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From Bethan909

Chapter 1: Can't Stop Thinking

All I could see was her back. Her long red flame of hair tamed into French plait. The wind made her dress flap wildly. I could taste the salt in the air, my heart is beating so fast and hard I think it my break free from my chest. Looking around I see a boy maybe two years older than me with thick curly hair and a black bowler hat. He is covered from head to toe in leather, apart from the maroon scarves, on piece of thin black martial and feasts feathers sewn on to another maroon scarf. His face is so handsome I think my heart might break, but his dark brown eyes are fixed on the girl with something that looks like worry.

When she turned to look back I saw my face! Milky white pearls that are attached to her crimson gown glimmer slightly in the pale moonlight. She smiles sadly at me, spread her arms and leaped off of the cliff.

I hear nothing apart from the loud splash which means she is in the water being tossed around by wild waves. Tears stung my eyes; people rush to were the girl was seconds before. The boy looks like he is ready to leap off the cliff to join her in the water. I want to comfort him but my legs surge up to where he is crouched and dive off the edge and plummet down to the icy waves.

"Noooooo!" I scream.

I open my eyes and thrash wildly. I taste and smell salt. Tears well over my eyes and race down my cheeks manic hiccupping sobs leave me breathless. Gasping I look around expecting to see the girl in the crimson gown floating down into the depths of the sea with me but all I see is the late moonlight spilling through my window and onto the wooden floor. Kicking free of my duvet I rush to my light switch and slam my hand against it. A pale yellow glow covers everything, chasing away the shadows and the remains of my nightmare.

The flashing red numbers of my alarm clock inform me that it's 4:47am. It was only a dream, Maria. It wasn't real. My mind is reassuring me, but it felt so real! Placing a shaking hand over my heart I focus on controlling my breathing. I still have a bit of packing to do; I'll do that to calm myself down. I unfold the last cardboard box and pack up my remaining DVDs, CDs and books, but as I am about to pick up the last book I gaze down and see it is the book that my father left me in his last will & testament. Tears threaten to spill again, I hurriedly blink them back but one makes it down my cheek and onto the book.

But at this time I realise the books full beauty. There is a picture of a beach, golden sand, turquoise waves in mid splash and a lone figure making dainty footprints in the sand and an invisible wind blowing her flaming hair around her head and by her side in her hand she held a string of milky white pearls. An aged golden clasp held the book closed. Where did I put the leather pouch that came with the book? I spot it on my powder blue dressing table; all of a sudden I feel so exhausted. I can read it on the way to Moonacre tomorrow. Placing the book in me old, abused blue and purple messenger bag, I hit the lights and snuggle down into my bed.