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Minerva turned the corner to find Hooch leaning against the wall next to her office door. The flying instructor was wearing a robe unfastened over a leather body suit and she had her arms crossed over her chest. "Dare I ask?"

"It's time we talked."

The Headmistress gave her password to the gargoyles and shook her head before leading Hooch up the stairs. "About what?"

"About that gorgeous young thing that you are shacked up with. What else?"

Minerva smirked. It was true Hermione was a gorgeous young woman and they were living together now. The thought of the luscious, wanton witch was enough to cause a physical reaction in her. Especially when her mind involuntarily flashed to a fantasy that had kept her going through the week thus far; that of her lover dressed in skimpy lingerie lying on their bed waiting for her to return home.

"Nice thoughts?"

"Indeed." The Headmistress started to round her desk, hoping that the trappings of her profession would be enough to keep Hooch from getting too personal.

"Oh no you don't!" The flying instructor took Minerva by the arm and pulled her over to the easy chairs by the window. "You have been avoiding me for too long and I'm not having you go all professional on me now."


The spiky haired witch ran a hand through said hair and began to whine, "C'mon Minerva, you're my best friend. Besides I always tell you."

The older woman sighed, "Alright." She didn't have a meeting this afternoon and while she had to be present at Hogwarts, there was no harm in sharing a drink with her friend. She pulled a bottle out of the cupboard along with two glasses.

"So come on, how did it start? Last I heard you were chilling with the ice bitch."

It took Minerva a few moments to decipher the flying instructor's ultra-hip speech. "We went for a drink at that muggle pub I like. Suzanne and I. She said that she wanted to talk. She started... verbally abusing me to cover for the fact that she was cheating and wanted to leave me."

"What happened?"

"Hermione." Minerva said simply with a tender smile, "She walked over and said something that insinuated that we were together and kissed me."

"Kissed you, like a peck?"

"No. More like a toe-curling, soul-stirring madly passionate kiss."


"Indeed. Hermione coolly introduced herself and watched Suzanne turn purple and stammer her way out of the room."

"Yeah, then what?"

"She convinced me to stay for a drink. Which turned into two bottles."

"Don't tell me that upstanding Minerva, doesn't kiss until the third date McGonagall – had a drunken encounter with a former student?"

The Headmistress had the grace to blush.

"Normally when that happens to me I run away the next morning."

"And just how many former students have you had drunken nights with?"


"I thought about running but she convinced me not to."

"So how did that turn into moving in with the gal?"

"It just happened. We started spending time together and gradually began to admit that we had feelings for each other."

"Lemme guess... Friends with benefits?"

"Hooch... how..?" Minerva stopped talking lest she reveal the secret.

"How did I guess... well young lady I've been around the block a few times. But it's not the sort of behaviour I would expect from you." Hooch sounded just like someone's mother and it made Minerva laugh.

"So how's the sex?"

"I am not discussing that with you!"

"Aw come on. I'm not getting any at the moment."

"It is... incredible, absolutely incredible."

"I always thought that she would be a demon in the sack."

Minerva gave another smirk and finished the amber liquid in her glass, "I think I am going to marry her someday."

"Have you told her that?"

"Not yet."

"You'd better do it quick before someone beats you to it."

"She is all mine. We agreed on exclusivity quite some time ago."

Hermione turned the pages of the McGonagall family album with a huge grin on her face. Here was baby Minerva toothlessly smiling up at the camera waving a chubby fist... On the next page was a picture of her slightly older crawling after the family cat... Holding a bucket... Being chased around the garden by a furious parent whose wand she had stolen...

And then she erupted into fits of laughter. The next picture was of a chubby toddler who was absolutely clarted in mud. There was even mud in Minerva's ears and in her hair. The only part of the image that was not brown were the piercing emerald gaze and shockingly white teeth that were bared in a winsome smile. She was splashing hands and feet around in the rapidly darkening bath water.

Isobel gave her own laugh, "At the time I took that photograph Rab was trying to breed flying pigs. Minny had gone to help her father, who as you know Rab, became easily distracted and forgot that she was with him. Eventually I fished her out of the pig trough. Minny discovered that it was more fun playing in the wallows with the pigs. Almost every day I was not sure if I was throwing my daughter into the bathtub or an oddly shaped sow... or even a lump of mud. Thankfully she grew out of it."

"What was she like as a child?"

"Very inquisitive, always asking questions. 'What's that Mummy? Why's that there Mummy?' Even from her earliest childhood it was obvious that she was smarter than us and showed signs of being far more magical. We had to hire a tutor to teach her in order for her to reach her full potential."

"You sound very resigned about it."

"I'm immensely proud of her. Half the time I have no idea what she is talking about but I am really really proud. But she used to drive me crazy as a child, always into something... kept running off to look at flowers, under rocks and I don't know what."

Hermione grinned once again. "Sounds like you had your hands full."

"Yes but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Being a mother is a wonderful experience."

The younger witch could sense the question behind the simple statement. "I don't know if I want children or not. I'd never rule it out but I've always focussed more on my schooling and career." She shrugged, "I guess that it's something that I need to discuss with Minerva."

"Well that would be a good idea."

"But not just yet." Hermione added hurriedly seeing the gleam in the older woman's eyes.

"But I would really appreciate a grandchild."

"So you might but try not to bully Hermione into it." The words were said from the kitchen doorway without menace but had a hard edge to them.

"Minerva." Hermione breathed the name in joy.

"Hello." A few quick steps brought the Headmistress into the room; she had apparated from the castle to a short distance away from the cottage. Walking home had served two purposes, firstly it had removed the slight effects of the alcohol that she had consumed. And secondly it had given her time to get a present for her lover.

Hermione grinned when Minerva leant down and gently brushed their lips together. A hand softly caressed her hair before the older witch rose again and greeted her mother. "And what are you two up to? You look as thick as thieves." From behind her back she pulled a bunch of wildflowers that she had gathered, watching her lover smile as she sniffed the ragtag bunch of blooms.

"Looking at your baby photos." The smile that Isobel gave was downright evil, "If you two aren't going to provide me with a grandchild anytime soon, I will just have to reminisce."

Minerva mock-glared until her eyes alit on the particular photograph that her mother was showing off. "Mother, how could you?" She snatched the album up, closed it with a resounding thud and put it out of reach on the counter. With that she reached into a cabinet for a vase. "I was naked in that photo."

"I'm sure that Hermione has seen you naked before."



Two aghast exclamations came at the same time, in identical tones of horror. Isobel smirked again, at that moment looking a great deal like her daughter. "So prudish."

"We are nothing of the sort but I refuse to discuss this with you." Minerva was completely mortified, not only by the fact that her mother was discussing sex, nudity and children with her partner but also by the fact that Hermione was looking at a picture she had always hated of herself covered in filth.

The younger witch stood and walked over to where her lover was standing with her back to the room. She reached around Minerva with both hands and placed the flowers in the vase before resting her hands on the older woman's waist. Her voice was low and intimate. "While I much prefer the mature naked version of you, I must admit that I found the younger rather appealing – albeit in a very different way."

Minerva could sense the younger woman's meaning, "Really?"

"I think so."

The older woman turned to see amusement glimmering in chocolate eyes and she couldn't help but lean in for another gentle kiss.

"Well dears, I must go and get Rab his tea."

"Bye Mum."

"Bye Isobel."

Neither of the younger two witches looked at the older as she left the kitchen hurriedly. "Have fun kids."

"Um... Minerva?"

"Shut up." Was whispered softly as their lips met in another kiss, one that was anything but gentle. "We will talk about it later."

Hermione was unfastening the front of her lovers robes with eagerly shaking hands, "And what did you want to do now?"

"Oh I think you know... Right now I want you." Minerva pushed the young woman backwards until she was pressed against the refrigerator. She engaged Hermione in a kiss that left her breathless and trembling.

The young woman wrapped a thigh around the older woman's waist and thrust her centre against Minerva. She had been waiting for this moment all week and didn't care how needy she looked. "Eager?" Came a voice that was slurred against the skin of her throat.

"You have no idea."

Minerva slipped a hand into the younger woman's trousers, feeling the moisture already pooling against cotton underwear. "I may have an inkling."

Hermione's hands found their way into the opening in her lovers robes and began to fondle full, heavy breasts through the lacy fabric of a bra. She heard a quiet whimper when she lightly pinched hard nipples before tilting her head in invitation of another kiss. She received one that was blisteringly hot in its intensity.

It was at that moment that the kitchen door opened, "Oh I'm sorry I forgot my photo album." The amused tone in Isobel's voice was like a cold shower. Minerva tore her lips from the younger woman's and rested her forehead against a convenient shoulder. "Don't let me interrupt."

Neither of the lovers said anything, Hermione had her eyes closed in utter mortification and Minerva was pointedly ignoring her mother, who was dawdling – not looking at their joined bodies but beaming. "I'll be off now. Ta-taa."

Both women remained silent until the front door had finally closed behind the interloper. Hermione began to laugh and kissed the top of Minerva's head. The older witch reached for the nearest wand and locked the doors. "I did tell you that there was no excuse for her."

Hermione laughed again and said, "I love your mother."

There was a long pause before Minerva lifted her head and intense green eyes burned into chocolate brown ones. "Just my mother?"

It was the moment that Hermione had been waiting for but it took her a moment to figure out what her lover was truly asking of her. Her voice barely reached a whisper as she laid her soul bare to the older woman. "I love you. Gods Minerva, how I love you. You make me so happy."

The ebony haired witch gave a blinding smile. "I love you too Hermione. I started falling for you when you strode across that pub to rescue me. You charged into my heart on your white horse and never left." Minerva picked up the younger woman and carried her towards the stairs.

"What are you doing?"

"I am not having the first time that we make love after declaring it to each other, a quick shag against a kitchen appliance."

"Dominant much?"

"Where you are concerned, absolutely." The older woman panted slightly as she carried the surprisingly sturdy body of her lover up the staircase towards the bedroom that they shared.

"It's also very sweet. No one would believe me that Minerva McGonagall has a soft and tender side."

"That is just for you darling." With that Hermione found herself deposited on the bed. "Remember . ."

Hermione laughed, "You are going to milk that for all it's worth aren't you?"

"Indeed." Minerva stretched out on the bed next to her lover, gently reaching out and began to unbutton the white blouse that Hermione was wearing, "When did you first realise that you were in love with me?"

"I guess it crept up on me. One day I was blissfully ignorant, knowing only that I cared about you and the next day I realised that I... I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you."

"It crept up on me too, I realised afterwards that I had felt twinges in my heart ever since that day in the pub. I tried to deny it to myself, wanting to keep you at arms length, not wanting to be hurt again. But even hiding behind our arrangement did not work for long."

The garment was slipped off of Hermione's shoulders, along with the lacy wisp of a bra. Nimble fingers brushed lightly against erect nipples before moving to the zip on her muggle work trousers. Meanwhile the younger woman had completely unfastened Minerva's outer robes and was making short work of the inner ones.

Hermione's murmur was intimate and sexy, "I thought that you were falling for me the first time that you took me to Hogwarts. You didn't even stop kissing me when Hooch saw us."

Minerva laughed and shrugged out of her clothes, getting up on her knees and pulling her lovers trousers down, revealing shapely thighs and wet underwear. "The thing that you did with your stockings that night drove me crazy, I thought that I was about to pass out."

Hermione whispered the spell that banished their underwear and grinned up at the woman who was now straddling her thighs. "But I knew that you were falling for me when you stayed with me when I had that migraine. When you put me first."

"That night I had a lot of time to think." Tender hands began to run up and down the soft skin of Hermione's stomach, "Mainly about what you meant to me." Fingertips began to run in arousing circles around her nipples, "How you made me feel." The older witch leant down, pressing her naked body against her lovers, "I think that was when I realised that I loved you for the first time."

Lips met in a tender kiss which soon turned passionate, Minerva nudged Hermione's legs apart – thrilling inside when strong thighs wrapped around her hips. The older witch braced herself on her arms and began to rhythmically grind herself against her mate. Both women's breathing increased as their arousal mounted.

Hands began to roam, gentleness forgotten as they began to devour each other. Minerva's hand found Hermione's sex at the same time that nimble fingers slipped into her own folds. The younger woman unwound her legs to give them more room, while she began to stimulate the slippery nub with her thumb.

The two women rolled around on the bed, both vying for dominance. "You said that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me?"

Hermione sat atop the older woman at this point and slid two fingers inside of her core, drawing a moan from Minerva. "Yes. I want to be with you."

"Well... I suppose... that getting married would... stop my mother from harassing us about grandchildren." The words were uttered slowly, amid panting and stammers as Minerva surrendered to the younger woman's desire.

"Or it could make her worse." Hermione's fingers continued their rhythmic deep thrusting, curling up slightly to hit the sensitive spot deep inside of the older woman. Her other hand slipped up to stimulate an eager nipple. She knew exactly how to expedite Minerva's impending orgasm and she pulled out all of those tricks now.

The older witch was jerking her hips upwards, trying to drive Hermione's fingers deeper. When a tongue began to frantically lap at her clitoris she yowled loudly. She began to pant and emit high pitched noises. Her legs began to tremble and her muscles tensed, toes curled and she bit her lip.

The young woman could feel inner walls clamp down on her fingers and she continued to thrust through Minerva's orgasm. She redoubled the work of her tongue, ignoring hands that tried to push her away from her oversensitive nub. After a moment the older witch collapsed back against the sheets and instead of pushing away, her fingers fisted in chestnut tresses and held Hermione exactly where she was.

Every breath that Minerva took was sounding like a gasp. Each one was uttered in a progressively higher pitch. The speed at which her second orgasm overtook her was shocking and she could only lie back and enjoy the way that it crashed through her body. She howled her approval when Hermione began to suckle at her sensitive skin and continued to pound into her. She screamed the younger woman's name as the world began to spin and collapse around her.

Hermione carefully withdrew from the older witch and gently kissed her way up Minerva's slender body before drawing her into an embrace. The Headmistress was shaking, breath still coming in rapid and uneven spurts. Tears were running down her face. "Minerva, why are you crying?"

"I don't know."

Hermione pulled her lover even closer. Pressing Minerva's head against her bare chest, she began to drop kisses onto the ebony hair. "I love you."

"Love you too." Sniff.

Minerva lifted her head and parted her lips inviting a real kiss. Hermione was happy to oblige, putting her own desire on the backburner for a few minutes. The older woman could taste her own essence as well as the flavour that was unique to her lover. "I... With you I can see a whole future laid out ahead of us Hermione. I am not looking forward to a conference or to the next influx of reprobates... I am looking forward to picking out furniture, to planting trees in the garden and watching them grow, with you by my side."

At that point tears were also running down Hermione's face. "Minerva, I love you so much and I meant what I said."

"I want to spend my life with you too. I love you."

Minerva's next kiss was more passionate and she rolled the younger woman onto her back. The fire between them that had been dampened by saltwater tears, roared back into full life and Hermione found herself pressed into the mattress. The room was filled with cries of ecstasy and declarations of love.

"Marry me?"