Another attempt at filling something for the Hetalia livejournal meme. Figured I'd post it on here too. I'm too lazy to post it on there (and still don't know lj well enough). Apparently I'm digging the whole write from a prompt thing :D :D

As a child, he didn't realize that everyone couldn't taste the world. Saturdays tasted of honey. The sun tasted like everything from apples to burnt toast. Loneliness tasted like cooked asparagus. When their house was silent or when he saw ships arrive at the docks, he tasted cooked asparagus.

Home always tasted like burgers. Back before they had even been invented, his mouth knew the taste of burgers. Every time he walked in the front door to his little house the taste of a burger bloomed on his tongue. Bacon Cheese Burgers. Mushroom Swiss Burgers. Hawaiian Burgers. Fried Green Tomato Burgers. It depended on the mood of the house. The people in it.

His favorite was coming home and tasting cheeseburger. The taste of lettuce and tomato, onions and ketchup. Simple. Classic. That was his big brother. As soon as he opened the door and heard the accented voice in the kitchen or saw a large pair of boots by the door and he would taste it. Cheeseburgers.

"Arthur!" he yelled, stumbling in the direction of that taste. "You're back! I've missed you."

America threw his arms around Arthur's thighs in a hug.

"Of course I'm back, you silly thing," England said, "You knew I would come back."

"It was just…" Alfred said, "it was a long time."

England pulled the boy off of his legs and patted his head. Together the two of them made fish and chips. When England and America sat down to dinner, America didn't taste the fish and chips. Instead the heavy taste of cheeseburgers clung to his tongue. England sipped at his tea and asked America about his schooling, pets and the land. Alfred spent the evening warm and content with his older brother home. He never tasted cooked asparagus when Arthur was home.

Alfred mowed through another burger. The world conference was breaking for lunch. Mattie and Alfred were seated in a McDonalds. Stacks of yellow, paper wrapped cheese burgers sat around the two boys. Mattie was across from him nibbling on his food. Alfred had to drag his northern brother into going with him. Munching on his second burger, Alfred tried to ignore the subtle taste of cooked asparagus.

America guzzled down some soda mindlessly talking to Mattie around the straw. He was telling his brother about using dolphins as translators to speak with other animals, but his mind wasn't really on the topic. The blonde superpower inhaled another burger. It didn't matter how many burgers he ate. Everything tasted like cooked asparagus now.

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