them remember?"

"I cannot do that!" Usagi objected. "They need to remember on their own. I just... need to find a way to give them a push."

"Then give them a push," Mamoru suggested. "Invite them over to dinner here. Maybe we could stop pretending that we hate each other."

"Yes," Usagi nodded. "I think I will do that. I will have them and their families over for dinner tomorrow night. Do you want to invite the Shitennou as well?"

"Absolutely," Mamoru agreed. "What do you want to have for dinner?" Mamoru regretted the question in an instant. He knew how his wife was about food, and for something like this, she would plan a Class A, eight course meal.

"Well, why don't we start with tomato basil soup with extra basil- oh, but have something to eat in the living room like some pecans in case people get hungry and the meal isn't quite finished. Then, for salad, we should keep it simple, Caesar salad, no tomatoes- they're probably not used to eating twelve course meals- and pan-seared scallops and shrimp for the fish with just a hint of parmigiano cheese on top... raspberry sorbet next..."

"Should I be writing this down?" Mamoru joked.

"Oh, absolutely," Usagi told him before getting back to her mindset. "Chicken parmigiano for the chicken... with some angel hair pasta, filet mignon for the meat course... chocolate cake for dessert, then strawberries, and finally a cheese sampler."

Mamoru laughed and kissed Usagi's cheek. "I'll get to work on the grocery list." He left his love and pulled out a notepad and pen. Immediately, he got to writing down what Usagi had requested before he could forget. After that, he wrote out the shopping list.

Senshi/Shittennou Dinner
Mixed Nuts
Parmigiano cheese
Olive oil
Raspberry Sorbet
Butter crackers
Angel hair pasta
Filet mignon
Cocoa powder
Baking soda
Vanilla extract
Confectioner's sugar
Mountain Gorgonzola
Extra Aged Gouda
Vermont Cheddar
Malagon with Rosemary
White Stilton with Mango
Ginger and Camembert

Mamoru chuckled to himself. His and Usagi's guards were in for a surprise...

Mamoru found himself going back, thinking of the family of all of the senshi and shittennou that had to be accounted for. Hm... there was him, Usako, her parents, her little brother, Motoki, Unazuki, their parents, Asanuma, Ami, her mother, Minako, her parents, Luna and Artemis, Rei, her grandfather, Makoto, the outer senshi, Zoicite, his father, Jadeite, his parents, Nephrite, his aunt, uncle and cousin, and Kunzite and his little sister. That made... thirty-five. Now all he could do was pray that the culinary staff didn't kill him.

"So you really think we're going to get everyone here in twenty-four hours?" Mamoru asked doubtfully.

"Yes," Usagi nodded. "If they have other plans, I can rearrange them with the Ginzuishou."

Mamoru chuckled at her child-like behavior and shook his head, a smile plastered on his face. "Leave it to you, Usako..." he grinned. "I'm going to go ahead and get these now so Juri and Co. won't be scrambling around all day tomorrow." Juri was the head chef at the mansion, the nickname for the culinary staff being from the fact that Juri and Co. was originally a catering service. Usagi had loved their food so much that she hired them on the spot. Of course, that resulted in Mamoru freaking out and scrambling to run background checks on all the staff.

"Thank you, Mamo-chan," Usagi smiled, kissing Mamoru on the cheek.

Mamoru could hardly believe that Usagi had roped him into this. He loved his wife, but this was insane. She planned on spilling the beans to everyone in twenty-four hours, and he was just going along with it. He hadn't dared to object. Then again, maybe he really wanted this to happen as well. It would be nothing short of incredible if they managed to pull this off without a hitch, without someone getting violent or rude, without the enemy attacking.

"Hey, Mamoru-kun!" a kind voice pulled Mamoru away from the chicken selections. Mamoru turned his head to see his friend, Asanuma. They met back shortly after Asanuma had been orphaned, about a year after Mamoru himself had been orphaned.

"Asanuma-kun, just the man I wanted to talk to," Mamoru said. "I wanted to invite you over to my house to dinner tomorrow night at six o'clock. It's this whole gathering with a bunch of friends. I live at 176 Sakura Blossom Drive. Oh, by the way, it's non-negotiable. My- er, the... main coordinator for the event is bound and determined to have this happen tomorrow."

"Sure thing, Mamoru-kun," Asanuma nodded. "See you there."

The next day saw Usagi at school, chattering with Ami and Makoto excitedly. "So, I am having a little dinner party at my house tonight," Usagi finally mentioned. "You two are invited, and so is your mom, Ami."

"What's the party for?" Makoto asked.

Usagi smirked ever-so-slightly. "Oh, just... a celebration of being single." Oh, if only they knew what she was trying to do with that little 'dinner'. "In fact, the families of all the senshi are invited, if we are being completely honest."

"Okay, I know that smile, Usagi-chan," Ami said, looking at her friend with worry. "What are you planning?"

"Just a dinner for us all to get together," Usagi smiled. "Oh! And it's formal, so dress nicely."

She relayed the message to Rei and Minako via the communicator, and they promised to tell their parents as well. It was after school that things got hard. She patiently waited for her friends and classmates to leave before approaching her teacher's desk.

"Kobayashi-sensei?" she asked hesitantly, approaching the man's desk. The silver-haired man in his mid-twenties looked up from his grading papers.

"Yes, Tsukino-san?" Kobayashi Kazuo asked in reply.

"Sir, I would like to invite you over to my house for dinner tonight," Usagi explained. "There is a lot to be discussed, and my parents want to meet you. Your sister is invited, as are the shittennou and all families of all the shittennou."

Kazuo was taken aback. How did his student know his secret identity? "Um, Ts-Tsukino-san, I don't know what you're-"

"Do not bother lying to me, Kunzite," Usagi said in a serious voice. "I am going to make this very simple. You are coming to my house tonight with your little sister, the shittennou and their families."

Kazuo stared at the girl for a moment, the gears slowly clicking together in his brain. "Which one are you?" he asked.

Usagi only smiled wryly. "Not Sailor Venus," she promised. "Here is my address." She wrote the address down on Kazuo's hand and left the room.

"Why were you talking to Kobayashi-sensei?" Makoto asked. "Trying to wiggle your way out of another bad test grade?"

"Oh, no, no, I just had to talk to him about something," Usagi said, a small smile on her face. "Now, I have got to go get ready. See you at my place."

"Wait, Usagi-chan, you never gave us your address," Ami commented.

"Oh, it is 176 Sakura Blossom Drive," Usagi explained. "It is the one with the iron fence; you cannot miss it. See ya tonight, six o'clock!"

Soooo...? What do you think? I kind of thought it'd be interesting to present the idea in a different fashion than another season one rewrite. I have far too many of those going on at once and was hoping to amend this into something a bit different. Also, for Usagi, I've tried to mix a bit of Serenity and Usagi. For example, I use Usagi's childish tactics for some things, but I feel like Serenity wouldn't use many, if any, contractions like I'm or wouldn't.

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