A Waking Slumber
[500 Themes: 438]

It was well into the morning, nearly noon, and neither of them felt the need to do anything.

Getting dressed was one of those things. Kotetsu was sprawled across the short length of a couch, head propped on one arm rest, feet nearly touching the other, decked in nothing but a pair of ratty pajama pants and little else. A half smile tugged at Barnaby's lips at the sight – it was cute, even if he was still half-asleep himself, nursing a mug of coffee and wondering why he had ever rolled out of bed.

The latter thought was something easily remedied. Barnaby's coffee was set aside and without hesitation, he simply dropped himself upon Kotetsu, to which the older man responded to with a grunt as Barnaby stretched out the full length of his lover's body, face pressed to the crook of his neck, the long limbs of his own form nestled comfortably against Kotetsu's.

"You're heavy," was Kotetsu's initial complaint, even though it was far from backed up by how his arms swung low around Barnaby's hips, strong and warm and with fingers teasingly plucking at the waistband of the blond's boxers.

"Deal," Barnaby sighed, lips pressing into the hollow of Kotetsu's throat, and Kotetsu's following laugh was a low, deep rumble that made Barnaby's eyes lid as he felt it reverberate into his own chest.

"Kaede's gonna be up soon," Kotetsu added, calloused palms smoothing their way up Barnaby's bare spine. "And she'll want to do somethin'…"

"Not today." Barnaby's legs stretched out a bit more, toes wriggling deliberately against the arm of the couch. "I'm not moving."

Kotetsu sighed, long and easy and far from annoyed and with that, Barnaby tipped his head up, lips pressing to the corner of Kotetsu's mouth in a soft, easy kiss.

"I'm okay with this," the older man murmured, and thus Barnaby made himself comfortable, sinking his weight down against Kotetsu as he settled himself in for what would be an especially comfortable afternoon nap.