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A/N: My first Fanfic. Jason divorces Sam, after Manny shot her, believing he is protecting her. When Jason gets some sense knocked into him, he heads to the Lake House to reunite with Sam. After nearly losing Sam, the couple remarries. Yet, when Jason makes an unlikely alliance with one enemy to bring down another the lines are blurred as to how to protect Sam. Hop on for this ride, as their adventurous journey and love story continues. Inspired by- Jasam wedding and honeymoon week. Please read and review.

At Their Cabin

The darkness is so tranquil. Sam half awaken eyes trying to catch up with her mind and heart while drawing herself closer to Jason. As if -that was even possible even while asleep his steel body clothed her with a protecting embrace. Wow, just the night before we were gazing at the starry night miles across the field. Now we are here at our special place finally, Sam thought.

Jason called their cabin home but told her she made him feel safe. She noticed the door left ajar just before they fell completely into the satin sheets. The moonlight peered through the window, it must be dawn, she thought to herself. She tried to turn without disturbing her husband as he has always been considerate of her. "Wow my husband," she whispered and felt giddy and ran her fingertips across his arms.

Jason, a light sleeper, smiles and pulls her in for a kiss. She couldn't resist his ravenous hunger for her. She felt his hands and achy muscles pulling her closer to him. "Mrs. Morgan" he gasped mid kiss. "Yes, Mr. Morgan" she held his ring finger and kissed his hand. "What's on your mind?" he inquires without ceasing the tender caressing. Sam mutters incoherently, "ready for round four or six but whose counting?" with a girlish smile. "My pleasure," Jason obliges.

Nearby, an enemy lays in wait. "It's crazy to ever plan things," a sinister foe says with cunning seduction. "Shut up!" Franco curses waiting for his next pawn with absolute precision. The blond is stifled at least momentarily. She will have her revenge no matter what it takes. Franco was her means to an end. After what seemed to be an eternity of silence Franco smirks with envy and says "perfect, yes, everything is going according to plan." May the games begin," he laughs wickedly.

Franco grabs the fragile wrist of his latest play toy. "Let's go!" he commanded. "No I'm not leaving without knowing Morgan is dead," she shrills with a poisonous bite. Franco throws her body into the passenger's seat and takes off driving. "She digs her claw like nails into his chest and spits fire with vengeful vision. Franco attempts to control his steering while reaching for his favorite torture tool. He thinks effortlessly, right side console is my knife.

"Looking for this baby," she slashes his posterior forearm instead of his face as she intended. "Damn it, just wait! The plan will work! I am thee mastermind and Morgan will play!" Franco waves a fist with a quick implosion as if his plan was already executed with great confidence. "It better," she screams, "Morgan must pay!" says Faith.

French Vanilla Escape

Jason brings a black mug filled with her latte just the way she likes it. "So are we still going?" she declares as Sam sits upright with the satin sheet draping only inches of her honeydew skin. Jason can't keep his eyes off of her. "Do you want to go?" he retorts kissing her shoulder. "Hey you're not playing fair," she laughs, of course I want to. You, you already promised me before we even left Port Charles. Unless, you have another surprise in mind," Sam asks nonchalantly.

"For you Sam always," Jason says selflessly.

"Jason you don't do riddles! Come on, just tell me. We are always able to talk to each other," Sam reasons. "Samantha Morgan that won't work either," Jason shakes his head. Finally, she reaches for her mug and takes a sip of her mid morning coffee. "Ah, French Vanilla," she filled her senses with the aroma and recalls all her late night stake-outs as a Private Investigator.

Thank goodness for her cup of Joe, sixty-six, and her back up plan. Sam first gun was a Remington Nylon sixty-six rifle; it was her adoptive father Cody's gift to her. Cody taught her gun safety and how to handle herself in any situation while mastering the art of conning. So ever since she liked calling any gun she owned a sixty-six. Coincidently, Jason gave her a small ultra light black 9mm with capacity of 6 rounds and 6.66 inches in length. Hence, the name sixty-six became their mutual inside joke. Yet, her refuge and back up is always- Jason.

She unconsciously turned her focus towards the door. Now closed, she faintly recalls it was ajar but waived the thought her sixty-six was there safe. Jason could see her line of sight. Hence, he reached for her sixty-six and gave it to her. "Sam you are amazing," Jason thought aloud. He knew she was thinking of the danger. He reassured her with a kiss to her forehead.

Sam places the sixty-six on the night stand then retrieve it and holster it against her thigh. She continues to gaze at the door almost in a trance. "Jason did you close the door?" Sam whispers. "No, I haven't gone out yet. I figure we could go for a ride together," he says patiently.

Sam had a strange feeling she couldn't quite express. She gave Jason an intense look after drinking her latte. "Hey Mr. Morgan you haven't taken a shower with your wife yet," she enticed. Immediately, Jason carries her to the sound of immersing rain. Jason towel dries Sam with absolute attention to every delicate muscle to her petite fame. She does the same for him but can't help herself to more kisses. She was breathless knowing it was just moments after, indulging to the warmth of her husband's kisses and fighting over the temperature of their first shower as husband and wife.

"I can't believe you sprayed cold water on me," Jason complains. 'Well, who knew, You, Stonecold, was scared of the cold" she taunted. "You wish," he banters.

Sam tone lowers and affect becomes restrictive as she tells Jason about her intuition. Again, he reassures her, "Shawn is on the job. But, I know you Sam. I trust your instincts so you came to the right room," he tells her as he lifts the tub like a compartment, "get in" Jason directs her gently. Sam though surprised knew Jason always plans ahead for an escape route. Jason built their cabin so perfectly.

Tenebrous Paths

Sam had dropped at least thirty feet underground by the capsule like propeller. When she had reached the bottom of whatever or wherever this was, she realized she was holding on to Jason with a tight grip since her hands felt numb. When she felt the ground beneath her she almost fainted for she had no sense of balance due to an inner ear injury. Jason held her and showed his usual unwarranted concern. After she told him to stop fussing over her he practically had her moving through a maze of passages.

"Wow this is so cool." Sam says as she takes in her surroundings. "And you did all of this," she said rhetorically. She was in awe by all the weaponry and mode of transport in her line of sight and peripherally. A beauty catches her eye, "oh my" she withdraw her hand from Jason slowing down away from the path. 'Beauty' engraved on the side of a fully equipped armored ship...she gently reaches to touch it then covers her mouth into her inner elbow ready to sneeze. "Jason, why have you hidden her all this time?" Sam asks.

Jason thinks of the short version "well, it's in safe keeping" he cracks a rare joke.

"We have to keep moving Sam we have a lot of ground to cover", he explains as he looks around the vestibule for the path he intends to take. Sam keeps up his pace until they reach the westbound corridor it appeared like a maze but she was well oriented to her internal compass as a scavenger. "Jason it is like a city down here." Sam exasperated.

"It is Babe, from Manhattan to Miami." Jason smirks.

Sam gently slaps him. "So we're going to walk to our honeymoon," she raised her brow and smiles. "Better yet I'll carry you," Jason says as he quickly does just so.

"Babe a girl could get use to this," she surrenders.

"You deserve it and more" he says with conviction and seals it with a breathtaking kiss.

As Sam leans against her husband's broad chest she feels a sense of peace. Listening to his heart beating as a light drum she knew now what she has always known. "Jason, I love you" Sam says tenderly. She kisses the left side of his neck trailing in a vertical fashion towards his ear in a circular motion. "Sam," Jason groans.

She knew that drove him crazy. "Ok, you insist on carrying me and expect me to stay still," Sam says as she innately scans their path. Jason remained focus on the path but nodded in the way Sam always understood. She looked upwards into darkness and as she tilted her head to look behind with keen vision she thought how odd it seemed. She blinked several times to refocus as all the angles appear to narrow as if closing the darkness. Just as she thought to ask Jason about this place she could feel they were getting closer to light.

Jason knew Sam's curious nature had figured him out. He hadn't come here to the cabin until he decided to propose to Sam. Now he thought, I just have to find the path. It's close he could sensed it Sam would laugh if she knew I was lost, Jason thought. He had hard time thinking when Sam was nestled so close in his arms. He kissed her right cheek and softly brushed his lips against her skin bringing natural rouge to her creamy facial expression. She smiles and he reciprocates.

Sam waited patiently for what seemed awhile "well, you haven't said anything so where are we headed?" she finally asked.

"I thought you were curious but we are close. Just about four minutes and you will see for yourself. We are on our honeymoon" he reminded her without losing his breath.

"Fine," she says hesitantly. Okay, well what about Hawaii Jason will we have to postpone it?" she asked straightforwardly.

"And break my first promise to my wife, Jason says with urgency "I would rather take another bullet!

"Am I that demanding?" she smiles

"Not at all Sam. Not at all, it is just not in you." Jason whispers.

"Thanks," she says with coolness.

"Why?" asked Jason after a brief pause.

"Thanks for noticing," she concluded.


Jason reaches for a panel against the soft concrete a wall mechanically withdraws. Jason enters a transparent cube still carry Sam "Sam is home" he says out loud. Immediately, the entire room and paths now illuminates. Sam had taken a brief deep nap. "What is all of this?" she inquires as she signaled with a touch she wanted out of the fireman hold. Jason held on tighter "not just yet."

This was odd even for Jason. "Did Spinelli do this!" she accused more with dismay that she did not know this place existed.

Jason smiled "not exactly but the best thing he has ever thought..." suddenly a loud screeching sound calls out with jolly "Stonecold you and Fair Samantha are right with the universe...go to your left for the air pod and straight ahead is north side for weaponry...

"Spinelli!" Jason shouted about five times before the Jackal stopped in his tracks. "Where is it?" Jason asked with obscurity.

Spinelli made a loud cheer "yes! for a new progeny awaits you."

"Shut up," Jason says with irritation.

"Jason!" Sam scolds him knowing that though Jason is very patient, her PI partner and friend Spinelli is both sweet and annoying.

Sam intercedes "So both of you knew of this place and never told me...Spinelli!" she directs more questions. And finally tells Jason "deniability shouldn't override -no secrets!"

Spinelli became very quiet and apologized over the speaker system.

"The grasshopper does whatever Stonecold demands but I will impose that he does everything with the greatest affection for you Fair Samantha. Maximista is helping me too. To regain my confidence in the cyberspace as the true Jackal as I help her understand Franco was behind her fruitless wedding plans..."

"Wait! Go back Franco did what!" Jason interjected with more demands.


"Jason this room is gorgeous. Can you please put me down? Sam urges with laughter in the tight hold. Brightness shined like a precious gem. The room was a replica of the upper cabin. The linen and furniture arrangement was meticulously the same. "I'd say you definitely got a lot of help to do all of this but then it wouldn't be a secret," Sam stated. "Carly?" she asked bemused.

"No. Then it truly would not be a secret place for us. Carly is my sister and I love her dearly but not her drama. No worries, no one will be barging in. No one knows not even Spinelli fully knows," Jason felt the need to explain.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked in bewilderment.

"Well, Spinelli built this program like a virtual reality originally to surveillance the penthouse but I decided to have Stan put it here..." Jason started to say

"Wait, I thought Stan was with what the mob's version of the witness protection program and presumed dead." Sam liked Stan and appreciated when Jason told her the truth about his situation and those they cared about.

"Yes, that's right but after Epiphany knew the truth she wanted me to find a way to make sure Stan was close for her to find him," Jason filled Sam in completely -well almost. "You're holding something back. Mr. Morgan, tell me one thing" she asked with earnestness.

"Yea...I trust you Sam," Jason says without hesitation.

"I know," Sam cuts in "but that's not what I was going to ask you. All this time in the dark path while you carried me...you got lost didn't you? Be honest Jase," she smiled.

"Yes, how did you know?" Jason wasn't really surprised. He knew she'd figure it out but also didn't mind carrying her and having her so close. "I know you" she chuckled.

"So did Spin tell you?" Sam asked. She wondered if she missed a code or something between the lines.

"Okay do you honestly think I ever get Spinelli-talk?" Jason says with the sound of distress of God help me and twinkle of his deepest blue eyes for he was fond of his quirky but loyal friend.

Jason turned his attention to the bed and playfully threw Sam in bed. "Jason!" She yelled. Sweet and tender their loving was as if longing for each other for the very first time. At ease in their blissful moment Sam quickly pulls the sheets covering them as a hologram appears of the cabin "detecting C-4 on outer bounds, all shields engaged" the system countdowns.

"Jason Franco planted a bomb to kill us! I thought he wanted you to play games." Sam says with fear and adrenaline.

"To Franco it's all a game." But no reason to worry this place is bomb proofed. I will not let anything happen to you." Jason reassured.

"Jason I'm not scared. Okay I am somewhat but I feel confused. "Sam admitted.

"About?" Jason asked concretely.

"Something about all of this is completely off. First Franco messes with our wedding plans but he never actually showed himself. He's too arrogant to let things happen without taking credit or even rubbing it in your face. When he kidnapped Carly, Lulu and me it had purpose...he wanted you to choose. Now it seems like his pattern or way of thinking has changed. I can't figure it out exactly but something doesn't make any sense. Why make a big sendoff using C-4 and all. Maybe this means he doesn't want to play anymore," she rambles on her thoughts out loud.

"Well, whatever his intent he knows we are married and followed us here", began Jason. In a brief moment of silence, Jason's affect restricted he was annoyed with the lengths Franco took to make it personal. "He is a freak." Jason sighed with irritation. He hated Franco but not as much as he wanted to keep his focus on the present moment-their honeymoon and the lifetime they had ahead.

The hologram was still counting down with a vibrating b-l-a-s-t...kaboom!

The hologram became static momentarily then called out "ZERO casualties". A panoramic view of the still standing cabin showed debris fallen trees and miniature monkey like robots infiltrating the perimeter. They went almost unnoticed until one robot, hit a barb wired primary field which landed on its back spinning in attempt to get up. Franco sick games were more of a nuance, Jason thought.

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As You Wish

He asked Sam "what now before we leave"

"Just You, me and a bubble bath" Sam urges compliance.

We just took a shower, he thought

Suddenly the hologram changes to a surround sound system with their song.

Jason laughed and said "okay wife but no cold water," he begged with a look of defeat.

Sam was surprise to find her mixture of aromatherapy. She grabbed the lavender oil to draw their long-awaited bath together. Jason wrapped his arms from behind her and set the controls for the jet tub to produce the bubbles. "So how long do I have to stay in there?" Jason asked concretely.

Sam pulled away and said "you could at least pretend I'm not forcing you to do this." Then softening her demeanor she made a deal I'll make it worth it" letting her silk robe fall to the floor tiles revealing her bare skin she got in the tub "coming?" she whispered .

Jason licked his lips and groaned "you're killing me."

He wanted her. My wife he thought. The warmth within the tub and between them was explosive.

"I think C-4 has nothing on you," Jason smiled.

"Wow, you mean us Babe. What a compliment," Sam said with appreciation.

Jason pulled Sam gently as he drew intimately close to her. Their passionate kisses were selfless and slow. Now Sade in the background caused something to awaken with eagerness. Jason and Sam gave into their desires. Sam craved her husband with slowness and the satisfaction of licking an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day without any air-conditioning.

Jason felt intent on giving but he could not control his cravings for his wife. He didn't plan for them to come so quickly but it was simultaneous in their giving. Sam was so loud he was pleased. "Jason that was incredible," Sam said out of breath. Sam dropped her face against his wet chest and she realized their penetration was not lost as she lightly kissed his nipples. Jason rocked their warmth while drawing bubbles away from Sam's chestnut hair. He lifted her chin towards his lips.

She loved kissing Jason since their first kiss after Emily's wedding. But she couldn't tell the difference between how intoxicating their passion felt right now with that night back then. She reciprocated the slow rocking with some rhythm and donned his left ear with kisses again while tugging at his hair. "You are driving me crazy," as he raised her upright and slowly kissed her soft lips. "You started this again," she accused.

They smiled and continued to give their love to one another.

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