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+++++I Hope We Could Meet Again+++++




No one knew yet if elf and dwarf really exist. No one knew yet if our fantasy could become reality. No one knew yet.

This story began when this girl wished, as her hands intertwined to be as one. She closed her eyes, breathing slowly. Her lips slighted apart as her voice sounding her wish.

"I wish Pikachu is real."


Today was Sunday, the very lovable day in this girl's January life because she could spend her birthday without task from school. Yup, today was her birthday, January 29th. Chyntia – her name – woke up from her bed and made her way into the family room.

"Good morning, mom."

"Good morning, Chyn. Come on, get ready!"

Chyntia, our main person in this story, sat in their teal sofa and got lazy after a while. She said, "It's too early. Fifteen minutes moreee~"

"Hey sis! Get your ass up or I will erase those games!" Clint said, her little brother who apparently was taller than her. He leaned on the door, smirking. That annoying face made her pouted and sat upright.

"Oh yeah? Are you really can do it? I know you love playing it too," Chyntia said, crossing her arms in the chest, seeming confident. But that act only made her little brother laughed more. Chyntia frowned as she thought that her brother went insane.

"I can do it sis. I have finished all those games and it made me bored. Why don't erase it so I can install new game?" Clint put his finger in his chin, acting like a person who was thinking.

"Hey! No fair! Please! Pokémon is my only thing," Chyntia begged, knowing her shellacking.

"Hush, get this over. Clint, don't tease your sister! Especially today," her mom cut, cleaning the table without looking at the debate.

"I'm not teasing her. I'm serious mom."


Receiving glare from their mom, Clint could only gulp and lifted his both hands as sign of losing. Chyntia giggled and got lazy again.

"Sis, you better get shower or else…"

"What Clint?"

Her mom stood behind her. "Or else, Mom will make you work the whole day!" whispered you-know-who-behind-the-girl, giving more pressure at the word 'Mom.'

Oops… Chyntia turned to her back and found her mom offering a rag that already really dirty. Gulping, Chyntia stood up and grabbed her towel.

Clint giggled but soon shutting down his mouth as he received a death glare from her mother again. He turned back to focus on his game and not bothering to glance his mother again.

Who knew a mother would be that cruel to make his daughter worked on her birthday?


Meanwhile, in Pokespe Universe…

"Chu! Chu!"

A small pat on the blond hair wasn't enough to make her woke up. Chuchu scratched her head and looked around to find Pika. Pika approached her and soon sweat-drop icon appeared on his back after taking a look on the blonde. Right, as they had predicted, she overslept again.

"Hey, how about we go to the pond behind those trees? The water is really clear. We can see our twins there!" invited Pika, smiling as he jumped to the way the pond was.

"How about Yellow?" Chuchu looked at her trainer, frowning.

"She won't get angry at you."

Chuchu looked at Yellow again and smiled a little at Pika. "Okay."

Before they could move to the pond, they heard a familiar voice calling a pikachu – well-known Pikachu.

"Pika?" a sound heard. Pika's ear became upright and soon he looked happy, running towards the voice.

"Oh hey you there!" said that voice again. He extended his hands to catch the Pikachu that jumped towards his chest.

"Red!" Pika said happily with the sound 'Piiii!'

Pika nuzzled Red's face and jumped to his head. "Red! Red!" he said as he hit his master's head playfully. Red chuckled and took Pika to his embrace. Red looked at one more Pikachu on the ground and sighed as he said, "You again?"

Chuchu smiled happily as she jumped to Red's shoulder, joining Pika.

"You again? Huh, does he have any problem with me around you Pika?"

"No, He is fine with us together."

"Then, why?"

"Maybe it's because, when we are together, I can't fight for him, tee hee," Pika gave Red little electricity on his arm.

"GAAAH! YA! What was that for?" Red yelled after getting sudden electricity.

"Aah, nothing. I just want to play with you," Pika said, making Chuchu chuckled.

Red didn't understand the conversation Pika and Chuchu had, so he just could rub the arm. Fortunately, the shock wasn't so much or else he fainted with a funny looking. No one would want to see him like that, especially when he were one of famous person.

"Hmm, so, what's bring you here Chuchu?" Red asked innocently, smiling at Pikachu who had a petal on her ear.

Chuchu pointed Pika then giggled. Pika was blushing. Wow, Red was really speechless. Even Pokémon could have love relationship, huh? It's so human-look by the way. Not that he even want to understand but apparently he should.

"Hey, how about the pond?" Pika asked, trying to make the blush disappear. Chuchu knew his attempt and laughed at it, making Red more curious what were they talking about. If Yellow is here with me, he thought, sighing.

"Okay, let's go."

"Wonder if Red find Yellow by now," Pika chuckled then jumped to the ground. He looked at Chuchu who was staring at him from Red's shoulder and Red who was quite surprised by his sudden move. "Hey, come on!" Pika jumped ahead to the way the pond was.

"Hey, where are you going Pika?" Red tried to catch up with Pika but Pika ran even faster. Plus, Chuchu suddenly seemed like talking to him.

True, Chuchu was talking to him. She said, "Could you please waking up Yellow?"


Before Red could ask further, Chuchu already jumped too and caught up with Pika. Red could only scratch his head and sweat-drop icon appeared on his back head.

Soon heard two footsteps and it seemed like it was reaching to his place. Red turned around and found his best friends looking at him. They seemed mad.

"So, you are here at least."

Red laughed panicky and said, "I was searching for Pika okay? I wasn't escape."

"Then where is Pika?" the girl with brown-haired asked. She wore a white hat – and Red dare to swear that she did not want to take off that hat since it was from *cough cough*

"You see, er, He chose to play with Chuchu than me," Red answered, a bit annoyed.

"Oh right! Likely story."

"I'm not trying to lie, you know," added Red, seeing his best friends rolled their eyes.

"So, let's go back," said the guy with spiky-haired. He gestured Red by his hand to follow him.

"Ehm, hey! How about we, play together, here-"

"Cut the crap Red. We are going to drag you to the lab! No excuses!" the girl grabbed Red's sleeve and started to drag him happily. The other one sighed looking at the scene before him. That girl is really scary sometimes, he thought.

"Green! Help me! I'm your best friend right?" Red asked desperately, looking at the cold eyes boy.

The spiky-haired boy who was apparently called Green, instead of helping him; he decided to walk together with the girl.

"No. And more important, Professor Oak is my gramps," Green murmured coldly.

"Oh no~"


Back to the Human World, our Chyntia had finished her shower time and now sat in front of computer, opened facebook to check every greeting for her birthday.

"Sis, it's almost 5. I'll take over~"

"Can you give me a discount for today?"

"No way! I want to play computer too!" Clint defended his excuse for keeping his computer play's time.

Chyntia happy face was broke down suddenly. She looked up to see her brother and pouted. Unfortunately, he pouted back.

"Geez, today is my birthday, be kind!"

"But you can continue playing it after 7."

"We are celebrating my birthday at 7, stupid!"

"I have no idea, but you can't steal away my time," Clint insisted.


Chyntia closed her facebook after replying wall the 24th and stormed to sofa, grabbed the remote TV and changed the channel.

Clint giggled and took over the computer without looking back to his mad-in-her-birthday sister. But after a while, when Chyntia had put very serious attention to the TV drama, he glanced her and smiled. He whispered very low, no one would even hear it.

"I'll show you, your wish"

-o—o—o to be continued –o—o—o-

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