Memories of You

A fanfic about Geis. I own nothing. He's my favourite character in Ys, well aside of Adol of course. Hope you enjoy! Oh I'm sorry if he's a bit out of character...Once again I own nothing!

"Ernst...You...You damn idiot..." Geis said as tears almost escaped his eyes. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift into his memories.

"Hahaha! You can't catch me Geis!" The handsome, black haired boy taunted, running away from his brother.

"Hey! W-wait!" Geis panted, completely out of breath. Geis looked at his older brother pleadingly. Ernst giggled. "Take a break first, Geis. You're all worn out." He said. "After that I'll teach you more with the halberd." Geis smiled.


"Hey, hey father! That's enough!" Ernst yelled as he held his father from beating Geis to even more of a bloody pulp. Geis lied there in a fetal position, completely soaked in blood and covered in stab and cut wounds.

"That boy is a disgrace to the family! He's soft and weak! He shouldn't be living with our blood if he keeps on thinking this way!" Said his enraged father as he pushed Ernst away. Ernst glared at his father and picked Geis up.

"B-b...Brother?" Geis looked at Ernst with weak eyes. "Am I?...Such a disgrace?" He asked. "Rest now Geis...I'll get us away from here..." Ernst said.

"B...Brother...I...I'm sorry..." He said as he drifted into a coma. The last words he heard were "Sorry for what?"


"Come on Geis! You can hit stronger than that! Hahaha! That's it!" Ernst yelled as he blocked one of Geis's attacks.

"You think I'm gonna lose to a jackass like you, brother? Hahaha, fat chance!" Geis said as he swung his halberd, a wave of energy being released from it. Ernst dodged too late and got hit bad.

"Gah...I think that ends today's session..." He said holding his leg in pain. "Nice hit Geis."

"Thanks. Give me..." He said as he dropped a few drops of a healing fluid on to Ernst's leg.

"Thanks Geis...That's some powerful potion. I think I might actually be able to spar again in a few hours...What do you say?" Asked Ernst tauntingly.

"Hah! You're on!" Geis replied.


'And then you changed...' Geis thought to himself. He opened his eyes to face the reality that was now. He opened his eyes to the sight of his brother's grave.

"Why? Why did you change like that? Why, why did you-..." Geis asked him. He knew it was futile, but he needed to let it out. "You got me out of there. You...You saved me from him...That son of a bitch father who would repeatedly beat and abuse me...You-you...WHY!" Geis said now crying. "You allowed this to yourself...You abandoned me...Just like the rest of my family...I can't look at you anymore..." Geis said as he turned away, tears streaming down his eyes.

"Though you left me here...abandoned, alone...I-I still..." He choked on his breath. "Rest in peace...Brother...Ernst..." He lay the flowers on his brother's resting place. He turned to walk away when he thought he heard the faintest of voices in the wind, saying: "I'm sorry..."