Approaching Doom

[500 Themes: 97]

Barnaby is rather proud of himself, to say the least.

He knows what he's doing when he falls to his knees in front of his lover, knows very well how to please him, and it shouldn't be any surprise that Kotetsu is clutching at his hair so eagerly, dragging his lips down his cock, encouraging every lick and suck and swallow around him.

It certainly isn't any surprise, then, at how fast he can make the man come, and Barnaby's fingers cling to Kotetsu's hips, scraping at flesh as he swallows all of him, draws away panting, licking swollen lips and feeling immensely satisfied – as if he had been the one orgasming right that very second.

What he is sort of disturbed by isn't the upward pull on his arm to drag him close once more, but the extension of Kotetsu's hand in the air.

And so Barnaby stares.


"… What are you – "

"You deserve a high five for that."

Barnaby chokes on his own breath for a moment. How can he even sputter about the indignity of it when Kotetsu seems so genuinely – honestly – sincerely


And Kotetsu sort of pouts, his lower lip jutting out. "Aww, come on." He's a little breathless still, even, and it makes Barnaby fume that much more. High fives didn't come after sex. Kisses did. Curling up together did. Chocolate and strawberries and wine did. Hell, even showers did. "It's a compliment, means I liked it – "

"I'm going to kick you."

With his knee so very close to Kotetsu's groin in that moment, the other man seems to take the threat very seriously (as well he should) and thus the hand is lowered appropriately.

A stern lecture about what is appropriate pillow talk is obviously, obviously needed.