2 Years Ago...

Tears streamed down Michiru's face as she ran out of her home, her angry parents' yelling fading into the background. And here she thought parents would accept you for whoever you were. But nope. Not her parents. They had practically thrown her out, telling her to never come back.

"Whatever," Michiru grumbled, walking away from her house and rubbing her eyes to remove the salty tears. She walked into the city, heading into the first place that looked interesting: an arcade. She sat down on a stool and was instantly greeted by a blond man in a red apron.

"Hi, what can I get you?" the man asked. "Oh, and I'm Motoki. And you are?"

"I'm Michiru," the blunette declared quietly. "I'll just have an iced tea, I guess. Thanks."

While Motoki walked off to get her a drink, a tall, blonde woman sat next to her. "Now what's a lovely girl like you doing all alone?"

Michiru looked over to the woman about her age and only rolled her eyes. "Like you care," she spat. "Not even my parents cared about me until they found out I was gay."

Haruka frowned, recalling how uncomfortable she had felt coming out to the Tsukinos last year. Of course, Usagi had only laughed and declared that she already knew because of her past life, but still. "Well, if they don't respect you for who you are, they don't deserve to have a wonderful girl like you in their lives." When Michiru only scoffed, she went on. "Let me show you something. It might make you feel better."

Michiru hesitated before finally nodding. After all, what did she have to lose?


Makoto yawned tiredly as she left her and Nobu's bedroom. She shook her hair out, trying to get rid of the tangles she often woke up with. She walked down the stairs, pulling the elastic from around her wrist and wrapping her hair in it. As she walked into the parlor, she saw Mamoru talking in a hushed voice to Kazuo.

"Anything I should hear?" Makoto asked, thinking of Usagi and Minako's well-being. If she had shared a room with Nobu, it was likely that Minako shared a room with Kazuo, and she had caught on during the dinner that Mamoru and Usagi shared a room. The men quickly grew silent, causing her to raise an eyebrow. Apparently is was a problem of some sort.

"Makoto-san, the breakfast room is this way," Mamoru said, trying to take her away from the subject.

"If what you were talking about will have an affect on my friends, then it's my business," Makoto declared, not willing to budge.

"I'll explain it later," Kazuo lied, redirecting Makoto to the breakfast room.

"Fine," Makoto sighed, heading into the breakfast room with the two men.

Nobu got up to pull out Makoto's chair for her while Mamoru and Kazuo sat down. "Usagi will be down momentarily; she's feeling a bit overwhelmed after yesterday," Mamoru declared.

"She's feeling overwhelmed?" Minako asked incredulously. "She dropped that bomb on us last night, and she is feeling overwhelmed?"

"Minako-chan, hold your tongue," Luna ordered civilly. "I know you are all probably feeling mixed emotions about the whole situation, but all will be explained by the end of the day."

The door opened, revealing Usagi, her silver-blonde hair falling around her shoulders. "Hi," she said sheepishly, looking very different from the self-assured princess she had last night. "So how is everyone this morning?"

"Angry," Minako stated dryly.

"As you have the right to be," Usagi nodded. "I lied to you all, but I did have my reasons."

"Hear her out," Rei ordered before Minako could make a quip back.

"Thank you, Rei-chan," Usagi smiled. She turned her attention to the other thirty-five in the room and said, "I was three-years-old when I found out I was Serenity, long before I met most of you. Heck, some of you I never met before last night. But still, you all deserve to know what's going on, why things are the way they are right now. If you remain calm and promise not to freak out or anything, I can show you."

Usagi placed her left hand on the table, and the scenery around them changed. Instead of the sunny breakfast room, the group was now standing in a ballroom of some sort. She took a deep breath and let it out. "Welcome to the moon," she said quietly.

"Can they see us?" Unazuki asked with interest, glancing around at the people dancing around them.

"No, we're noncoporeal and invisible," Usagi explained. "No one will ever know we were here. You'll just get to see a few... moments from the past."

A few tears appeared in Usagi's eyes as a familiar tune began to play. Mamoru placed a hand on Usagi's back to pull her close, mirroring the actions Endymion portrayed with Serenity on the dance floor.

"You shouldn't be here," Serenity whispered, but a giant smile remained on her face.

"Since when has that ever stopped us?" Endymion smirked, leaning down to plant a kiss on her cheek.

Serenity giggled, a small blush appearing on her cheeks. "Endymion, what are we going to do?" she whispered, leaning her head on his shoulder. "Everything's gotten so out of hand, and-"

"Shh," Endymion whispered, placing a finger over her lips. Somehow, this calmed her instantly. "Come with me."

Serenity- along with the group from the future, followed Endymion out to a balcony. Serenity looked up to Endymion, innocence in her eyes. "I'm scared, Endymion," Serenity whispered.

"Well... maybe this will make you feel less scared," Endymion replied, pulling a tiny box out of his coat and getting down on one knee.

Serenity gasped and hugged her new fiance, pressing her lips to his. "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" she exclaimed. And in a second, the world changed. The sky turned blood red, and the sound of clashing swords filled the air. Endymion withdrew his sword to fight, but just as soon as the chaos began, it ended. Endymion and Serenity shared a wary look before they both rushed off the balcony.

The scene seemed to change somehow, revealing a group of people at a round table. Sitting at the table were the senshi, the shitennou, Endymion, Serenity, Luna, Artemis, Queen Serenity, and who appeared to be Motoki, Shingo and Asanuma's past lives. One notable fact was that Serenity's stomach had a bit of a bulge to it.

"Why do we even bother?" Serenity asked, a sense of depression taking over the whole room. "Beryl's attacks have only been getting worse. At this rate none of us will come out alive." She laid a worried hand on her stomach.

"Sere, don't talk like that," Endymion objected, being the only optimistic face in the group. He stood up and placed his hands on the table, looking confident and sure of himself. "We can send the baby to Earth once she is born for her safety, and we can all prepare for Beryl's next attack. If we all work together, we can stop the Dark Kingdom."

Sailor Mars looked more than a bit doubtful. "Beryl has taken over every object in the solar system. What makes you think the Earth and the moon will be safe?" she demanded, releasing Jadeite's hand to stand up and face off against the prince.

"Because before, Beryl was only attacking one planet," Endymion explained. "She would hit the planets before they knew what was happening. But now we know, and if she wants to attack, then she'll have to attack all of us."

With their hope restored, planning began for when Beryl attacked.

And just liked that, the group was back in the breakfast room. "Obviously, the plans we made failed," Usagi whispered, thinking not only of the attack, but of the stab wound that had ended both her and her child's life.

Mamoru sighed and pulled Usagi into a hug, knowing just how hard it was for her to think about some of their past. "It's alright, Usako," he whispered, petting her hair. To the rest of the group, he declared, "I think that's enough excitement for right now. Feel free to explore the palace, go wherever you like." In a joke to attempt to alleviate the pressure in the room, he added in, "Just not our room."

His little joke gained no laughter.

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