Hello, peoples of the world! I am starting brand new story about romance, perseverance, and all that chiz. So sit back and enjoy! P.s. takes place after reckoning.

Omniscient Narrator POV

It all started when the Order gave Dru, Graves, Shanks, Dibs and Nat-along with a couple other unnamed unfortunates-were chosen to go on a very important mission. It was the first time Christophe had let her go on a mission by herself. They were told to pack right away and that they were leaving the next day. Or night, considering almost everyone else in the Schola would be sleeping. Dru was excited for her first mission without Christophe, and still a little bit giddy from when Graves had come back and asked her to go out with him. Graves was happy that Dru had said yes to going out with him, and pleased that they were letting him go on the mission. Dibs was worried that he might forget a piece of his medical kit, and Shanks was hoping that they would not have enough beds and he would get to share one with Nat, while Nat was wondering what it would take to get Dru into something nice. Christophe was sad that Dru was going out with Graves, and he was also proud that she was going on a mission without him. So as they left the Schola in the big black vans, they laughed and joked amongst themselves, not knowing that that may be the last time that they saw the Schola.

Sooooo… what do you think? BTW, I got the Shanks-is-a-perv-who-wants-to-get-in-bed-with-Nat idea from OpenWarehouse by Skylight Reality. Also, if you're looking for a recommendation for a Strange Angels FanFic, you should read Mongrel by razzle-dazzle1606.