EDIT 4/22/13: I revised the first chapter because when I compared this to my chapter now, this absolutely sucked and was unacceptable. So of course, I did what any sane person would do at went back to fix it. So this is the revised version.

This is my first Diary of a Wimpy kid story. I hope you enjoy it!

It sucks when you wake up the morning after summer vacation is over, and you realize you have to go to school. It sort of throws you off schedule because all summer long you have either waked up later than usual and sit around the house bored or you wake up in a hotel room and get ready to explore the city your in.

During summer vacation, and every other vacation I have, I never set my alarm clock unless I have to be somewhere. So, hearing an alarm wake me up at 6 in the morning was a frightful experience. While I struggled to find the alarm with my hand, I leaned to far over the bed and ended up rolling onto the floor of my room.

My dog, Cody who slept with me last night, started to jump all over me, thinking it was a game. " Cody stop, get off of me." I said laughing. When I got from under the covers Cody started jumping and licking my face.

" Down boy. Stop it, I have to get ready for school." When Cody stopped attacking me with his love, I got up from the floor and headed to the bathroom to shower. I stayed in extra long, hoping that I would miss the first day of school. But unfortunately my mom knew what I was thinking and started to tell me to get out.

I obliged to her wishes, got out of the shower and headed back to my room to change. I went through my closet like a crazy person, as I tried to find something to wear. The downfall of not going to a school with uniforms is that you can never find anything to wear, and when you do it's usually something you have worn already.

But luckily, I have some new clothes that I bought for school. After changing, I went back to my bathroom, and was surprised not to see my brother anywhere. He would at least brush his teeth or something. Oh well, more time for me to spend. I turned on the blow dryer and dried my vibrant red hair then straightened it.

Half way through my makeup session, my older brother, Luke, did the same thing as my mom and told me to get out of the bathroom. He didn't want to be lake for his first day as a senior. I flipped him off from behind the door and continued what I was doing.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, my mom offered us breakfast but Luke was all like, " We don't have time to eat breakfast, we're going to be late." I looked at the clock it was clear as day that we had all the time in the world. Luke shoved my backpack into my arms and walked out of the door.

I gave my mom and hug and kissed my dad on the cheek before leaving. " Have a good first day at school Emma." My dad said to me.

" Love you guys." I waved goodbye and headed out the front door. My brother was honking the horn to his car rapidly to speed me up. I stuck my tongue out at him and he pushed me gently in return. Oh how I love my brother even though we fight.

I turned the radio on and we started singing one of the popular songs as he drove down the street. We were having a great time until Luke hit the breaks rapidly. " Hey, every heard of whiplash?" I asked him. We were still in the neighborhood, so why did he stop? I looked around for any clues as to where we could possibly be and when I saw the white van with the words " Loded Diper" painted poorly on the side. The only teenager dumb enough to spell two easy words wrong would be the infamous Rodrick Heffley.

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