NCIS Weekly Drabble
Prompt: ncis_drabble challenge #186 - 'Episode Related'
Episode 9.21 – Rekindled
Original Airdate: April 17, 2012

Title: 'Revenge of the Nerd'
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

Summary: Sounds like a bunch of geek speak to me.

Beta by Karaokegal

After eight years on Team Gibbs, Tim is completely comfortable in his own skin. The nerd jokes lobbed across the bullpen are few and far between these days, and when they come, he handles them with a deft backhand.

He wasn't expecting to be insulted by someone who builds tech for a living. Murdoch may be a geek, but he's not a cool geek, like Bill Gates. He's a smart-ass, just like Tony, but with a condescention his partner would never exhibit.

Picking apart his defenses in interrogation is immensely satisfying.

That arrow in the knee was totally worth it.