Smoldering Heart
[500 Themes: 61]

It was childish to want ice cream at the end of a long day, but Barnaby didn't care.

He cared even less when Kotetsu was the one to buy it for him, and so very innocently passed the cone to him with a grin on his face. Strawberry. Well. Kotetsu did know him through-and-through by this point, didn't he?

It didn't stop Barnaby from wanting to tease him a bit.

Call it frayed nerves that so forwardly brought about loosened inhibitions – or frankly, call it whatever one wanted to, but Barnaby had no regrets when his fingers splayed around the shaft of his ice cream cone and his lips sealed over the very tip of the swirl of soft-serve, all but sucking upon his first bite and licking his lips after the fact.

He certainly had Kotetsu's attention, judging by the hard bob of his Adam's apple when he swallowed.

"Bunny – " was the older man's hiss of a protest. "We're in public."

Indeed they were – a busy thoroughfare of street, bordering the docks at sunset. Not as busy as it would have been during the day, but busy enough that Kotetsu was flushed and uncomfortable and trying not to look but finding it absolutely impossible not to when Barnaby licked a stripe up the side of his ice cream and sucked a little bit more off the top.

"What an amazing observation, Kotetsu." And so he kept licking – long, harder swipes of his tongue amongst a smattering of teasing, lighter ones, brow furrowing a bit as the cold made his temples pound temporarily. Barnaby refused to stop, though. How could he stop, when Kotetsu was looking increasingly aroused – ahh, the man really was an open book, wasn't he? If they weren't in public, Kotetsu probably would have already grabbed him, forced him to his knees, shoved his cock down his throat –

Barnaby shuddered hard at the thought, and licked his lips clean one last time, imagining it to be something entirely different from ice cream.

"Fucking hell," Kotetsu added underneath his breath. "When we get home – "

"Whatever it is," Barnaby interrupted, "yes."

Ice cream was always a good idea.