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Chapter 92

A cloud hovers over the horizon covering the moon's light, the room grows dark for a few moments and then the red bright blood catches my eyes.

I look around still in a daze, there is gray-fine dust everywhere, mixed in with the sticky blood. His wounds are seeping and oozing the bright liquid and I can only stand there and look.

My body seams to be locked in position, no one is here and no one will help him unless I move, but I'm not aloud. They have me locked out.

His body is partly on the bed and on the carpet, his head dangles from the mattress in an odd way. His eyes are closed, mouth open and he doesn't seam to be breathing. A guttural moan escapes my trout but I still can't move.

Footsteps startle me I turn in time to watch Vivian open the door, the light from the hall washes over him and she screams like the ungodly demon she is and runs to his side, stroking his face with unworthy hands. I flinch as she kisses his lips and cheeks, moving her lips over his brow and his neck. She picks him up awkwardly huffing and puffing, bringing his head to her chest. She cries and laments but never mentions the beings above. She knows not to disturb them for such a thing. She lays him back on his pillow and covers him.

After she's done lamenting his death, she looks over to the larger pile of gray dust and smirks evilly.

-"I knew you would never survive him"- she sneers.

She walks towards the door and with one last look back at the pale beautiful being, she leaves.

-"He's mine"- I yell for everyone to hear.

He's been mine since before anyone here could comprehend. I've been lost and he's found me, I have to do the same for him. He will disappear if I don't go back. His body will rot and she will be there to see to it that he's never found.

-"He had a family. People that loved him, nurtured him, it's unfair for them not to know where he is or what's become of him"- I beg and plead his case… my case, it doesn't matter anymore, we're connected, it was me who lured him here to this state.

They bow their heads in concentration and I hear the solemn united voice telling me to go back, but it will be the last time. I will not be able to get back, to move to the other realms like I was supposed to after this assignment. I don't care anymore, there's too much at stake, he's here. He needs me and I will not fail.

I pack, I hear the rustling of the winds and the changing of the leaves, my concentration has gone to ethereal modes, I can cloud him and keep him with me, when she comes to collect him; her dazed mind can no longer see him. She's furious but she stays in the house, looking and destroying everything in her path. The rotting bodies of the previous occupants of this house have now been discovered by the neighbor's dog. She poisoned the dog and burned its body. –"It must have ran away"- her voice sweet and convincing.

They've asked her about Ivan. –"Business trip"- she smiles politely. The neighbor concedes but still looks unconvinced, the rotting flower beds and the now brown dried up grass, keeps her visible to the other neighbors, the rapidly changing leaves and weather, keeps them alert of the oddness of her situation.

It's been four months since this beautiful blue pure light came into this desolated deadly cave, his light still shines but not as bright as before.

He can now stand.

I bring him out of the haze he's been living in. He's kept quiet most of the time; his injuries are now small lines, reminders of that horrible night.

I thought I'd never have to use that power again, but I'm glad it was for him.

To save him.

I hear the faint sound of his breathing, he's restless tonight, he'll soon wake and I have to be there to greet him.

I need more time, the dark skinned man is traveling close now, and Victoria will guide his thoughts towards us. I hope this works.

I change my clothing, wear the dark cloak that was given to me for this mission, I bring with me the small reminders of the different people my spirit has inhabited, a beautiful gold ring that Magdalena wore on her ring finger signaling her love and devotion to her lover, Bella's paintbrush that has guided him to her, a beautiful broken and sad dancer that no one but death ever loved. She was the most instrumental in this, I still feel her at times, she was the strongest of them all, suffered and endured so much at such a young age, but still never gave up. I feel like she still guides me, I feel like she's still inside me, her voice is the strongest, and I know that Eduardo will want her as soon as I find out how to bring her out.

The longer I wait, the longer I doubt it will work. The voices have seized to guide me now. The have decided to leave me to my own devices. Sure that I will lose, the need me to lose, the need him down there. I will not, he doesn't belong there; he's much too great and strong to be there. I know that we'll be separated again, but as I'm sure he's found me this time, he will do it again. It's like our destiny to keep missing each other, whether it is because of circumstances or realms. I will find him too. Will look for him forever, my soul knows his and will not let him go.

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