I'll Try Violence
[500 Themes: 429]

Barnaby doesn't even like popcorn, but here he is, seated upon a couch at Kotetsu's side with an enormous bowl of it shoved into his lap.

He blames Kotetsu, as per usual.

Kotetsu likes popcorn, as demonstrated by the handfuls he shovels into his mouth, and all Barnaby can think of is how uncouth and uncivilized the motion is, especially when Kotetsu's hands come away greasy with butter and oh, god, it really is just disgusting.

There is only one practical solution to this, as far as he is concerned.

Barnaby scoots away, popcorn in tow, and promptly ignores the dejected look Kotetsu shoots in his direction.

"What are you doing? I need that."

The look Barnaby tosses him is rather disgusted. "Need it? Do you know what this does to your body? It's disgusting – "

"It can't be any worse than all that chocolate you inhale!"

Oh, that was a low blow – and Kotetsu knows it before Barnaby can even flush angrily and glare, judging by how he recoils with a wince.

Revenge is the only solution, and it finds name in the form of a handful of popcorn thrown directly into Kotetsu's face.

"The hell, Bunny – "

"Well, you wanted it, didn't you?"

And this is how Kaede finds them the next morning, draped in popcorn kernels and an empty, greasy bowl (the latter mostly atop Kotetsu's head), sprawled out over the couch and sleeping upon one another in the aftermath of truly epic wars of popcorn proportions.