Amusingly Inconsequential
[500 Themes: 140]

I can only hope it's true enough
That every little thing I do for love
Redeems me from the moments I deem worthy
Of the worst things that I've done
And saves me from myself
The times of envy
When I'm missing everyone

Barnaby sort of hated him.

What sort of partner would do the things that Kotetsu did? What sort of so-calledpartnerwouldn't trust him enough to let him complete a simple rescue mission on his own?

What sort of partner would let worry override every bit of trust and let that ruin such a simple request to stay away and let him handle it?

It made Barnaby grind his teeth just thinking about it, especially when he realized he didn't sort of hate Kotetsu. He didn't hate him at all, in fact – he was so bloody in love with him that it ached and for him to do something that stupid,that entirely and utterly dismissive of what Barnaby wanted –

God, his blood still was boiling.

And there he had been, finishing the idiot's sentences all the same.

Truth be told, Barnaby was envious – envious of the looks Kotetsu cast to everyone else, so open and warm, while all he received in day-to-day interaction was constant worry, constant nagging, constant everything but what Barnaby wanted.

Be my friend, be my confidant, be anything but just a partner –

Be my lover. Notice that I want you.

And yes, Barnaby was bitter about that as well, especially in moments like these. He wanted someone to hold him – just for this once – to stroke his hair and kiss him, to tell him that everything would be fine (even if the chance of that was very slim). He wanted someone else to fight for, not just for the memory of his parents because once he had conquered everything for them, what else would he have to live for?

Instead, Kotetsu was just an idiot, a dense, one-track minded idiot that understood nothing about him and at the same, seemed to grasp at everything so quickly, so readily, but only in impromptu moments reminiscent of an idiot savant.

To hell with everything.

If Kotetsu wouldn't come through, no one would.

(It was a good thing that Kotetsu did, when all was said and done).