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Kotetsu's mind kept going back to that singular, terribly awkward moment wherein he had been princess-caught by a long-legged supermodel of a woman.

He honestly hadn't a clue how to react to the visor flipping up to reveal a veryattractive young woman – one Barbie Brooks, some young, tall blonde thing thatcertainly thought she knew everything there was to know about the world.

In many ways, she really was like a damned Barbie doll – minus the large chest size. Not that he was looking, but –

Oh, damn it all.

"What kind of name is Barbie, anyway?"

The glare Kotetsu received in return was enough to make him flinch. Icy, this woman, especially when piercing green were served over the edge of glinting lenses.

"I mean, isn't Bunny cuter? I don't see why you're complaining about the nickname with that in mind – "

"It was my mother's name."

Curt and snappish as always. Kotetsu sighed and rubbed the back of his head. Maybe he really had lost his touch when it came to dealing with women – at least, women in the workplace. Weren't there seminars for this? Maybe he needed to consider taking one. "But Bunny-chan is socute, and c'mon, you hop around like a little bunny on those heels all the time, anyway – "

One of those aforementioned heels slammed into his shin, and fuck, did that hurt. Stilettos should be banned in the workplace. "I was complimenting you – "

"You're the one that always tells me to try and get them to modify my suit!"

"Because you're running around on heels there, too, and you could get yourself hurt!" Kotetsu snapped as he clutched at his shin and huffed up at her. Barbie's arms folded tightly over her chest, a frown tugging upon her lips. "What'll you do if you snap an ankle, huh?"

"I'll deal with it."

"I'm just worried about you, for god's sake," was the man's following growl as he flopped back into the nearest seat, still gingerly rubbing what would undoubtedly be a bruise along his leg later. "You can't prance around on those things all day and not expect to hurt yourself. Geez."

And suddenly, Barbie was gone, stalking from the room in a flustered huff of blonde ringlets and short-shorts and high heels. Was she blushing? She had been blushing, hadn't she.

What had he said this time?