To Carry You Along
[500 Themes: 241]

The strength within Kotetsu's hands alone was an amazing thing.

When they were sweeping up the length of one long, lean leg, Barnaby simply wanted to melt – and so he did, sagging back into the bed with a groan as Kotetsu's sure fingers worked their way into the tense, aching muscle of one scarred thigh.

"You need to let me do this more often," was Kotetsu's chide as his thumbs dug into what was undoubtedly layers of scar tissue, and Barnaby merely hissed in response, nothing but assent.

Barnaby didn't like the scars, but he did like what they meant – his struggle to stay by Kotetsu's side, and Kotetsu at his. He liked the reminder of that dedication, that mutual need to be with each other, even if he didn't care for the throbbing ache that swept through his muscles on the slightest of chilly days.

That, at least, was solved by Kotetsu's hands.

Barnaby shuddered and gulped in another ragged breath as the pads of Kotetsu's fingers flexed and dug into his flesh. Good god. Yes. Yes, that felt good. Every bit of tension melted away, and Kotetsu looked so satisfied with his task, with how he left Barnaby as a trembling mess sprawled out over the bed.

"Definitely," began Kotetsu's low murmur as he bent forward, pressing a kiss to the same scars his fingers splayed across, "need to do this more often."