Chapter 9: Get Out Of My Bubble!

I draw in a long shaky breath, which rattled in my lungs. A sick smirk tugged at my mouth.

Still with my back to him I say in a sickly sweet voice, "Oh, you've been enjoying the view then have you?" and walk away swinging my hips alluringly.

When I reach my cloak and boots, I lean forward sticking my bum out slightly. After whipping the dry, cracked mud off my feet I pull on the soft brown leather and placing the cloak back on my shoulders I turn to face him.

I wish I had a camera because his face was priceless! His eyes were as round a saucers and his mouth looks like it wants to say 'hello' to his toes.

"Something like that..." His voice a hoarse whisper.

Why does he have to look so damn HOT?! It isn't fare! His brown eyes are twinkling with mischief – and I so want to be a part of it! -, his old bowler hat does nothing to stop his lovely caramel curls cascade around his face and flop lazily on his forehead and over his eyes and his mouth! God, don't get me started. His lush lips are now pulled into a cheeky smile. If he weren't a De Noir I would be all over him – in my mind – and giggling like a crazed school girl.

"W-well, must be off. You know places to be and uncle to meet..." My words crawl back down my throat like liquid gold because he is advancing on me in long, sure strides.

I close my eyes. I take a deep breath. Then I open my eyes again to see he barely inches from my face. Fear trickles through me. I feel trapped. HE HAS POPPED MY PERSANOL BUBBLE! Must think of something...

"I don't think you are going anywhere," as he said this, his arms position themselves on either side of me. "Do you?"

I am so going to regret this!

"Get out of my bubble!"

My hand darts to the back of his head and crush my lips onto his.

Let me just say it doesn't go as I planned...

Sparks fly. Fireworks explode behind my eyelids. Electricity crackles.

With all my might I push him away and yell "YOU BETTER NOT FOLLOW ME!" and take off at an earth shattering sprint.