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Chapter One: The Burrow

Harry had been at the Burrow for only a week and he was already sick and tired of it. It was too crowded for his tastes and the looks he kept getting from Molly and Ginny worried him. Not to mention that sharing a room with Ron was like living in a Chuddley Cannons Horror House. The amount of orange and red made his stomach churn and the hot days seemed even hotter. Who is their right mind could live in such God awful decorating and not feel sick to their stomach?

He almost wished he could get a room at the Leaky Cauldron for the rest of the summer. Harry groaned and rolled over on his bed for what seemed like the thousandth time that night. He was met yet again with the bright ugly orange of Ron's walls. Giving a large sigh he sat up throwing the covers off and sneaking out of the room.

There had to be a place that was cooler than this! Wandering down the halls he felt a tendril of cool air and almost moaned at the feeling. Walking closer and closer towards the source he found a lone door open with a soft glow coming from within it along with the soft scratching of a quill.

Frowning he knocked softly on the door and heard the quill fall to the surface of what was probably a desk. Soft footsteps followed the creaking of a chair and Harry backed up to allow whoever was inside the room to open the door. As it swung open Harry was astonished to see the tall lean figure of one Charlie Weasley. The dragon tamers hair fell in loose red ringlets about his chin and his bright blue eyes glittered lightly in the soft candle light.

The tamer smiled softly, "Harry what a surprise! I just got in an hour ago what are you doing up?"

Harry smiled sheepishly, "Couldn't sleep and noticed a light on and came to investigate."

Charlie gave a soft laugh and opened the door wider, "Come on in. It's a lot cooler in here than the hallway"

"I can tell. Feels a bit like heaven just feeling the cooler breeze."

The tamer laughed, "Tell me about it, after living in Romania this place is positively awful at time so I invested in a few interesting trinkets to help with the heat."

Harry smiled and followed the other into the room shutting the door gently behind them, "So you just got in? That would make more sense. After all most would be sleeping but you're wide awake and working I presume?"

Charlie shrugged, "I was just writing down the last bit of notes on this dragon egg I have with me."

The savoir frowned, "You have an egg with you?" his voice curious as he looked about the room. He was pleased to not see a single inch of orange, red, or yellow. Instead the room was done in dark greens and greyish blues that gave the entire room a much cooler feel. The walls where lined with shelves that held many trinkets one of which was a large glowing blue orb. Beneath the shelf that held it was a large bookcase lined with many old and expensive looking books.

Charlie laughed as the teen examined his surroundings before answering, "Yes the egg was laid about a year ago but it never hatched. So I was told to bring it home for my vacation and keep an eye on it and learn from it. Not every day dragons lay a dry egg"

Harry frowned once more taking a seat in one of the spare chairs looking at the dragon egg that was perched on a black pillow a large journal in front of it, "Dry egg?"

Charlie nodded taking a seat on the desk and picking back up the quill, "An egg that was either born dead or wasn't fertilized by the male dragon. Can also be known as a false egg."

The teen nodded and stared at the egg intently as Charlie continued to write a few things down in the green bound journal. Slowly he extended his hand letting the cool smooth surface of the egg brush against the pad of his fingers. Laying his hand completely along the surface he gave a small smile, "It is so cold."

Charlie looked up and his eyes widened at the soft glow of ice blue magic about Harry and the egg, "Harry why don't you hold it?" his voice soft and encouraging.

Harry's gaze broke from the egg and the pulse of magic stopped abruptly, "Charlie it isn't exactly something I could hold!"

The tamer shook his head, "No go ahead please I insist."

The teen smiled and lifted the ostrich sized egg and held it against his chest lovingly stroking his fingers about the shell with his free hand. He could feel the cool shell and the colder essence that seemed to come from within it.

Charlie watched his eyes wide and quill flying across the pages of his journal as thin blue veins began to appear along the eggs surface. It seemed Harry was lost to the egg even as the glasses that set upon his nose broke and dissolved into small ice like particles. His hands glowed the same ice blue light that the egg did.

Harry stared deeply at the egg as small cracks began to appear along the shell wherever his fingers stroked the now frost like shell. Like ice melting under the sun the top cracked and melted away revealing a small white snake with ice blue edges around each scale. It seemed to stare at him with the bluest eyes he had ever seen. They glittered and shone like sapphires in the moonlight. Its head was long and narrow but clearly dragon in fashion with small rounded nubs beside the ear slits. Small front claws where tucked against its belly but no wings could be seen. The shell broke and dissolved the rest of the way and the snake curled within his hand no longer than six inches and hardly a half inch in diameter.

The teen looked up at Charlie his vision blurred slightly, "I don't understand."

Charlie shrugged, "Your guess is as good as mine but it would be apparent that you have found yourself a companion."

Frowning Harry stroked the small snake like dragon along its back smiling when it turned over with a small growling like purr allowing his fingers to dance across the pure white underbelly. Smiling Harry leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes.

The tamer sighed gently and pulled a blanket from his bed and covered the small teen just as he could hear Harry's breathe even out. After all tomorrow was the trip to Diagon Alley and he would need all the energy he could get.

Harry slowly awoke the next morning. His eyes and hands hurt as well as his chest and neck. Like a deep cold ache that seemed to penetrate down to the bones within him. Slowly he sat up the rest of the way his mind coming to terms with what happened the night before. He sat up quicker and looked down looking for the little hatchling. He smiled as he saw it wrapped about his right wrist tightly.

Smiling down at the little creature he stroked it gently receiving a gentle rumble along his wrist in return. Standing he looked around to see the room empty. Charlie must have been downstairs with the others. Sighing he opened the door slowly in fear of the heat wave he knew was inevitable. And as predicted the door opened and a wave of heat struck him harshly across the bare skin. Grumbling darkly he trotted down the steps to see everyone gathered around the table together.

They all looked up as he entered the room and took a seat filling his plate with a few things to eat. The conversation was light up until a soft hiss of displeasure came from his wrist. Harry frowned and looked down to see his new little companion looking up at him its eyes now whirling a fierce purple, frowning he looked at his little companion before picking up a small piece of sausage and holding it up to the little hatchling.

It stuck its forked tongue out before pulling away hissing and Harry groaned, "I don't know what you eat how about you show me?"

Charlie laughed lightly before standing and pulling out a small dark blue container, "Here Harry it should eat this. I did some research after you fell asleep and I think he is an Ice Wraith. They are often used as companions for powerful wizards. I will give you the book I found on them and the journal I was working in. You should be the one to complete it now."

Molly sighed, "So that's the little creature you said Harry hatched last night. I am not impressed by its looks but if Harry is its surrogate or connected wizard I guess I will just have to send a letter to Dumbledore so he can have permission to take it to Hogwarts."

Hermione smiled lightly and nodded, "How fascinating oh Harry you must let me study him for a bit"

Ron glared, "It's just a slimy snake no big deal."

The hatchlings head turned to stare at Ron, its eyes now a brilliant red. Harry shushed it and took the container and opened it. Inside where small milky white ice cube like chunks, each where almost gelatinous to the touch. Picking one up he held it out to the little wraith and was met with a vigorous consuming of the chunk.

Harry laughed and turned toward the tamer, "What are these? And is there a recipe? I might have to learn it if he likes them so much."

Charlie nodded, "They are milk thistle cubes. The recipe is rather easy every dragon tamer knows it. I will write it down in the journal for you. For now this batch should last you a week."

The teen smiled and nodded as his little familiar finished off the gel like cube before curling up once more and falling asleep. Harry quickly finished off his plate and looked up as Mr. Weasley stood up to speak.

To Be Continued...