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It was time, he was leaving. He shook his head as he loaded his few possessions in Harry's car. She was taking him to his new flat, because they both agreed a cab would cost too much. He was fitting the last box into the boot when a sleek black car pulled up. John knew that car, he knew who was in that car. The same way he knew Sherlock's text alert.

"What is it Mycroft?"

"Now now John, is that anyway to greet a friend?"

The former army doctor glared at the elder Holmes brother,

"Are we friends? Because I was under the impression that the only thing we had in common was Sherlock. Now, I think we both know that we no longer have that shared connection."

Mycroft's face fell from it's grin, and John thought he looked quite distressed. Was he here to beg him to return to 221B Baker Street? He did still have the key, he'd never sent it back to Mrs. Hudson. He'd planned to, even had an envelope addressed to the woman. In the end he'd kept it because he couldn't bring himself to part with it. He still cared about Sherlock, it would take him a long time to get over the man.

"John, I know you're upset. I also know why, I've seen the messages. Please believe me when I say my brother did not send them. He thought he was sending you messages of a completely different nature. I have his phone here, as proof. We don't know how but someone has been manipulating all contact the two of you have had lately. Please John, just look. My brother is heartbroken right now."

Reluctantly, John took the phone from Mycroft. Sliding his finger across the screen to unlock it, he quickly found Sherlock's inbox. Scrolling back to the picture he'd first sent of him and Harry at the pool he began reading.

"Send To: John Watson



Sender: John Watson:

I'm a tease? How?

Send to: John Watson

Sending pictures of youself half naked. I am trying to concentrate John.


Tears pricked the corners of John's eyes. He hadn't gotten either of those messages. Here they were though, black and white. He skipped forward a bit,

"Send To: John

I'm bored.


Sender: John

What do you expect me to do about it?

Send to: John

You could always send me another picture.


Multimedia Message Recieved.

Sender: John

Subject: There, happy?

Send to: John

No, you look decent.


He stared in shock at the screen. Sherlock had been flirting with him, he'd even been sent a picture. Whoever had done this was good. He was about to hand the phone back over to Mycroft when another message caught his eye.

"Send to: Jawn 3

I miss you John. I can't wait to be back at our flat.



The doctor closed the phone, and handed it back to Mycroft. So Sherlock hadn't sent all of those cruel messages. Sherlock had come home thinking that John would be waiting for him with open arms. He'd come home, expecting John to be there to hold him and he hadn't been there. Sherlock had come home to an empty flat.

"Do either of you know who did this?"

Mycroft nodded,

"Yes, Sherlock has already met with the man who dared toy with his dear doctor. I shall leave it to him to tell you the rest. He asked me to give you this,"

He extended his hand revealing a new mobile phone.

"It has all the protections of my own. So our friend shouldn't be able to fake messages to the two of you again. You'll find Sherlock's new number, my own, and Detective Inspector Lestrade's have already been programmed into it."

John thanked him, and the man nodded, smiling again. Getting back into his car, he drove off leaving the other man standing behind his sister's car.

Answer me.

John couldn't help but smile at Sherlock's text alert. It also made him want to cry. Unlocking the phone he opened the new message,

"Sender: Sherlock

Meet me at Angelo's?


He hit the reply button, his fingers moving quickly over the keys,

"Send to: Sherlock

Of course. I love you Sherlock.


The detective's reply was fast,

"Sender: Sherlock

I love you too. Now get over here.