This is my first foray into writing for Bakemonogatari, so I apologize if the characters are a bit OOC. Still, I hope you enjoy this oneshot!

Outside of my window the sun shone brightly across beautiful fields of flowers. The wind whistled in hush tones as it passed through the trees outside, and birds tweeted while they flew. All in all it looked like a beautiful summer day.

I hated beautiful summer days. They made me lazy, and when I was lazy I couldn't do my work properly, and so I would get fired, and then I couldn't pay my rent and I'd be kicked out of my apartment and I'd become a beggar in the streets and eventually I'd die all alone with nary a single yen to my name!

Or I'd just get reprimanded by Her. I'm not sure which is worse.

I lifted myself from the bed and closed the blinds, hoping not to be distracted by the light. I was close, so, so close to my goal that I could almost taste it. It tasted good, like a cigarette after sex. My mind nearly wandered to sex for a minute, but I couldn't take any more distractions. I needed to complete my project before sunset, and it was already noon.

I'm late, I thought at the time. This isn't good. Still I pressed on harder than before.

Sweat began to bead on my brow but I couldn't even waste the time to wipe it. She'd get mad if this wasn't done.

I finished with only 5 minutes until my deadline; not bad, but it could've been better. My project was beautiful. It was truly a creation for the ages, one that people the world over would pay to see, even for a fleeting moment in time. No flash photography either. I put a cigarette between my lips and took a quick, satisfying puff. A toast to victory. And speaking of toast….

Knock knock knock!

Suddenly I was shaken from my stupor by Her. My girlfriend. Or boss, depending on your point of view and my choice of words whenever we met. I made myself presentable – flattened the wrinkles in my shirt, rubbed a hand through my hair a few times, etc. – and opened the door. She stood before me, face obscured as always by the thick shadows in the room, originating from the old wooden door she opened against the window, and she stretched out her right hand to me. I picked up my creation and handed it to her.

She brought it to his face and it disappeared behind the smoke. I waited in agonizing terror for her judgment – anything less than perfect could put me in a bad position. I could only imagine the horrible uses for office supplies that she could think up, and I shuddered at the thought.

There was still silence. I was too scared to pace the room, but I began playing with my hair just to do something. I thought of the basketball star that I knew – perhaps she'd know what to do in this situation….

"It's good." She finally said. I sighed, visibly relaxing more and more.

Senjogahara sat at the little table in my room, and I joined her with the twin of my creation. Both of them happened to be bento boxes. She'd always made the lunches for us when we met up, but recently my girlfriend had been pushing the responsibility to me, testing me or something.

Oh well. All's fair in love and war, right? And it's not as if she could totally damage me forever – super healing came in handy when dealing with her.

We continued our meal in silence. Until she brought up one little complaint.

"You forgot to make tea."

Ah. That I did.

I don't like the ending that much, and again I feel as though the characters are slightly OOC, but I think I did a pretty good job. All criticism is welcome, especially if it's a little help in correctly characterizing Koyomi and Hitagi and the like.

Thanks for reading~