A New Battle Begins


Opening Theme: Dragon Soul (Dragon Ball Kai)

The Kingdom of the Full Moon, once a beautiful and prosperous place, this land has now been reduced to but a shadow of its former glory. It's land has been decimated and it's people slaughtered. Of its noble guardians, the princesses of the full moon, only 8 of the 20 remain; Shantella, Teresa, Renee, Valeria, Silphia, Rinoa, Isabella, and Flora, remain.

However our story truly begins long before that, just after the conquest of the Saiyan race by the evil Frieza. Determined to free his race from the evil dictator's rule, King Vegeta ordered that experiments be performed to create a warrior who could rival the legendary Super Saiyan of old. Knowledge of these experiments was limited to only an elite few, one of whom was a man by the name of Paradon. Unwilling to perform the ghastly experiments, Paradon took his wife, Fiona, and two small daughters, Shantella and Teresa, and left the planet, never to be heard from again.

King Vegeta's experiments proved to be a success, creating 10 genetically augmented, super Saiyan warriors. Dubbed the Dark Saiyans due to the secretive nature surrounding their creation, this warriors boasted strength, speed, stamina, and abilities that far exceeded the capabilities of even Frieza. However, King Vegeta soon realized that with their power, the Dark Saiyans were more of a threat then Frieza himself. Leading an army of saiyans, King Vegeta succeeded in sealing the Dark Saiyans within various realms of existence. Their leader, the mighty Corruption, was sealed deep within the core of Planet Vegeta.


Meanwhile, Paradon and Fiona had found a race of human like beings on a planet far away. Feeling compassion towards the beings, Paradon and Fiona became their guardians. In gratitude for the kindness of their Saiyin guardians, the people came together and built the Palace of the Full Moon and named their beloved champions, King and Queen of the Full Moon. It was a happy and peaceful existence as Fiona bore 18 more daughters to bring the final number to 20.

Shantella, the eldest, beautiful and free spirited with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Her wisdom and her alchemical prowess was eclipsed only by her love over her younger siblings.

Teresa, a noble guardian whose calm and carring manner brought even Shantella to respect her as the leader of the Princesses of the Full Moon.

Renee, a fiery, strong-willed young woman who's power and skill were outshined only by her fearsome temper.

Kaya, a strong and resilient girl who sought only for the respect of her elder sisters.

Serena, a gentle spirit whose peaceful nature made her greatly loved by all who knew her.

Lilianna, a young fireball with a temper to rival even that of her older sister, Renee.

Karina, an inquisitive bookwork whose love of fighting was vastly overshadowed by her love of reading.

Sarah, a beautiful drama queen whose only goal was to gain the attention of those around her.

Valeria, a brilliant scientist whose love of experimentation and science was only surpassed by her love of the card game, Duel Monsters.

Taya, a glamorous, beautiful saiyan whose beauty gained her a great many suitors.

Silphia, a woman whose beauty was second only to that of her idol, Taya.

Terra, a determined young girl who could not be swayed once she put her mind to something.

Marina, a girl whose strength of will gave strength to all around her.

Rosette, a courageous girl who would never back down from a fight, no matter how strong the opponent.

Alexis, a wise and intelligent girl who was almost always at the side of her mentor, Valeria.

Rinoa, the first of two twin sisters who were blessed with incredible healing powers.

Isabella, the second twin whose healing abilities surpassed even Rinoa's.

Trina, a young girl who had little desire for combat, preferring instead to spend her time among nature.

Kayla, the second youngest child who lost her arm to a rare disease, despite her handicap, her resolve never wavered.

Flora, the youngest child whose gentle heart and kind demeanor hide unimaginable power and potential.

Despite the loss of their father, only a few months before Flora's birth, the Princesses and their mother lived happily. All of that changed when, in a desperate attempt to prevent the birth of a Super Saiyan, Frieza would claim planet Vegeta… and free Corruption from his captivity.

Corruption spread his terror to the stars, seeking to locate his sealed brethren and take vengeance on the remaining Saiyans. Unable to locate them, however, he soon turned his attention to the Full Moon Kingdom. Less than one year after Corruption had set his sights on her family, Fiona had lost 13 of her children, including her eldest daughter, Shantella. It was not long… before Fiona determined that in order to protect her daughters, warriors had to be gathered to stand against Corruption.

Cue Background Music: Shunkan Sentimental (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

And so, the galaxy's greatest heroes were gathered.

Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan…

"Heheh, pop goes the weasel," Frieza declared smugly.

"No… you won't… get away with this!" Goku declared angrily. Frieza and Gohan both watched in awe as the planet seemed to shake before the power Goku was now emiting. Goku stood for a minute, his hair flashing between black and yellow. Then with a roar and a burst of energy, Goku erupted, his hair turning bright yellow and his eyes turning a bluish shade of green.

"What… what are you!" Frieza shouted in despair.

"I am Son Goku… THE SUPER SAIIIYAAAANNNN!" Goku roared angrily.


Ichigo Kurosaki, the Substitute Soul Reaper.

Without even thinking, Ichigo dashed past the Soul Reaper and stood alone before the hollow.

"Coward, quit attacking others! If it's my soul you want, come and get it! Fight me one on one you ugly monster!" he shouted pointing at himself. Without a second thought, the Hollow charged.

"Oh no!" the Soul Reaper shouted dashing between the foolish boy and the Hollow. Ichigo watched as the Hollow bit down… on the Soul Reaper's shoulder. She pushed him back then dropped flat on her stomach, severely injured.

"Soul Reaper!" Ichigo shouted in dismay…

"I'm to injured to fight, do you want to save your family?"

"Of course I do, if there's a way, then tell me how!"

"You must… become a Soul Reaper yourself… I can't guarantee that you will live, but if it doesn't work, then it won't matter."

"Then give me that blade, Soul Reaper," Ichigo ordered as the hollow advanced.

"My name is Rukia, Rukia Kuchiki."

"And my name is, Ichigo Kurosaki," Ichigo declared as Rukia stabbed him through. There was a burst of spiritual energy as the hollows arm was cleaved off. Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki stood behind it, his massive Zanpakto resting over his shoulder.

"You will pay the price for hurting my family you hollow scum! Feel the wrath of my blade!"


Naruto Uzumaki, the Knucklehead Ninja.

"You'll pay for this," Naruto declared angrily, bending over Sasuke's motionless body. Haku watched in terror as a massive, swirling mass of red chakra formed around Naruto. "I'm gonna kill you!" he roared looking up at Haku. His once gentle blue eyes, now they feral red eyes of a monster.

"The blood lust in his eyes, this is no longer a child!" Haku realized as Naruto charged. He threw a needle, but it bounced harmlessly off a wall of chakra. Haku was forced to shift to another ice mirror as Naruto closed in, "I must strike now!" he shouted using his mirrors to bombard Naruto with needles. Naruto was struck but seemed to take no damage as the needles were all instantly blown out by a wave of chakra. Naruto then charged the mirror Haku was in, shattering it. Haku attempted to attack from above, using a piece of the shattered mirror, but crashed into the ground as Naruto spun out of his path! "No!" he shouted trying to retreat to another mirror, but failed as Naruto grabbed his arm, overwhelming him with his red chakra. A fearsome punch to his face sent Haku shattering through his ice mirror. The remaining mirrors shattered as Naruto charged for the kill. Haku's mask, broken by the impact, fell away as Naruto threw the killing punch.


Monkey D Luffy, the Gum Gum Pirate.

"No matter who you are… I WILL DEFEAT YOU!" Luffy shouted angrily, kicking Crocodile up towards the temple ceiling. Crocodile soared up quite a distance before finally stopping himself in midair. He glared down at Luffy who returned the angry glare.

"Now fall with this ancient temple, and let the desert sands bury you!" Crocodile roared holding out his hand, "Sables!" he shouted forming a sand world wind which he threw down at Luffy with incredible force. The wind broke through several of the temple's pillars, causing the temple to begin to collapse. Sucking in as much air as he could, inflated his rubber body like a balloon. When he exhaled, the air blew him skyward at Crocodile!

"Gum Gum Storm!" he shouted angrily releasing thousands of lightning fast punches on Crocodile! Crocodile was powerless to defend himself as thousands of punches pounded him through the temple roof, the bedrock of Alabarna, and finally up through the city street and high into the sky.


Cue background music: Number One (Bleach)

Yugi Muto, the King of Games.

"Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this, Yugi," Kaiba ordered confidently as his three Blue-eyes White Dragons roared.

"My grandfather's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba," Yami replied, "but it does contain… the unstoppable Exodia!"

"Uhhh! Impossible!" Kaiba shouted in dismay.

"I've assembled all five special cards, all five pieces of the puzzle!" Yami declared as his unstoppable beast appeared and faced the three Blue-eyes White Dragons.

"Exodia! That's impossible, no one's ever been able to call him!" Kaiba shouted, watching in dismay as the most powerful monster in Duel Monsters appeared before him.

"Exodia… Obliterate!"


Clare, the Claymore Warrior.

"Fine, I've run out of options," Teresa declared, closing her eyes, "just this once, I'll put a little effort into it." Teresa opened her eyes as her power surged and her silver eyes turned to yellow.

Clare hid, trembling as Teresa and Priscilla continued to clash.

"What… is… is that Priscilla!" Noel exclaimed fearfully as the monster who had once been the young number 2 roared with anger.

"Ilena, is she…" Sophia began to ask.

"Not yet, if we stop her now, she should be able to revert to human form," Ilena replied, "if we're able to stop her, how does one even begin to fight against a power like that!" She soon found her answer as Teresa cleaved right through Priscilla's shoulder guard and left a bloody gash in her shoulder. Priscilla released a fierce counter assault, but to no avail as Teresa soon cleaved through the other shoulder, then knocked the powerful warrior flat on her back. Clare smiled happily upon realizing that her hero… was winning.

"Teresa!" she said happily.

Teresa tried to calm Priscilla, but the effort was wasted. "My daddy, give me back my daddy. Daddy was always so kind to me, but he ate them… he made me watch. He ate them… right in front of me!" Priscilla exploded with power, moving behind Teresa and releasing an attack that Teresa barely deflected. "That's when I killed him. While he was eating my big sister… I chopped off his head. He made me do it!" she roared as she exceeded her limit. The back of her Claymore uniform blew away and she dropped to her knees, finally realizing her mistake.

"I am sorry," Teresa said sadly, "I can no longer help you. The best I can give you is a swift beheading, before you are taken by your Yoma side."

It was obvious that that wasn't what Priscilla had wanted to hear, but she knew it was true. "Then take my head, kill me, while my heart is still human."

"So be it, I will make sure you do not suffer," Teresa declared. It wasn't until her arms were no longer attached to her body that Teresa even saw that Priscilla had grabbed her sword. It was over in an instant. Clare watched in horror as her idols head was separated from her body.



Moka Akashiya, the Vampire.

"You hate humans right… well… I DON'T NEED MONSTERS FOR FRIENDS ANYWAY!" Tsukune shouted angrily. Moka's eyes immediately showed her pain. Tsukune couldn't take it and ran. It took Moka a second to realize what had happened, but she soon gave chase. She never anticipated running into that orc.

"Where ya goin' babe?" he asked emerging from behind a tree. Moka hesitated for a moment.

"I'm sorry, but I'm busy now," she replied calmly.

Tsukune heard Moka scream and the orc's monstrous laugh. "Oh no, that jerk again?" he said remembering his encounter with the orc before, "but… even if I go back, I'm still just a human."

Moka yelled with pain as her back was slammed into a tree by the monster's long tongue. She fell to the ground as he watched, enjoying her pain.

"Hey, you!" Tsukune shouted suddenly, "get away from her now!"

"Tsukune?" Moka gasped softly.

"What was that," the orc shouted angrily swatting Tsukune aside as though he was nothing. Tsukune rolled off a cliff and landed near the school bus stop. Moka jumped down beside him.

"Tsukune! I'm sorry… I'm so sorry! I guess… monsters and humans are just too different to get along!" she cried, "look at me, I'm a vampire. We suck people's blood and hurt them in the process. The truth is, back at my old school, all I wanted was a friend, whether it was a human or a monster, I didn't care, but now… I think maybe… it isn't possible."

"No… I…" Tsukune began to protest, but the orc cut him off.

"What's with all this lovey dovey crap!" the orc shouted descending the hill towards the two.

"No, Moka, you need to get out of here," Tsukune declared standing up weakly. He staggered and fell back into the school scarecrow, "I know I'm weak, and that I'm nothing but garbage to you," he declared looking up at the charging orc. "I don't care if you're a monster and I'm a human. That doesn't matter anymore Moka! YOU'RE MY FRIEND!"

"I'm getting sick of this!" the Orc shouted punching Tsukune right through the scarecrow and to the ground.

"No Tsukune!" Moka shouted running and kneeling down by him. Tsukune reached weakly up and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Even if you are a vampire… I… well I still like you… Moka," Tsukune sighed weakly as his hand fell, knocking off Moka's sealing Rosary in the process.

"My… Rosary!" Moka exclaimed as her monstrous transformation to the silver haired inner Moka began.


Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist.

"Water, 35 liters, carbon, 20 kilograms, ammonia, 4 liters, lime, 1.5 kilograms, phosphorous, 800 grams," Ed named off the ingredients as he added them.

"Salt, 250 grams, saltpeter, 100, sulfur, 80, chlorine, 7.5, iron, 5, silicone, 3 grams," Al continued.

"And trace amounts of 15 other elements," Ed finished, "yeah, that's everything, the physical ingredients of a human body. Now if we can just put together a soul, we should be able to call Mom back from the other side," he continued looking down at the pile of ingredients in the center of the transmutation circle.

"Edward, are you sure we should do this," Alphonse whined.

"Of course," Ed replied "don't wimp out on me now!"

"But, no one's ever done this right! I mean alchemy is equivalent exchange! The body content seems simple enough, but what about the soul, what could we possibly offer?"

"Just hold out your finger, okay," Ed ordered pulling out a knife and cutting both their pointer fingers. He watched as a trickle of blood poured out, "what's a soul, really? When you take out the myth, it's just the spark that starts life," he declared as two drops fell into the ingredients, "this is our blood, from her blood. That's a fair trade."

A short distance away, a man stood in the rain, clad in an overcoat. "There's something foul in the air," Roy Mustang declared looking down into Resembool.


And so from all backgrounds, histories, and worlds, heroes gathered and stood against the evil, but in the end, it was not enough. Corruption won and the worlds the heroes had lived in… became no more. Replaced by foul copies, enshrouded in dark, corrupt shadows.