Summary: Written for comment fic at LJ. Prompt: Discworld/The Great Mouse Detective, Death of Rats & Ratigan, Death of Rats is sent to reap Ratigan after his death and Ratigan refuses to go quietly.

I wrote this a really long time ago and just now got around to re-posting it here.

Reaper Rat

Padraic Ratigan looks down at the corpse by his feet. His translucent feet. He takes another look at the body and hmms. "I'm a ghost now, am I?" he muses. "Oh, the havoc I will be able to wreak on the poor unsuspecting countrymice of Britain, nay the world! And that dratted Basil will be unable to stop me!"

"SQUEAK," says someone behind him.

He turns around.

"SQUEAK," says Death of Rats again.

The angry exclamation is several moments in building, but once there is enough momentum behind it, it erupts out of the mastermind. "I am not a rat!"

Death of Rats heaves a sigh as dry as bone. "SQUEAK SQUEAK-SQUEAK SQUEAK," he says.

"You can't reap me! I am not finished with my diabolical plan! As long as I am alive, I will...I will not die!"

"SQUEAK," Death of Rats says tiredly. He wishes this rat would please hurry up through denial and anger, and get straight on to acceptance already. He doesn't have all day. He's got hundreds of rat souls to reap and see on to the Land of Endless Cheese.

"But...but...I shan't!" Ratigan shouts.

"SQUEAK," Death of Rats says, and swings his scythe.

With a final "Noooooo!" the shade of Padraic Ratigan fades away into the ether.