Chapter Two: Diagon Alley

The teen smiled and nodded as his little familiar finished off the gel like cube before curling up once more and falling asleep. Harry quickly finished off his plate and looked up as Mr. Weasley stood up to speak.

"Alright everybody we are going to be meeting a few people at Diagon Alley and then split up in groups after we all hit Gringotts. This is to ensure everyone has a buddy and we are all safe, we can never be too careful with the Dark Lord being back and all."

Everyone fell into a hushed silence before quieting as he spoke again, "Alright everyone meet me outside in ten minutes!"

Hermione and Ron both shot up the stairs as Harry followed in a much more sedated pace. He walked into Ron's room and almost blanched at the colours. Picking up his Hogwarts letter and money pouch he headed out the door leaving Ron to grab whatever he needed. Walking down the hallway he tapped on Charlie's door and smiled as the older teen opened it and held out the two books.

"Alright Harry here is the journal and research book I found. The recipe is on page 12 and is my last entry. It's up to you to continue to write about this little one."

Harry smiled and took them, "My only question is how did you not know what type of dragon it is if you knew when it was laid?"

Charlie laughed, "Oh Harry you are a smart one. We found it in one of the sky nests on morning. We don't really keep an eye on the sky nests anymore because dragons rarely use them. I am guessing the mother just laid it and left. That's why we have been taking down everything about it."

Harry nodded and gave the tamer a final farewell before slipping back out and into Ron's room. Picking up his messenger bag and putting the books inside of it alone with an everquill. Walking down the steps and out the door he was pleased to note that once again he was the last person to arrive which meant he did not have to wait for anybody else.

Bill pulled out an old orange sock and held it out to everyone, "Alright all grab hold of the portkey."

Harry grimaced and grabbed hold and felt the stomach wrenching jerk of the portkey and the nauseating fall at the very end. Looking around he noticed the where just outside of Diagon Alley and as a group they headed for Gringotts. Five minutes later and one heart wrenching cart ride and he was standing outside of his school vault. Grumbling darkly he let himself in and looked over the piles over gold, silver and bronze. Looking down at his little companion he sighed and pulling out twice the gold as what he thought he would need for books.

Walking out he gave a polite nod to the goblin as he shut it and then another heart wrenching cart right landed him back with the rest of the group. He saw Bill and Charlie wave at him along with Luna and he smiled and walked up to the blonde beauty hugging her tightly, "Luna bear you made it!"

Luna giggled and hugged him back, "Har Har! You look lovely today you have such a glow. Did you rid yourself of the cacklesplurts?"

The teen smiled as Bill and Charlie looked confused, "Of course dearest! You know me I would never let such foul creatures keep to my thoughts!"

The blonde girl smiled before pulling out a small package, "Here an early birthday gift! It's to help protect you."

Harry unraveled the oddly wrapped gift and a small bundle fell into his hand. It looked oddly like a bunch of sticks bound together in a white bandage. No not sticks. He gazed at it closer and saw they were fingers, a full hand. His eyes widened, "Luna what is this?"

Luna giggled, "It's a monkey paw Harry. They are supposed to grants the owner wishes. But Harry you know the problem with these types of items."

The male nodded clutching it gently, "Everything has a price in this world. Wishes are no exception. To get something from this paw would require it to be taken from elsewhere, am I not correct?"

The blonde nodded, "Yes you are so take care in this item."

The two hugged before the blonde twirled to his side and slipped the gift into his shoulder bag and snatched onto his arm tightly.

"Alright everyone look up here a moment please" Mr. Weasley's voice sounded over the small gathering, "Alright Ron, Hermione, the twins and Bill is one group. Harry, Luna, Neville, and Charlie you guys are together and the rest are with me. Let's all have fun and remember we are meeting at the Leaky Cauldron at 5!"

The groups split up and it wasn't long before Luna began to drag the two boys to shop after shop with great enthusiasm. Within a few hours they had gotten all but their new robes and the pet shop. It was a lot more fun than Harry had been expecting it to be even when they walked into the robe shop to find one Draco Malfoy standing there with his father and another teenager.

Harry paused his eyes catching the bright silver of the strange teen's eyes. His eyes ran along the figure from his broad shoulders and deep dirty blonde hair to the soft alabaster coloured skin and rouge coloured lips. There was an almost feral gleam in his silver eyes that made him seem almost non-human to the teen.

Shaking it off he gave a polite nod towards the Malfoys, "Good day Mr. Malfoy and Malfoy. I hope your day so far has been well?"

Lucius raised a brow, "Indeed it has been Mr. Potter and what wonderful manners."

Luna smiled, "He has been researching pure blood etiquettes over the summer. He has been improving rapidly."

Draco sneered lightly, "Finally found out your Gryffindor qualities wouldn't cut it in the real world Potter?"

Harry gave a polite bow lifting his hand in a polite not now to Draco's attempt to get a raise out of him, "No Malfoy I just do not like it when even a child knows more of my own heritage that I do. So I had Luna send me a few books."

Draco's and the stranger's eyes fell upon his wrist where the hatchling ice wraith laid and slowly Draco asked, "Potter, where on earth did you find an Ice Wraith?"

Harry frowned and looked down at his wrist just as sapphire blue eyes opened and began to whirl a deep purple once more, "I hatched him just last night and it appears he is hungry yet again."

Rubbing a finger along the creatures jaw line he whispered, "Can you wait till after I get my robes fitted? Then I swear I will let you eat to your heart's content. Is that suitable?"

The little wraiths eyes whirled a light pink before melting back to the deep sapphire blue and closing once more and the teen smiled, "I guess that would be a yes but hurry up" he laughed lightly.

The small group fell silent as Madam Malkin walked in and pointed at the stranger and Harry, "You two are next, please follow me."

Harry walked into the back room with the stranger right behind which Harry noted was a good foot taller than him and climbed onto one of the two measuring platforms. The magical measuring tapes whipped about them and the stranger finally turned to look at Harry murmuring gently in a deep baritone, "I am Hydrus Malfoy it is good to meet you Harry Potter."

The teen turned to face the strange feral teen, "Hydrus, which means eight headed serpent. What a fitting Malfoy name. I am guessing you are related to Draco?"

Hydrus nodded, "I am his cousin. I am normally homeschooled but I decided to go to Hogwarts for the rest of my years. Let myself become better acquainted with others of my generation."

Harry nodded surprised the Malfoy was speaking so much, "Yes I suppose that would be a good thing."

The other nodded and flicked his hand up to make his sleeve rise up revealing a small serpent like dragon with bright ice blue patterns much about his wrist much like Harry's, "This is Chumana, it means snake maiden, she is also an ice wraith. Hatched her last week."

The two laughed lightly and shook hands letting the two ice wraith hatchlings sniff at each other with their forked tongues and where both pleased to see their eyes turn deep pink. Laughing once more they filled the rest of their order with the woman before taking a step off.

Harry yelped as his foot caught a bolt of cloth sending him to the ground his ankle catching and twisting as he did. Hissing in pain he sat up as the woman and Hydrus walked over to see if he was alright. He groaned as he lifted his arm feeling another flash of pain from it as well.

Hydrus frowned, "Looks like you cut your arm when you fell. Anything else hurt?"

The woman seemed frantic as she examined, "Oh dear I am so sorry I knew I should have put it away! Oh please I am so sorry."

Harry waved off the woman's apologies and turned to Hydrus blushing, "What a way to make a first appearance and yes I think I twisted my ankle."

The other nodded, "Alright let's get you to the Leaky Cauldron and call a healer. We can get the rest of your things tomorrow. Can you walk on it? No wait stupid question I will carry you."

The savoir looked up in surprise, "Excuse me? But I will just be too heavy. I can walk honest."

"And risk injuring it some more? Nonsense I don't mind. Besides you don't look that heavy. You look like nothing but flesh and bones. What on earth do you eat?"

Harry blushed as the other picked him up with ease and walked out where the others were waiting. He waved with his uninjured arm a blush spreading across his face.

Charlie snorted, "What on earth did you do to yourself?"

Lucius sneered, "That is most unMalfoy like behaviour."

Hydrus shrugged, "He tripped over a bolt of cloth that was left on the floor and twisted his ankle and cut up his arm. I am taking him to the leaky caldron and calling a healer."

The Malfoy senior sneered and glared at the woman who looked ready to cry, "You left out a danger hazard! What if it had been my son to fall! I will have your job for this woman!"

Harry yelped and shook his head, "Mr. Malfoy it is alright. I am just a clutz!"

Luna shook her head, "No Harry Mr. Malfoy is correct. She should not have been so careless. She must be plagued by narklespurts."

Hydrus blinked in confusion, "narklespurts?"

Harry laughed, "Luna how about you give her a talisman to help her with it. You are an expert at these things," he chuckled again then groaned and grabbed his injured arm, "Alright no laughing it hurts."

Lucius pointed towards the door, "Go and call a healer I will deal with things here. Tell Tom to put Mr. Potter in our rooms and I will bring the rest of his group when we come to join you."

Hydrus nodded and left the shop and headed straight toward the Leaky Cauldron not once pausing to talk or take a break.