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Kingdom Hearts fanwork: Drabble challenge by HawkRider, written by Raberba girl

Summary: For HawkRider's "Hundred Words of Impossible Love" challenge, focused on Terra & Cinderella. Includes AUs.

Introduction: For the longest time, I never even thought about crossing Disney, Final Fantasy, or original Kingdom Hearts characters in pairings, I tended to keep them separate (and still do, for the most part...though Saïx/Jasmine has rather caught my fancy, too). However, once Kiryn introduced me to the idea of Terra & Cinderella as a pairing, pointing out all the ship-teasing between them in Birth by Sleep, Terrella became the only KH romantic pairing that I actually care about so far. I adore AkuSai in a platonic interpretation, I prefer Demyx & Larxene to be exes, the Xemnas/KH cargo ship is complete and total crack, and all the other KH romantic pairings I like are really just mild preferences. Honestly, I prefer most of the characters, such as Riku and Roxas, to be single, and KH is at its best when dealing with friendships rather than romance. Anyway, Terrella is the one pairing that significantly caught my interest, but I hadn't had a chance to see or make any fanwork for them.

Fast-forward to my introduction to drabble challenges. OF COURSE it would be Axel and Saïx who dragged me into them, and once I started writing my first challenge for those two brats, I got mobbed by plot bunnies for a ton of other drabble series subjects. I've had my eye on several challenges with good prompt lists and loose or almost loose enough guidelines to accommodate my picky muse. HawkRider's "Hundred Words of Impossible Love" was one of the ones I couldn't stop pining for, but the "impossible love" theme was the only reason I hesitated, since I didn't want to be fixed on just that one. Then it finally occurred to me that Terrella would fit the bill (because she ultimately belongs with Prince Charming, in my opinion), and that it would be the only couple I wouldn't mind portraying romantically without them actually getting together, and that I would also enjoy writing about. (Though I'm pretty sure that trying to make everything connect to "impossible love" will still be by far the hardest part of this challenge.) This is also finally my chance to get to explore this couple, since I hadn't gotten any plot bunnies for any other kind of fic about them. A list of prompts is perfect, though.

The series title is the name of Terra & Cinderella's Finish Move in BBS.

Although preferably I'd wait until finishing Fire & Moonlight or Sweet Distortion before taking on a third challenge, this one has a deadline, so I figured I'd better start posting it ASAP. :p Don't worry, though. I've been trying to get this series started for two or three weeks now, and I've still been able to make good progress with the other two fics, so things should be all right for a while, at least.

Constructive criticism is welcome, I feel like there's definitely room for improvement in these first few drabbles. Terrella is still a highly experimental subject for me, and I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. Hopefully I'll get a lot better as the series progresses.

Beginnings (Theme 1)

Summary: Story time at the library.

A/N: Modern AU.


She closed the book, speaking the last words of the story in a hushed voice. "And so, ever since that day, the princess and the man she loved have walked the skies, following each other's paths for eternity. It is said that twice a year, right at dawn when their two constellations hover together, they are close enough for their eyes to meet and their hands to touch, and it is at those moments they reaffirm their love and are so able to continue their everlasting journeys with lighter hearts."

The children all stared at her with wide eyes, utterly silent. It was finally broken with a little girl's voice asked uncertainly, "The end?"

The librarian straightened up in her chair with a beautiful, rippling laugh. "It is a rather sad end, isn't it."

The children's shrill voices all seemed to break out at once. "That's not the end!"

"Did the princess and the goat-guy ever kiss?"

"I don't get it."

"What do you mean they just kept walking and walking and walking forever? You can't walk and walk and walk forever! I don't like that story! That's not happily ever after! They're supposed to get married and live happily ever after!"

"Did the evil magician ever come back?"

"If I'd been the go-bird, I'd have hit him on the head with a stick."

"It's goatherd, moron."

"Mom, he called me a moron!"

The librarian laughed again, raising her arms in a conciliatory gesture. "Settle down, settle down, everyone. Would you like me to read you a different story?"



The shouted replies were quite varied in intensity, and she smiled. "How about one that has a very happy ending?" She pulled another book out of the basket by her feet, opening it to the first page and holding it up so that all the children could see. "Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom..."

When she had finished the story (which was a much better hit with her audience than the previous one had been), she watched as the children were slowly collected by their parents and wandered back out either into the library shelves or the parking lot outside. However, one little boy stayed, scooting up close to her when there was room to do so. He gazed up at her with serious blue eyes.

"Was that a true story?"

She smiled. "Yes."

"I don't think fairy godmothers and stuff are true."

"Well, do you think that being able to achieve your dreams is true?"

He nodded.

"So do I, darling. That's a very important part of the story, and that is the part that's true."

"I guess that makes sense."

"What's your name, young man?"

"Terra. You're Miss Ellen Charming," he said, pointing at her nametag.

That made her laugh. "Mrs., actually. I'm married."

"Oh." He sat there and thought a minute. "So Mr. Charming is your Prince Charming?"

"You could certainly say that," she agreed.

"The princess in the other story isn't ever gonna be a Mrs.," he mused.

Ellen's smile grew more sober. "Probably not."

"I wonder if she dreamed about walking in the sky forever."

Ellen was silent for a little while. Then she asked, "Do you like to read, Terra?"


She blinked at him in surprise.

"I like when people read to me," he continued, which made her laugh again.

"I see. Well, I have to get back to work soon, but would you like me to read one more story first, just for you?"

His face lit up. "Yup."

She scooted the basket of books closer to him. "Go ahead and pick one out."

"I don't judge a book by its cover," he announced proudly, pulling the closet one out to open. "I look at the beginnings first. Then I decide if I want to know the rest."

"Who taught you that?" she asked curiously.

"My mom. She's in heaven." He rested a tall silver book against her knees. "Can you read this one, please?"

Her eyes were soft as she gently reached down to stroke his hair. "Of course, darling."

He settled down next to her as she opened the book and began to read. "A long time ago, in a faraway world, there was a boy who wished to be a knight..."


Author's Notes: I could have sworn I'd once heard some sort of fairy tale about lovers who are separated and forced to walk the skies forever, but I couldn't figure out what the title was. So I just kind of made something up based on what I could remember.

My first drabble for Sweet Distortion ended up having a similar plot bunny. I guess the word "beginning" automatically makes me think of books?

Complete: 1/100