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-I Hope We Could Meet Again-


There was too quiet… It seemed like the entire world decided to be silent all together. Was that a joke? There was no sound of Mom's giggle, sound of Dad's whisper, sound of Clint's growled stomach… no sound of their vibrating PC and handphone, no sound of chattering in neighborhood and hey! Not even sound of breathing! How could they manage to hold their breath for what it seemed like forever?

What she could only hear was her own breath. Wasn't that strange?

Chyntia opened her eyes out of her curiosity and soon she was shock dead at what she was seeing at the moment. Black. Thick black. All was thick black like the 'black hole' scientist ever told about in the magazine, like the picture of 'black hole' that was attached in the article. Nothing shiny in it, just black. Her eyes were starting to ache.

Just what had happened until everything became black like that? She felt afraid inside. She lifted her hands and tried to grope something, hold someone's hand… It was really black, she couldn't see anything. She acted as if she was blind. "M-mom?"

"M-mom?" "M-mom?" "M-mom?" "M-mom?" "M-mom?" "M-mom?" ~~

The place echoed her word, over and over.

Chyntia couldn't understand it anymore. Just how big that black place was? It echoed like never ending, indicating that the place was super big. To only see black everywhere, how could she know the answer then? Actually there was a way to know how big that place was by calculating it with a physics formula. She needed the time of the first echo sounded until the last disappeared to start the formula. Oh great! If only she wore a watch and there was a pencil and a paper to let her calculate it. And, if that was possible, she would need a bit of light to let her eyes see. But then again, if that was possible, there was no way she needed to calculate it because she was already had the light to see how big the place she were in right now. Then again, what she would need was not only the time but also the velocity of the sound to move around. Okay, cut the crap, it was no use. She knew it.

She ran, trying to push away her fear. She couldn't just stand there, could she? What should she wait? Nothing. She needed to do something even though she didn't know whether it was a dream or reality… Even if it was a dream, there was no way she could let herself die easily.

As she already thought, there was nothing there. So far she had run, she still didn't found anything, didn't meet anyone; her feet didn't happen to kicked something like someone's head or what so she didn't have to worry that much fortunately. True, it was black and so she was blind now. But, there was really nothing there.

But... Really? Nothing was there? Nothing?

Chyntia gasped as she finally saw something in the all the black she saw earlier. It was something circle and red in color. It was an eye… of what?


"H-Huh?" Chyntia finally escaped from that place but how she didn't know. However, she was very afraid now. Even though the place she was now wasn't all black but bright blue, she couldn't help herself to calm. It was not only because she was in the entirely different place but also because she was flying in the mid-air!

Chyntia feared of the height. It was a sure thing. She would never imagine about being in the height. She couldn't imagine herself sit in a jet coaster's seat, and not even a plane too. But now? With nothing but her own feet, about thirty meters up from the ground, and that was for real!

Soon as she realized she was flying in the mid-air, she fell.



NO! NO! I'm going to die! What should I do?


It must be a dream. A bad dream…

SPLASH! blup blup blup blup…

Was this a joke, God?

I hate alone and YOU threw me to the black silence,

I hate height and YOU put me in the mid-air and dropped me from that height!

And now, cold deep water? Great! I can't swim!

blup blup blup blup…

Ugh… The water chokes me… I cannot breathe anymore…

It is too scary to be a bad dream

Is this my end?

blup blup blup blup…


I can't breathe…

I'm going to die

I can't keep my eyes to open

Forgive my sins God…

blup blup blup blup…


After the sound of scream, a hard splash was heard. It's sounded like something fell to the water, the pond where Pika and Chuchu were playing at the moment precisely. Pika and Chuchu's ear were shaking as their eyes met each other's. What was going on?

The scream was too loud and it echoed to the entire forest. That's when Yellow opened her eyes, and her feet instantly brought her to the place the screaming was. Without even noticing that Pika and Chuchu were there, she let herself fall to the pond and the water was splashed again, making the two Pikachu in the pond's edge wet. They both looked at each other and laughed at how mess they were.

Meanwhile, Yellow dived and let her eyes scanned the entire part of the pond. She then found bubbles in front of her – just about six meters from her. She swam over and dived deeper to found a chest-long black hair girl, nearly unconscious. Her hand was trying to get a hold of something but to be mentioned that there was only water – strangely no Pokémon were there at the moment – she wouldn't get to the surface and not even in a thousand years. She would just fall and fall until she reached the ground, but she would know it only if she managed to live until then.

Yellow approached her and brought her to the surface by the hand. Soon two heads emerged and made the water fly to their surroundings. As Pika and Chuchu saw it, they ran away from the pond and hid behind the bushes and watched what was happening from there.

"Puah!" Yellow dragged Chyntia to the ground and let herself fell to the ground. Panting, she shook Chyntia's shoulder. Chyntia groaned and panted too. Yellow knew she was still alive and sighed in relief.

"Wow! That was deep!" shouted Yellow, her teeth was chattering from the cold. She murmured about how she thought the pond wasn't too deep.

Coughing and panting, Chyntia looked at her savior. She was sure Yellow was a boy, a cute one and with a unique voice too. She seemed familiar with Yellow but she didn't know the reason though. Yellow wore her usual outfit with a hat on and still Chyntia didn't realize the person in front of her was Yellow, her favorite character from her favorite Pokémon manga – Pokémon Special.

"Fi-Finally… Th-Thanks for saving my life," said Chyntia timidly, giving Yellow her respect smile. Yellow nodded and patted her clothes, trying to make it dry but alas it didn't work.

"Where a-am I?" Chyntia looked at her surrounding, coughing and trembling from the cold of the water she sank into before. The water tasted like ice, Chyntia couldn't help to not chattering her teeth.

Still feeling cold, Chyntia quite shock to find out where she was now. It wasn't something she usually saw in her daily life. Tons of trees, a pond, wet ground… How could she be there after all those nightmares? Wasn't she at her home, celebrating her birthday and…? Where was her family?

Seeing Chyntia confused, Yellow scratched her hat. It looked like she found a lost 'cat' once again. First was Chuchu and now was this cute person. What was her name again?

"Huh? Don't you know? That's weird, how did you get here?" Yellow asked, staring Chyntia with her innocent eyes.

"I don't know," Chyntia was coughing again from the cold. She frowned at the question. True, how did she get there? She just blew the candles a moment before. How could that action make her trapped in the super black and unending place and then suddenly flying in the mid air and fell from the height that was about thirty meters from ground into the cold water in the unknown place like this? Chyntia shook her head. It was definitely no logic. She must have knocked her head to something.

"Where are you from?" asked Yellow again.

"Isn't this Indonesia?"

"Uh, what was that?"

"Err, okay, what is the name of the place I'm in now?"

Yellow smiled happily. Chyntia wondered why she was smiling at the moment. Yellow looked up to the trees that covered them from the sky and her mouth was opened slowly.

"This is Kanto."


Back to the Oak's laboratory in Pallet Town –

"It doesn't make sense."

Professor Oak and Misty looked at Green with their eyebrows lifted. Green gave them a c'mon-it's-nonsense look.

"Do you doubt my research just now?" Misty looked so upset.

"No, but, I don't think Giratina is a rascal type Pokémon. You see… if Giratina really have opened the portal and someone enters our world, then why it must be Red's Pokédex which is missing? Why it's not mine or Blue's Pokédex, or anyone else? (The point isn't that actually)"

"That's-" Misty seemed to rethink the reason to strengthen her statement, but she was cut by Green.

"And most of all, did you really think that that someone stole it? C'mon! You know Red. He is so cautious with his Pokédex."

"Okay, true. It's just my search result after all. What about you? Do you have a better explanation?" Misty dared to challenge Green out of blue. Instead of being nervous because of the unpreparedness to such a challenge, he smirked evilly, making Misty gulped.

"Well, I don't know," Green said, turning around to let his back facing the monitor and lifting his hands as well. Misty mocked him but suddenly he turned his head to the monitor and smirked again. He said, "Red seems perfectly fine without his Pokédex. I think he lied."

"Huh?" This time Green earned confused looks from Professor Oak and Misty. Green groaned and said, "C'mon! Don't you think it's weird?"

Professor Oak seemed to take Green's argument into account and plunged himself in a deep thought. Suddenly he rubbed his chin and murmured, "Yes, it's weird. Actually I don't understand what he said earlier."

"What was he said?" asked Misty, hugging a krabby that once belonged to Red.

"He said that was an accident."

"Huh? What accident that he meant?" Misty tilted her head, wondering the reason Red said that. Green made his way to the table and sat there, thinking by himself. He too didn't know what Red meant by that.

"I don't know. The Pokédex, he said, it was an accident and he wasn't the one who did it. Now I'm really curious. It's just, what happened to his Pokédex?" Professor Oak's worried face reappeared.

"What if he hides his Pokédex, gramps?" Green shifted his sitting position to the comfortable one.

"Oh yeah, that would be very strange. For what reason?" Misty asked sarcastically as she thought it was nonsense.

Green rolled his eyes and continued his analysis. "It makes sense actually. The reason is what we have to find out. It's just what we need to know what he said earlier."

Professor Oak nodded and smiled calmly. He suddenly felt proud of him and so he patted Green's head. "You are really my grandson!"

"Thanks Gramps." Green smiled, glancing Misty who was getting irritated of the way Green looked at her. Green really annoyed her for real.

"Why don't you call Red to investigate him this matter, Prof?" asked Misty.

"Good idea, except he didn't want to pick it up. Why don't we try to call Blue?" Professor Oak resized the window on the monitor with Misty on it and double clicked pokégear system icon on the desktop and soon a new window popped up. He scrolled his mouse to scan his contact list and double clicked again above 'Blue' name. The plain white window was now filled with information about Blue such as her number, her photo, her name, and lots of things about her.

Hearing Blue's name spoken by Professor Oak, Green groaned and shook his head immediately. "It's no use gramps, believe me!"

Professor Oak ignored him and pressed 'call' button on Blue's window to dial her number. In the exact same time but different place, Blue's pokégear was ringing.

"Hey Blue, your pokégear is ringing," Red said, noticing the ringing. He glanced over to the pokégear that was placed in Blue's belt. He couldn't see the caller ID though.

"Yeah I know. It's Prof. I think they want you back. Ignore him." Blue kept dragging Red without even looking at the ringing pokégear.

"Yeah, I agree with you. Thanks for saving me." Red smiled. Anxiousness was wiped from his face when he smiled. He really felt grateful to be with Blue at the moment, without thinking of why Blue was dragging him endlessly. Hearing that, Blue smirked and said, "It's not like I want to save you, you know. Just what exactly have happened to your Pokédex?"

Gulping, he said, "It's missing."

"Don't ever lie to me, Red! I know you lied."

Red gulped. He knew there was no use to lie in front of his best friends, especially Blue, the best trickster he ever met. She was cunning herself so she could tell when people was lying.

"I don't want to tell you." Red threw his gaze to the grass. He felt like a loser.

"Hmmph, okay, that's fine. I have my ways to know, you know." Blue whistled happily. It made Red's mood drop down by ten.

"Ukh, where are we going?" asked Red, feeling tired of being dragged. Blue giggled and tossed one pokéball to the air. Soon a rhydon came out with a 'BOM' sound.

"Don't worry, it's not far. It's just Johto."

Red growled as Blue pulled him and made him sit on rhydon's back along with her.

"Isn't this Green's Pokémon?" Red knew it very well; he ever rode it with Green to Ilex Forest when he was fourteen years old. And, he knew it too Blue didn't have a rhydon on her party, so how could she…? Red's eyes widened as he shouted, "You stole it!"

Blue giggled and hit Red's head. She said, "I borrowed it. (I stole it? oh please!)"

'Sweat-drop' icon appeared on his back. This girl couldn't be trusted, Red thought.

"Why I must go there anyway? (And why I must sit in the front while you behind me? I'm a man!)" Red whined and pouted. Blue was snigger as she hugged Red from behind.

" (C'mon! I don't want to let you escape) and the reason of why you must go there is…" Blue brought her lips nearer to Red's ear. "To make you steal something for me."


"(Tee hee hee) let's go underground to New Bark Town!" shouted Blue happily as she fisted the air, ignoring Red's complaint.


"This is Kanto, or to be specific – we're in Viridian Forest," Yellow said happily, looking up to the trees and saw all the bugs type Pokémon that were watching them. Her eyes softened as she breathed slowly. "The place that holds my precious memories," murmured Yellow that was cut with Chyntia's screaming.

"WHAAAAT! (cough cough)"

Chyntia couldn't believe what her ears was listening to. Kanto, he said? Chyntia thought with her eyes rounded in shock.

"What's wrong?" Yellow turned her head to Chyntia. Chyntia gulped. She knew it, it was a dream. There was no way she could be in Japan at the moment. Where was her family?

She took a look at her surrounding once again. It seemed real, the water was a real thing too since she could feel the cold and trembled because of that. She couldn't be dreaming! How could she drift on Japan just by blowing up the candles?

She doubted it all what Yellow had said earlier before she found two pikachus behind the bushes, taking a peek at them. Chyntia felt like screaming but she held it. She still couldn't believe it. Were her eyes deceiving her now? She rubbed it and rubbed it once again. The pikachus were still there. Was that true? Her brain was running double speed and…

She was sure now, those were…


"Huh?" Yellow looked at what Chyntia was pointing. Soon as she found two pikachus behind the bushes, her face gleamed happily. "Oh yeah, there were Pika and Chuchu!" She waved her hand to call them. The pikachus jumped from the bushes and ran toward her, calling her back. She hugged them when finally both of them coming.

"Hey, I thought I was left behind again." Yellow pouted a bit then chuckled after she put her hands on their heads. Chyntia gaped at it. What was funny?

Once again, she realized something. Wasn't that like… ability to read someone's mind? It seemed familiar. She knew she ever watched something like that somewhere before. She looked over Yellow, examining each part of her. The hat, the hair, the outfit, the color of the boots… "AAAKH!"

Yellow turned her head to Chyntia and smiled innocently. "What's wrong?"

"Viridian Forest!"

"Yes, that is here."

"Y-You are Yellow!"

Yellow was a bit surprise as she lifted one of her eyebrows to her. She then nodded in doubt, not too sure how to react at Chyntia's statement.

"OH MY GOD! You are really her! I thought you were a boy before!" Chyntia jumped happily as she realized that she was in Kanto! Kanto that was owned by Pokémon Special Universe, not Kanto in the present world! She was in Pokémon Special World for real!

Chyntia kept screaming and smiling. She wasn't trying to hide her excitement and instead took a look at the pikachus which was staring her strangely.

"What's with her?" Chuchu asked with floppy ears.

"I don't know, but Yellow do look like a boy. Red too mistook her as a boy too at first." Pika scratched his head. "Maybe we should steal her hat next time," Pika laughed at his evil thought.

"Agree!" said Chuchu.

They both laughed together.

"Haha, I'm sorry if I look like a boy." Yellow scratched her hat and soon removed it and showed Chyntia her long hair that was tied in ponytail. "I'm a girl."

"I know! I know! Sorry for not realize it earlier!" Chyntia's face was real red now. You could say it was because she was very happy until she was going to die or because she was embarrassed, or anything else that you might think of. I'm not too sure myself.

"Don't worry. It's not your fault to not noticing my true gender." Yellow showed her teeth, feeling awkward. If only she knew that she was Chyntia's favorite character and so Chyntia felt so sorry for not knowing that the person in front of her was Yellow even though she knew the plot of the story... Yellow took it weird because it was nothing to worry about. Almost everyone mistook her gender as a boy, not to mention that Red mistook it too at first, but it was really nothing to worry about. It's no big deal.

"No, no… I'm really sorry!"

"It's okay but how could you know my name? I haven't told you yet, have I?" Yellow scratched her head again.

"Aah, nothing. I just heard a lot of things about you." Chyntia smiled awkwardly. "Where is Red?" she asked again in case she could get anything about Specialshipping, a love relationship between Red and Yellow. It would be very wonderful to know. Chyntia was snigger inside her mind.

Yellow's face went red and the two pikachus laughed at her. Ignoring the pikachus, Yellow answered, "I don't know where he is right now. Maybe he is in Pallet Town."

"He's not training in Mountain Silver?"

"He stopped training there last week. A break, I guess."

"Wow! You sure know lots about him!"

Yellow blushed immediately. She was stutteringly said, "I-I-I…" but was cut off again by "I thought you were with him every time."

Yellow blushed again. This time, she couldn't speak. Seeing Yellow's reaction always made Chyntia happy and so she screamed again, "You are so cuteeee!"

Yellow's face had turned into crimson in color.

"S-so, where are the others? Don't you play with them too every day?" Chyntia asked, seeming excited.

"You know them too?" Yellow screamed excitedly. Chyntia nodded slowly. Of course she knew. They were characters of the manga she read. But no way she could tell her that she and the world Chyntia was in now was a mere fiction. She didn't understand it herself of how these things seemed natural and it's not a dream either… is it?

"Oh wow! I will show you to them. They will be very glad. Um, what's your name again?"

Chyntia smiled calmly after finally getting used to what was happening to her now. "It's Chyntia. Call me Chyn for short."

"Okay Chyntia, you are my new friend now!" Yellow hugged Chyntia happily. Chyntia giggled and felt so excited. Yellow was very happy but soon she realized something. It was so cold. She pulled Chyntia off of her and examined her. Seeing Chyntia trembled and heard her chattering teeth, Yellow realized Chyntia felt chilled, not to mention that Chyntia's lips had changed color into blue. Yellow hit her head immediately.

"Oh, hey sorry! I get carried away. Let's go to my house to change our clothes to the warmer ones. I don't know whether you like my clothes or not but I know you need to go change!" Yellow got up from her sitting position and patted her clothes again to clean the dirt that once again, was a vain to do since the water made the dirt completely sticky to her clothes. Yellow extended her hand to Chyntia, offering a help to make her get up too. Chyntia happily took it and both of them gone to Yellow's house. Pika and Chuchu stared at each other and chuckled as they followed Yellow and her new friend – Chyntia.


Meanwhile, somewhere in Johto~

"Rono, used Protect!"

A male aggron immediately focused his attention on the attack that was coming toward him. He used 'Protect' move like what his trainer told him to do but alas, the attacker was faster than him. Before 'Protect' move was formed perfectly, he got kick on the back by 'blaze kick' move. He shut his mouth and eyes to hide his pain.

"Argh! Too slow! Too slow!" shouted an ash-haired girl, seeming desperate over something. She ran toward her Pokémon, to the place where sunlight could go through the forest and let the sunlight bathed her. The sunlight made her hair would look like brown in color.

The ash-haired girl turned her eyes on the female blaziken and said, "You've done well, Toro, don't worry." She turned her eyes on the aggron and plunged herself in a deep thought.

Toro the blaziken approached Rono the aggron. To feel guilty, she asked, "Are you okay? Sorry, I shouldn't give it my all."

Rono flinched and opened one of his eyes, out of his pain. He said, "I'm okay. You should, or else, we couldn't get stronger to challenge the gyms." He calmed her down.

The girl walked closer to them and stroked their heads. She smiled and said, "Good job Rono, you just have to make it faster! If we do that, we could start challenge the gyms!"

"Aggron! Aggron!" Rono smiled back. The girl offered Rono sitrus berry which was gladly accepted by him.


"Aggron!" "Blaziken!"

Three of them laughed and got ready again.


Three of them turned their head toward the sound of someone's mumble.

"Hey Sapphire, can you stop shouting? It's hurting my ears here!" shouted a boy with a white hat that looked like a hair from a far. He was sitting under the big tree that facing a river. He covered his ears by pulling his hat lower as he continued working with Nana's hat, one of his Pokémon, a mightyena. The mightyena itself was sleeping beside him.

"Go away from here then, sissy boy!" the girl that was mentioned by the boy stuck her tongue out to him, making him piqued.

"You go there!" ordered the 'sissy boy', pointing out the place under the big tree that was about fifteen meters from his place.

"No way! You go there!" ordered the girl back, her hands rested in her hip.





"YOU, i-di-ot!" the sissy boy's lips turned into evil grin.

Sapphire, the ash-haired girl, burst out in anger. "HOW DARE YOU-"

"Hey, stop it you two, Sapphire, Ruby!" said another girl voice.

Sapphire and the sissy boy, whose name Ruby, turned around to see the intruder and found their senior behind their back, crossing her arms in front of her chest. She had black hair which sometimes looked like it was brown or blue in color under the sunlight. The hair was always tied in two pigtails. No doubt, it was Crystal. She wore a white cardigan to cover her black tank-top and a pink mini skirt.

Beside her was a jet black-haired boy who was holding his billiard cue over his neck with a long tail Pokémon clung on to the end of the billiard cue by the tail that looked like hand. The boy was Gold from New Bark Town and the Pokémon was aipom whose name Ataro. It was Gold's. Both the trainer and the Pokémon was snigger.

"Your shouts were very loud! I couldn't put my concentration on my job!" Crystal put her hands on the hip, seeming annoyed.

"Yeah, you two are noisy," murmured Silver from the branch of a tree beside the two, spelling the bold word slowly. He apparently was awakened from his dreamless sleep and very upset to realize it.

Sapphire and Ruby froze over after hearing their uncommunicative senior spoke once in a while. And that was because of them being… noisy? Meanwhile the jet black-haired boy laughed after he heard what Silver had said and ran circling the two. He was in his super-happy mood and went crazy by saying, "Noisy! Noisy!" and earned a weird look from Crystal and dagger glare from Silver.

"Are we really that noisy?" asked Sapphire and Ruby after recovering from their shock.

"Very much! I could hear you shouted to each other from the kitchen (and that is ten meters away from you two, for Arceus's sake!) You made me ruin the lunch's menu!"

"Oh no, my lunch!" Gold gasped. "Don't say that I have to make my own lunch again (which was a failure with Explotaro always burned it.)"

"Don't worry, I still have the remaining material to remake our lunch, but it won't turn out as much as it should, so don't be greedy." Crystal glared at Gold who always eaten up all the food in the end. Gold grinned awkwardly. Crystal turned her eyes to those Hoenn's dex holders who stood dead at her glare. She said, "If you ever shouted again, you'll end up with no food."

"Okay senior…" Sapphire and Ruby stared at each other, gulping. With that, Crystal turned around and walked away to the kitchen and so the same went to Silver. That long red-haired boy, who was laying seven meters up from the ground, covered his head with book, trying to sleep again.

Ruby stared at Sapphire and pouted. He said in a low voice, "See what I've told you? You are noisy!"

Silver heard it and felt annoyed again but still trying to ignore it and closed his eyes tightly. If they ever shouted louder than that again, he would definitely choke them. Silver clutched his book and tried to make his consciousness disappear.

Meanwhile, Sapphire almost let her temper out again. She hissed back, "Fine, I'll go there! Don't ever get close!"

Sapphire stomped away to the place Ruby had pointed before the fight.

"Why don't you quit your training and learned girl's activities under me?" asked Ruby with a half-finished hat on his hand.

"Whatever~" Sapphire rolled her eyes, trying to ignore him.

Ruby smirked evilly and said, "Don't shout in there too. I still could hear your shouts from here, (Barbarian!)"

"YOU MAKE ME-UMP!" Ruby covered her mouth with his hands but it was far too late. Crystal had turned her back again and Silver had lifted his book again. Both of them gave Ruby and Sapphire a dead glare.

"SHUT UP!" yelled Crystal and Silver in different tone.

Seeing Ruby and Sapphire stood dead again, Crystal was sure they wouldn't try to make her mad. And so, she made her way to the kitchen again. Gold shook his head, seeming amazed by the firm Crystal. Silver saw it and smirked. There was a way to tease Gold. With that, he covered his head again with book and slept with an evil smile on his face.

o—o to be continued –o—o

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