"This is one big fire!" Kate said to Bayleaf.

"Yeah it is!"Bayleaf agreed, "It's an 8 pump!"

"Do you think they all hate me? I mean Gov won't let me be part of the BA crew!" Kate said.

"Gov said one more slip up and you are on light duties for the rest of the watch!" Bayleaf quoted.

"Oh god!" Kate said, "Better get to work then." Kate walked around doing lots of small jobs but she wished that she could be in the centre of the action, because that is where she loved to be.


"Sicknote, to your left!" Nick said, "Gas bottle!"

"Quick! Move! It's about to go up!" Yelled George. They all dived to the floor, but the walls around them had collapsed in, they were trapped.

A couple of mins later…

"Kate! The Gov, George and Sicknote are trapped and only you can go and get them," A lad from Shadbrook told her, "Here is you breathing equipment." He handed it to her and told her the quickest way to get to them.

7 mins later…

In the distance Kate could hear their low oxygen level whistles going off, she made a quick dash to where she thought it was coming from. She began to throw bricks and other items out of the way until she made a small gap in the ruble that had trapped her friends.

"Gov!" She called, "Gov! Can you hear me?"

"Kate! Is that you?" Asked the voice of the gov.

"Yes, I have come to get you out!" Kate replied. She started moving more and more bits of ruble until she had made the hole big enough for them to fit through. Kate and Nick had to carry George out of the burning building because he had been knocked out by a falling brick.

Back at the station…

"The hospital just rang!" Nick announced. Everyone sat up to listen to the news.

"George is fine, he be let out in a couple of hours!" Nick said. Everyone in the room suddenly looked relieved.

"You did really well Kate," Said Kevin.

"Yeah, you were really brave," Malcolm agreed.

"Thank you!" Nick showed his gratitude.

"I guess I should say sorry and thank you, I am sorry because of all the times I have been horrible to you and I thank you because you saved my life," Sicknote said.

"Wow Kate you got Sicknote to say sorry, that's a first!" Josie laughed, "I better be off now, see you soon!" Josie walked out of the Fire station and back to her house.

"That is a first, Sicknote never says sorry!" Bayleaf agreed with Josie, he knew that Sicknote found it really hard to make apologies.

"You had better make the most of it Kate!" Kevin said.

"Anyway, I am starving, who wants a takeaway?" Malcolm said.

"I do!" Said Kate.

"Yeah me too!" Colin added.