Opening Theme: New We Are (One Piece)

"Owwww!" Natsu groaned as he sat in a corner with Luffy. Both their heads were covered with very noticeable goose eggs.

"I'm made of rubber, this shouldn't hurt this much," Luffy groaned.

"You've obviously forgotten who you're dealing with," Moka hissed as she dropped an ax kick on top of Luffy's head.

"So it begins," Ichigo sighed.

"We haven't even been in town ten minutes and Salamander's always breaking things," Vine sighed.

"Well, to be fair, Luffy did start it," Goku reminded them.

"Is that supposed to make us feel better?" Ed asked.

"I'm so sorry about Luffy," Makino cried, "he just gets a little excited. Please forgive him."

"Hey, it wasn't my fault! They looked like bandits!" Luffy protested.

"I look like a bandit!" Moka hissed as she slammed her foot down on Luffy's head, "I think someone needs to relearn their place."

"Oww, you're mean! I definitely think you're a bandit!" Luffy shouted.

"You never learn!" Moka shouted angrily.

"Owww! Cut it out!" Luffy shouted.

"Heh, serves ya right," Natsu snickered earning him a kick from Moka.

"Keep talking, lizard boy," Moka hissed, "there's plenty to go around."

"I apologize, Ms. Makino, I certainly do. This one promises, we will repair whatever we break," Kenshin cried, bowing apologetically to Makino.

"Yeah, 'we'll' fix the damage," Ed sighed.

"I'm starting to think this is the only reason they still keep us around," Vine sighed, "this and occasional comic relief."

"Man, I can't believe you thought I was a bandit," Natsu grumbled.

"Sorry," Luffy said, smiling with his usual goofy smile, "it's nothing personal. You just look funny."

"How is that not personal!" Natsu shouted angrily, causing Luffy to laugh.

"Hahaha! You're fun! You remind me of this awesome guy I know," Luffy shouted.

"Oh yeah? Who?" Natsu asked.

"Uhh, I don't remember his name," Luffy admitted smiling goofily, "oh, but your fire powers are just like my brother's!"

"Luffy has a brother!?" Ichigo asked, obviously surprised.

"Great. I bet he's a moron to," Moka sighed.

"You're brother has fire powers, huh? Sounds like my kinda guy," Natsu declared, smiling.

"Yeah, you'd like Ace. To bad he doesn't come visit anymore," Luffy replied.

"So do we have a plan here?" Ichigo whispered to Vine and Ed as Natsu and Luffy continued chatting.

"How can we?" Vine asked, "it's not like we've determined any sort of pattern in this whole 'restore the memories' thing."

"It usually seems to happen when someone the person cares about is threatened," Ed declared, "like Goku with Flora or Ichigo with Sena."

"Yeah, this coming from the guy who attacked Winry in his memoryless state," Vine reminded him.

"Good point," Ichigo replied, "and did Alicia or Selvaria ever get back their original memories?"

"Given that they haven't blown up the castle yet, I'm gonna say no. Let's hope it stays that way," Vine replied.

"How would that even work with someone who was dead?" Ed asked, "has Isara gotten her memories back?"

"No. Wasn't Senna dead?" Vine asked Ichigo.

"I guess it'd be more accurate to say she never really existed," Ichigo admitted.

"Geez this is confusing," Ed sighed, "what're we gonna do?"

"Guess all we can do is wait and see," Vine sighed in reply.

"What're you guys doing?" Goku asked.

"Strategy meeting," Ed sighed, "and we've got nothing."

"So why would Luffy have thought we were bandits?" Alicia asked Makino, "does it have to do with why everyone seemed so nervous when we got into town?"

"I'm afraid so," Makino replied, "we've had some trouble with a group of bandits from the mountains near here. They always come down every month around this time and take all of our alcohol, steal our food, and break anything they can get their hands on. We're expecting them any day now."

"And this time, they're not getting away," Luffy declared, "I'm gonna kick all their butts!"

"I'm with ya! Bring 'em on, I'm all fired up now!" Natsu shouted.

"Now now, this one is certain a peaceful solution can be found, that I am," Kenshin declared.

"There's no 'peaceful solution' with bandits, you sissy samurai," Alita declared, "you cut off their heads and be done with it."

"Hmm, that might work," Vine said quietly, "Silphia you think you can track those bandits?"

"Huh? Sure, piece of cake. Why?" Silphia replied.

"We're gonna track them down and see if we can use them as an opportunity to restore Luffy's memories," Vine revealed, "maybe something during a fight would jog a memory."

"Guess it's worth a try," Ichigo replied as he stood up.

"Ahh, I didn't get to finish my juice," Ali moaned.

"Come on, we take down these bandits, and the people here will probably give us a whole ship of juice," Ed replied.

"Yay! Alright, let's go!" Ali shouted happily.

"Wait, you can't honestly be thinking of fighting those bandits!" Makino protested, "there're dozens of them in their camp! You won't have a chance!"

"Relax, we'll be fine," Vine replied, "in fact, I think all we need to beat all of them are those three," he declared pointing at Goku, Natsu, and Luffy.

"Yeah, more for me!" Natsu roared.

"Sounds good to me," Goku acknowledged.

"A thousand bandits couldn't beat me, cause I'm the man who's gonna be King of the Pirates one day!" Luffy shouted, his enthusiasm as apparent as ever.

"Right!" Goku replied, "alright you two, grab my shoulder."

"ALRIGHT!" Natsu shouted happily as he jumped right onto Goku's shoulder, "I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY THIS!"

"Try what!?" Luffy shouted energetically.

"Instant Transition!" Natsu replied.

"AWESOME!" Luffy shouted excitedly.

"Uhh, actually, it's Instant Transmission," Goku said, laughing, "Silphia, come over here for a second.

"Sure," Silphia replied, walking over to Goku who put his hand on her forehead and closed his eyes.

"Alright, just locate them and I'll take care of the rest," Goku instructed her. After a moment, he lifted his hand off the princess. "There they are. Alright, be right back," Goku declared as all three fighters vanished.

"What are the consequences of what I have just done?" Vine sighed.

"It got'em out of our hair for a minute, so I couldn't care less," Moka replied.

"Hey boss, when're we heading into town?" a bandit asked as he sat inspecting his sword.

"Let's see, I think it's about time to restock the liquor supply," a large, muscular man with long black hair and a scar over his left eye, "I guess it's time. Gather up the men, we're heading into..."

He was cut short as three figures crashed to the ground.

"What in the..." a bandit gasped as the dust settled, revealing Goku, Natsu, and Luffy standing in the middle of the large encampment of bandits.

"You stinkin' bandits ain't goin' anywhere," Natsu declared, forming flames over both his fists.

"You're not getting anywhere near the town. We're gonna kick your butts! GUM GUM PISTOL!" Luffy shouted, punching in one direction and plowing several bandits into a cliff face.

"FIRE DRAGON BRILLIANT FLAME!" Natsu roared, throwing a sphere of flames in the opposite direction, roasting several more.

"Who're you brats!?" a bandit demanded, charging with a sword held out to swing.

"You're dead!" another roared as he did the same. Both swung for Goku who held up his arms to defend, shattering both blades before sending both bandits flying by channeling his Ki.

"AWESOME!" Natsu and Luffy both shouted in excitement as the bandits struck boulders, sliding them backwards.

"Do you have any idea who you punks are messing with!?" the bandit leader shouted angrily, "I'm a mountain bandit. I have an 8 million berry bounty on my head. You kids were dead the minute you set foot on my mountain! KILL 'EM!"

"Bring it on!" Luffy shouted, planting his feet as bandits charged the three, "GUM GUM GATTLING," he shouted as he laid out the approaching bandits with a barrage of punches.

"FIRE DRAGON WING ATTACK!" Natsu roared, using his wing attack to roast the bandits Luffy had taken down.

"They have Devil Fruit powers!" an injured bandit cried panicking as he rose to his feet.

"Got that right," Luffy revealed, "I ate the Gum Gum Fruit and now I'm a rubber man."

"I don't know what Devil Fruits are," Natsu replied, "I'm a wizard from Fairy Tail!"

"Whatever you are, it won't save you," the bandit leader declared as he reached behind a boulder and picked up a sword the size of Ichigo's Zangetsu and twice as long, "I'll deal with you personally!"

"We'll see," Goku declared as he assumed a fighting stance. Both bandit and Saiyan charged, the bandit leader swung his sword as Goku threw a punch. The bandits eyes widened with horror as half of his blade was suddenly headed into orbit. A second punch from Goku, and he fell unconscious.

"The boss is down!" a bandit cried.

"Run!" another cried as they tried to flee.

"No you don't!" Luffy roared, "GUM GUM GATTLING!"


Natsu and Luffy's assault was fast and brutal, and when they were done, the only bandits left conscious were to busy crying in pain to run away.

"YEEEEAAAHHHH!" Luffy shouted happily, "that was even easier then I thought it'd be!"

"Piece of cake," Natsu declared, "so what do we do now?"

"Uhh... I guess we turn them into the Navy and get the bounty," Luffy replied, "eight million isn't a lot, but Makino could probably fix up the bar a bit with it."

"Doesn't look like that worked," Goku sighed as Natsu and Luffy kept chatting, "I hope the others thought of something else.

Out at sea near Luffy's home, a Navy ship sailed towards the island. A strong looking, elderly officer stood on the deck, looking out at the island.

"Commander Garp!" a navy soldier reported, "we're preparing to dock!"

"I see that," Monkey D. Garp sighed, "but I'm not looking forward to what comes next."

Ending Theme: Run! Run! Run! (One Piece)