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Chapter 91

"Make something special Mary, keep your mouth shut and your eyes down, and under no circumstances go near the new one" He hissed at my ear while hurting my arm in his punishing grip.

I felt the heat of the new soul in this house, he was so strong, so inviting. I could feel his presence even while I cooked; I could hear his humming, yes, the connection was that strong.

I walked with a purpose leaving the kitchen, after finishing the meal, leaving everything ready to be served, and walked to his bedroom. I could hear the water running in the shower, his voice a siren calling to me, transforming my mind, wanting and needing to get near and never leave him.

Dazed because of what I was feeling he then startled me by walking out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his hips and with another drying his shaggy hair, the beads of water ran down over his pecks, his arms where defined but not bulging, he looked younger now then he'd been before. I could see the green of his eyes, so intense and so deep I felt lost in them, like anything could happen. Before I knew it his lips where against mine, his hands roamed my body, hot lava burned inside me. The feel of his tongue against my lips felt sinfully sweet, that I gasped and it entered my mouth, the taste of him was too good to describe, I could only feel the warmed and unique taste of it inside me and my skin became electric with his touch and the feel of him against me, I felt frozen in place as his hands caressed my back. I felt the quiver in my belly like that morning when I'd touched myself, when his fingers brushed my covered nipple, that now was in complete attention and wanting him to do it again.

As quick as he'd pounced on me, he'd now retreated and was standing a few steps away. His heavy breaths, made his chest rise and fall in the most enticing way, it practically hypnotized me and I couldn't look away.

His body looked liked carved from stone, a beautiful mix of muscle and fluid movement, I saw the dips and valleys that made this man, he was beautiful and no amount of lust or filth that they could ever drop on him with there evil sinning ways

I felt how my spirit left this body and saw the reaction on his face, he was apologetic and in fact did apologist for it, I wanted to tell him that it was great, actually incredible, that I wanted him to do it again, but I was trapped. I feel the pull towards her as she leaves the room with out a word to him; I see and feel like she's on autopilot. She moves around the kitchen without pause, and takes a the 3 services to the dinning room, placing everything nicely and carefully, Ivan smirks at her and slaps her ass, when he sees no reaction to it he frowns, and runs out of the room. I hear him call out to Vivian frantically. I hear her sneer my name and she moves quickly to meet her in the hallway leading to Phillips room.

"get the boy out of her right now, and then come back, you need to put yourself together NOW" She screams right against her face, the shock of the sharp slap on her check makes me dizzy and before I know it I'm back inside, watching her angry eyes.

"get him out of here and put him in the rooms" She smirks smugly.

"But he's too young" I feel afraid at the mention of these "rooms".

"he needs to do his time before he does his deeds, we need him raw and rabid" she smiles evilly.

I move quickly and gather the boy's things, the small backpack is slung over my shoulder as I hurriedly dress him in warm clothing, I know the weather has changed and he'll be cold there.

He never questions me like he usually does, he's quiet and resigned. I take his gloved hand and let out a relieved sigh when I don't get flashing pained images in my head.

He smirks at me and looks ahead, pulling me out of his room. He knows this will be the last time he'll be here and he seams happy about it.

We walk several blocks bundled up in our winter coats, my long black one only leaves my face uncovered, the black wool gloves protect my fingers from suddenly freezing, from the crazy winter like weather that's hit the small town. Like our new arrival has broad it with him.

When I'm walking back to the house, after leaving young Phillip at the small orphanage, that I hadn't planned, I feel relieved, like he was supposed to lead me there, the young woman that takes his hand leading him inside smiles genuinely and smoothes out his little spiderman beanie, I leaning down towards his ear and whisper for him to be good, knowing deep inside that I'm taking a huge gamble in leaving him here, much less alive, for him to grow into the horrible monstrous tormentor in my future.

He smiles and pokes my nose with his little gloved finger and shakes his head making me feel silly for even telling him to be good.

When I'm back at the house I leave my coat and gloves at the small foye closet, and practically run to the kitchen, when I get there I hear Vivian's incessant voice, as she chatters telling made up stories about there marriage and how they came to be in this small town.

The young man never questions or speaks out of turn, his voice is soft and when I watch him while I serve the meal, his cheeks redden at her compliments, several times he removes his arm under Vivian's fingers, making me sigh in relief that he too feels uncomfortable under her watchful eyes and grubby hands. Ivan in turn is irate and taciturn, staving his meal and gobbling his drink as if they where at fault.

A few moment later as I'm cleaning up the tops in the kitchen and finishing putting all the dirty pots in the dishwasher I hear them open the doors to the back garden, it's dried up and puetrid, I never go back there, it's where Ivan has buried the old accupants of this house, the couple and young children they butchered up, he inhabited his body and made the father killed them. Young Marie was saved because she secretly felt the darkness within her. But I'm still not sure if she was really spared; the long tortures nights might seam far worse then what she was living before.

I move quickly to keep Vivian's goblet filled and the other's glasses refreshed as I was told before. I feel the burn of his stare against my weak flesh and my cheeks redden at the precise moment that Ivan eyes me as I poor his drink. I feel his hand around my wrist and his sneer almost makes me shiver and drop the long steamed bottle.

I walk quickly to the door and feel Ivan behind me as he swiffly pulles me towards the kitchen and trows me against the breakfast bar, my lower back hits the wood and I wince in pain.

"You will not look at him, you filthy bitch" He moves away from me and leaves the kitchen. I hear his footsteps against the wooden floors the sound moving towards the bedrooms.

I find the glass ice bucket and move towards the back yard again, I notice the small lights have been lid, she sure did a visual on the place, the image is low, but you can see the edges of the vision she made up, the too green freshly cut grass, the twinkling lights and the new shrubs as well as the small pool lite from below, she didn't hesitate to pull all the stops. I shake my head in amusement and shame at the same time.

As I fill her glass with ice and poor the scotch she asked for, I feel his hand wrap around mine, his fingers twining, I move my hand as slowly as possible to not alert a drunken Vivian to his advances.

When I excuse myself he stands and quickly apologies, moving towards me, I walk quickly towards the kitchen and sit on one of the stools, when I feel the heat of his approaching figure, my sprit quickly retreats again, leaving the host body. I feel frustrated, they won't let me speak to him, warn him, they know that he must suffer in this place, it's his destiny. But I've also made up my mind and I won't leave him

He moves away from me and I see him disappear trough the dinning room.

I awake looming over a pile of ashes, my eyes are drowning in tears and a madly beaten figure is sprawled on the carpeted floor.

I run and quickly asses him to feel a pulse, he's still breading but has passed out from the pain. I pull with all my might his heavy body and place him as carefully as I can on the unmade and bloodied bad, when He's situated, I run to the bathroom and wetting some towels, I clean his face carefully, his arms, his chest, his legs and turning him slowly his back too.

He's near death but I won't let him go.

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