"Blue watch atten…." Hallam began.

"Sorry to interrupt Hallam, but lads, it looks like we have pulled the Christmas watch!" said Nick Georgidias, the station officer.

"But gov!" Grumbled Sicknote.

"Now don't bother complaining because there is nothing you or I can do about it," Nick said.

! The bell screamed.

"What is it George?" Asked the Station Officer.

"Looks like a small house fire gov," George replied. Everyone scrambled to get into their fire engines, as soon as everyone was in the fire engines where off like a shot.

"Right, I want a BA crew in there immediately," demanded Nick, "Malcolm, Quigley, Midhurst, Go now!" Malcolm, Sicknote and Kevin grabbed their breathing apparatice, tugged it on over their heads and ran into the burning building. Kevin and Sicknote had the hose and were attempting to extinguish the flames. The gov, Hallam, George, Bayleaf and the others had put a ladder against the wall and tried to get a woman and a man from the top floor of the house. But everyone had forgotten about Kate Stevens, she was just left to watch because she had nothing to do, nobody usually forgot about Kate, she was usually included.

"Here Miss!" Yelled someone from the crowd. This had made her jump and she fell over the hose but little did she know that she had made the hose extremely loose.

"Yeah," Kate replied, walking over to the crowd.

"I was the one that called you lot!" the man said proudly.


"I need more hose Sicknote!"Kevin shouted.

"Okay Kevin!" Sicknote replied; he tugged the snake-like hose.

"Sicknote! The water has just cut out!" Kevin shouted. Suddenly a small fireball came charging towards Kevin, Malcolm and Sicknote; they bolted for the door and just got out in time. When they came out Nick, Colin and George were standing outside looking up at the building.

"What's up lads?" Colin asked.

"We don't know," Kevin said.

"The hose was fine then suddenly the water just cut out!" Sicknote explained.

"Let's go and inspect the fire engine," Georgidias suggested. The three of them walked over to the fire engine and saw the hose end lying on the floor and water spurting out everywhere.

"Quick, Colin turn off the water and reattach the hose!" Nick ordered.

"Thank god!" Sicknote said, "The Shadbrook pump has just turned up!"

Shadbrook and Blackwall soon put the blaze out, Shadbrook cleared off as soon as the fire was put out, but Blackwall stayed around.

"There is only a few possible reasons why the hose could've fell off like that," Sicknote said thoughtfully, "Number one, it wasn't attached properly, Number two it wasn't watched, Number three it was pulled from this end and when we tugged it from our end it could've fell off."

"Couldn't you have pulled it off from your end?" Malcolm quizzed.

"No because it would've fallen of straight away, not a few minutes afterwards," Sicknote answered.

"So you are basically blaming Kate for this?" Colin asked Sicknote.

"What are you on about Colin?" Georgidias asked.

"Kate attached the hose, Kate was meant to have been watching the hose and she also might of accidently pulled it off," Colin said.

"You know what Colin?" Sicknote said.

"No, what?" Colin asked confused.

"You're right," Sicknote replied.

"Where is Kate anyway?" Nick asked.

"Well wherever she was, she obviously wasn't watching the hose," John Hallam said.

"What?" Asked Malcolm.

"I remember walking past the fire engine, obviously before the hose fell off and she wasn't anywhere to be seen," Hallam answered.

"Kate!" Yelled Georgidias, "Kate, where are you?"

"I am here gov!" Replied Kate's voice, a few seconds later she came around from behind the building.

"Where on earth have you been?" Nick asked furiously.

"I have been round the back gov," Kate replied innocently, "I have been helping a lady who was stuck in the shed."

"Obviously not watching the hose then," Malcolm mumbled to Hallam.

"You have endangered my life you silly cow!" Sicknote yelled at Kate.

"What?" Kate asked, she had no idea what she had done wrong, all she knew was that the others we angry at her.

"You did something to the hose, you made it lose and Me, Kevin and Malcolm nearly died in there," Sicknote snapped, "So don't act all innocent."

"Oh look lads we have an audience," Malcolm said. They could all see a figure walking towards them but they had no idea who it was.

"Hello lads, mind if I come back with you," The voice of the figure said, "I heard you pulled the Christmas watch so you might want a bit of cheering up!"

"Hello Jose!" Bayleaf greeted. Josie Ingham used to be in blue watch at Blackwall but she moved somewhere else.

"Josie!" Kevin said, "Nice to see you again!"

"Nice to see you too lads!" Josie said.