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Chapter 1

Gray couldn't help himself. When he saw the soulless form of his motion sickened friend, he took the first moment he had. While his other two companions, and Happy, left to find some snacks, Gray pulled Natsu off the seats, not bothering with how hard the lump hit the floor, and literally kicked Natsu until he rolled under the benched seats of the train.

Natsu deserved it, after all. It was his fault that the five of them were on some pointless mission. It didn't matter that the flyer claimed the mission to be S-class, the description was literally pointless. The mission was, quite literally, a needle in a haystack - the flyer had a lack of description on the size of the haystack, not to mention the point of finding said needle in said haystack. For this, Gray felt Natsu deserved to be tied to the roof of the train for the whole journey.

"It'll be easy, Natsu?" Gray mumbled as he gave the other another deserved hard nudge of his foot. "If we just picked the mission I wanted to go on, we'd be at the beach right now!" Begrudgingly, Gray plopped back onto his seat, his arms folded, and he pouted. The beach…they could have been vacationing at the beach.

"Still moping, Gray?"

Gray glanced away for a moment, long enough to see that the girls, and Happy, returned. He shrugged and continued watching the passing landscape from outside the window.

"Eh? Where's Natsu?" Lucy held a slight tone of worry, but Gray knew she was just as disappointed as he was in missing out on the beach. He felt the bench shift as Erza took her seat next to him.

"He's under the seat, it looks like," Erza replied, setting down her cargo of small snacks so she could commence politely eating her strawberry cake. "I wonder how he got there."

Gray glanced at her, but he didn't have to see her face to know that she was only feigning interest. She knew exactly how he got there, but she didn't seem too disturbed by it. The ones who were disturbed were Lucy and Happy.

Lucy set her snacks on the seat, and, with Happy's help, grabbed Natsu's arm and tried to pull him out.

"I wouldn't move him too much, Lucy," Erza said. "He could vomit at any moment if he were to be tousled enough." That was enough to make the two desperate heroes drop their victim's arm, and sit on the seat above him. "However, we will have to remember that he's there. We won't have any time to waste once we reach the station."

"Yeah, wouldn't it be a drag if we accidentally forgot him?" Gray mumbled, grabbing an ice cream cup from the pile Erza had set between them. "We'd have to leave him on the train, go do our job, and who knows how long he'd be there before someone realizes he's there?"

Lucy placed her hands on her cheeks and moaned. "He could be here for weeks!" she shrieked.

"Wouldn't that be a shame?" Gray said in another sarcastic tone. He returned to looking out the window, eating small bites of the ice cream. It was bland, not very vanilla tasting, as the carton advertises. Sighing, he reminded himself that ice cream bought from the beach vendors were usually a hundred times better than any normal ice cream. Even the best quality ice cream couldn't compare to the dairy desert eaten on a hot summer's day, lounging on the beach.

Closing his eyes, he imagined himself on the sand, in the hot sun, eating that ice cream. He could see himself and his teammates, laying in the sun, tanning. Then, after the heat became too unbearable, they'd all go in the water. The thought of the cool, salty water against his hot skin made him shiver. He and Natsu would sneak up on the girls, splashing and dunking each other. Yes, the water streaming down their half-naked bodies - or fully naked in his case, most likely - was much more appealing than searching for a needle in a haystack.

Water streaming down that perfectly tanned back, making a delicious trail downwards, falling farther and farther until it disappeared just above the waist. The owner of the body turned around, smiling, dark, onyx colored eyes smiling at him.

Gray opened his eyes. He felt his body warm up at the image his mind had just portrayed. Who was it? There could many possibilities, but he only imagined the four of them at the beach. Obviously it had to be either Lucy or Erza, which he didn't mind - they both had pretty nice bodies that he wouldn't mind seeing water dripping down on - but it still bothered him that he didn't know whom it really was.

Looking down at his lap, he noticed his ice cream had melted. His body wasn't that hot, was it? He never had ice cream melt in his hands before.

"Are you going to keep spacing out, there?" Erza said, standing in the train isle, her hands on her hips. "We need to hurry up and get off the train, and you need to carry the comatose one." She turned and walked away.

Gray was alone with Natsu. How long had they been at the train station? Long enough for Lucy and Erza to remove the luggage, obviously. Why hadn't they woke him when they arrived? That was just strange in itself. He could have helped them, or at least removed Natsu from under the bench sooner.

Sighing, Gray set the ice cream on the seat, and pulled Natsu out from his shadowy place, hoisting the almost dead one upon his shoulders. With a silent plea for Natsu to not vomit on him, Gray made his way off the train.

"They're late," Natsu mumbled into his cup. "I wonder what happened. Erza never shows up for an appointment late."

"You worried?" Gray leaned back, his arms bent at the elbow so he created his own lounge chair. "If you're that worried, go find out the problem. And, while you're at it, try to sneak a peek of their naked bodies." He chuckled as Natsu threw a pillow at him. "Don't tell me you've never thought of Lucy like that."

"It's none of your business if I have, you damn popsicle." He took another gulp of his drink. "Anyway, naked or not, they better hurry before the alcohol is all gone."

"Yeah, and I haven't had a chance to have any."

Natsu stood up, holding his fist out. "You wanna fight that badly, perverted snowman." He moved to punch Gray, who was too far away for him to make contact with, and he stumbled, tripping on his feet. Gray jumped up, moving out of the way as Natsu fell on his face. They were silent for a moment, taking a whole two seconds to decide whether what just happened was something serious or not. In the end, the both of them started laughing. Gray nudged Natsu with his foot, making the drunkard roll over on his back.

"You really are a clumsy idiot, aren't you?" Gray exclaimed. "Can't even stand on your own two feet."

Natsu grabbed Gray's foot as Gray moved to kick him again, pulling so Gray lost his balance, falling down on his ass, hard. Gray leaned to the side, rubbing his throbbing behind. Without warning, he pounced on Natsu, punching wherever his fists happened to fly at the moment. Natsu countered with random flying punches of his own. In the end, they both ended up missing each other more than actually connecting with any fleshy surfaces.

After a few minutes of pointless punching, Natsu finally connected with Gray's cheek. The impact made Gray's head jerk back, and Natsu took the opportunity to grab both of Gray's arms, and roll over so he was on top of Gray, pinning both of Gray's arms above his head. Gray clenched his eyes shut, trying to dull the pain of his cheek; without his hands, he couldn't rub the spot where Natsu hit, nor could he punch Natsu in delicious revenge.

For another few silent moments, they sat, both breathing hard, trying to catch their breaths and calm down. When Gray finally opened his eyes, his breath caught in his throat. Why? He wasn't quite sure, but the sight of Natsu above him was, literally, breathtaking.

Natsu sat with his eyes closed, concentrated on calming his breathing as well. His cheeks were flushed from the alcohol he consumed earlier. His body was covered in sweat, from head to waist, and his yukata was hanging open, revealing his muscular torso. His pink hair clung to his forehead.

In the end, he looked like he just finished having sex, which Gray thought was interesting, and erotic at the same time. His hands twitched, wanting to move but unable to because of the iron hold Natsu had on them. He had to touch Natsu, he wasn't sure why, but something about the way Natsu was sitting, the air around him, just begged for Gray to touch him.

Natsu opened his eyes a little, and gave a half-smile. Gray nearly choked on his breath again when he noticed Natsu's eyes. They were the same as the eyes he saw in his beach dream on the train. That couldn't have been his subconscious predicting this exact moment? Why would his subconscious be so cruel?

Gray froze. What was he thinking? What the hell was going on? Natsu was a man! Gray was man! This was stupid! He threw up his hips, making Natsu fall off him, freeing Gray's hands in the process. Gray quickly stood up and casually walked to the farthest corner away from Natsu.

"Get a hold of yourself," he mumbled. "You obviously can't hold your liquor very well."

Natsu blinked at him. "Uh, yeah, I guess."

"Party started already?" The two men turned to the door to find the missing girls, who were no longer missing. They both wore their yukatas, but Lucy seemed to have closed her tighter than usual, almost like she was uncomfortable to be wearing it. Erza stood with a hand on her hip, smirking at the two men. She held up a bag. "I knew most of the drinks would be gone by the time we got here, so I picked up some more."

"That's fine, but Natsu's not allowed to have anymore," Gray said, moving back to the table, still keeping his distance from Natsu, not even bothering to look at him.

The girls sat in front of him, and he couldn't help noticing a faint blush on Lucy's cheeks. That's right, if there was any confusion earlier, it would soon disappear in the company of two able-bodied women.