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Last nights events put me in a very bad mood in the morning. Even Luke, who is normally cheery after a tragic event, couldn't seem to find his happy face. We both had lost appetites, and became antisocial to the rest of the family. Valeria and Frankie were also following in their older siblings footsteps, and were acting moody as well. On the way to school, neither Luke nor I had the will to talk to each other. Also, the radio wasn't an option because the first song that came on was a sad one. School was even worse. Everything I saw or heard reminded me of my dog in some way or another. During the time in between one of my classes, one of Luke's friends came up to me and asked if he was feeling ok. I had to explain that our dog had died last night, and the whole family was taking it kind of hard.

Luke's friend left shortly after that. I guess he was going to go and consult my brother, or something. I bent down to my locker so I could exchange my English textbook for my math. Paisley greeted me when I stood back up again. She smiled wide, and gave me a tight hug. Luke wasn't the only one avoiding close friends today. During class, I sat a little ways away from my normal group.

" You're brother told me what happened; I'm sorry for your loss. At least you have Cody," Paisley said it as if a person in my family had died. Well, I guess by the way we have been treating Cerberus's death; you could easily think that he was a real person, and not a dog. I gave her a hug back, and we talked for a bi until Rodrick came for his books.

" Hey blue eyes," he teased. I got his joke, but I wasn't in the mood for any of it today. Paisley looked at him with an ' I'm going to throw up' face. When I gave no response to his comment, he tapped me lightly on the shoulder.

" Did something happen?" Rodrick asked. Paisley answered his question for me.

" They had to put her dog down last night. But it's not like you care or anything," Paisley replied very snobbishly. Rodrick looked taken back a bit. Without saying another word, he grabbed his books and left us alone. That was a surprise for once. Usually it takes a couple of tries to get him to quick bothering us, but this time he left so easily. I kind of felt bad, but at the same time I didn't because what Paisley said isn't even half as bad as the things I say to him. I guess she felt a sense of pride in herself now, because Paisley was acting like she was the boss for the rest of the day.

I didn't want to walk home, and I didn't want anyone but my brother to drive me home. My only option was to sit on the bleachers, and wait for my Luke's practice to be over. It was a nice release from my normal routine. Seeing the football coach yell at the guys was funny to me. Every once in a while I would look up from my homework and see him yelling at one of the freshmen that happened to make the varsity team this year. Chase was able to make varsity, but he had terrible communication skills with the coach and the rest of the team.

Paisley was also on the field for her cheerleading practice. They were practicing to do a pyramid that they were going to do for the first home game in a few weeks during half time. Even though she was new to cheerleading, they let her be one of the three people at the top. I think it's only because she's one of the lighter girls on the team. When Paisley stood at the top, I pointed at her and she flashed me a smile.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Rodrick standing a few feet away from me on a lower bleacher. He looked like he was looking for someone. I guess that someone was I, because when he caught the sight of my face, Rodrick came walking up the bleachers to where I was. He tried to sit next to me, but my books were in the way. My mood had lightened up since our first encounter this morning, so I moved my books for him to be able to sit down somewhat next to me.

" I'm sorry about your dog," was the first thing he said. His condolence sounded sincere, so I took it. I nodded my head, but continued to stare out onto the field. Our usual awkward silence rested in between us. This conversation could go any way now.

" I can get you a new one?" I burst out laughing. I turned toward him for brief second to see if he was actually serious. He looked it, but there was a hint of uncertainty in his voice.

" You can get me a new dog if you wish, but that doesn't mean it replace Cerberus. He will always have a special place in my heart that no one could ever replace," I told him.

" I'm going to get you a new dog," Rodrick stated with more confidence, " I know it won't replace the one you lost, but I can't stand to see you upset." I turned and looked at him. What did he just say?

" I mean I can't let you be unhappy over the death of your dog. I'm the one who is suppose to make your life unhappy. But this dead dog of yours is stealing my spotlight." Okay, he's starting to make sense again. I looked back at the field to see my brother staring at us. He pointed at Rodrick, and Rodrick responded by waving to him. I joined in waving at my brother, but he turned his back to us. He was clearly pissed off at the sight of Rodrick sitting next to his little sister, and making her laugh.

" Just tell me what type of dog you want?"

" Speaking of dogs, did you get one?" I asked avoiding the question that was presented first. Rodrick ran his hands through his dark hair and laid back on the bleacher.

" Yeah, my dad got a dog. It was like a little surprise gift for my brothers and I. The reason you didn't see him when you were over Saturday was because it was in the backyard. What type of dog would you like?" He asked me again. I laughed and looked at the ground.

" I don't know."

" Name some dogs you like." Rodrick tore a page from my notebook and my pen. He was ready to write down whatever I said.

" Pitt Bull, Husky, Dachshund, Doberman, Chow Chow, French Bull Dog, Dalmatian, Miniature Pinscher, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Bulldog, Pug, Chihuahua, Grey Hound, Papillon, Beagle, Tibetan Spaniel, and Fox Hound," I just started naming dog breeds I knew. It looked like Rodrick had written down every thing I said. He got up from where he was sitting and ran off with my pen. Great, that was my last one.

" Thanks," Rodrick said after coming back. He kissed me on the cheek, and then someone on the field screamed. I turned to see Paisley had fallen from the top of the pyramid. Poor Paisley. Rodrick was gone by the time I turned back to face him. At least he left the pen this time. I could see Luke motion for me to come over to him. Football practice was over, and most people were leaving the field. I packed up my books and walked down the bleachers. He seemed really upset while we walked to the car.

" Why were you talking to him?" He asked when we were alone in the car. I looked at him puzzled.

" Who?"

" Don't play dumb Emma. You know who." I couldn't avoid this conversation even if I jumped out of the car right now.

" He felt bad for us, so he wanted to get another dog for us," I told Luke. I replaced 'me' with 'us' so Luke wouldn't get too upset. Surprisingly, he laughed. He actually sounded like my older brother that I know and love.

" Yeah right, like he could actually afford a dog," Luke scoffed. Minutes later, we pulled up to the side of our house. My mom looked happy to see us enter with smiles on our faces. I dropped my backpack, and took Luke for a walk with Valeria and Frankie.

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