Change in life

Chapter 1: Quite The Old Painful Life

Note: I do not own Naruto or Sekirei if I did I'd live in the worlds like a king.

I was given a suggestion to do a Seikirei story but I'm not too imaginative so here's the one that people would expect from me.

Although I was inspired to do this after reading the fate/stay xover IN Flight by gaberial crossing, I suggest reading it.

Pairings: Naruto

On a clock tower overlooking a city stood a man with spiky hair wearing glasses and a long white cloak "There are 108 spirits of the emancipated Sekirei" he said adjusting his glasses "Now…shall we start?" the clock hands turned to twelve starting the new day. A renewal… a new strength… a miraculous love story…!" he said quietly overlooking in anticipation of his plans beginning to grow beneath his feet

A young man sighed as he walked away from a board showing the results of exams, he had sun coloured hair that was spiky all over with a ponytail hanging from the back of his neck, his eyes were deep blue and had six markings on his cheeks that looked like whiskers. This man was Uzumaki Naruto, once a proud ninja of Konoha now just a student trying to get into a good school. How did he end up like this you may ask…?

Well for your answer we must look back at Naruto's life from the day of his birth where a burden was placed on him, one of which few would ever wish on anyone, he had a tailed beast sealed inside him. He became a jinchuuriki which for all intensive purposes were human weapons, each made to use their beast's power to drive off enemies but also treated as if they were a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

Naruto was no different in that he was scorned and beaten as a child all for the sins of something he had no control over, his little heart never gave out though. You see Naruto was special, he may have been angry with how the people of the village treated him but he never sought revenge, instead he sought to prove them wrong and show them that he was worth their time and respect. To do so he vowed to become the Hokage of the village; the strongest ninja of the village like the four who came before him.

Naruto being of the last two jinchuuriki stood up to battle the man showing him that rage and fear were not the way to rule over people and in fact would only lead the world to destroying itself again. Madara had refused to listen as the two battled against each other, the spectacle being regarded as the greatest fight since Madara had fought Harashima the first Hokage. It all came down to a final move where Madara had tried to seal Naruto away since he had sent his puppet Sasuke to retrieve the eight tailed jinchuuriki Killer B. and taken the beast already.

Naruto however had never intended to win the fight and had a plan in motion already, after learning so much about his family in a short amount of time he constructed a seal on his body as a failsafe. When Madara tried to take the beast from him the seal activated absorbing not only Madara but the other tailed beasts thus ended the war of which he had started.

Yet… this was the end of Naruto in a way as the influx of power turned him into the new ten tailed beast and had also given him the dreaded eternal mangekyo Sharingan. All of this Naruto knew if he stayed would only start the cycle of war again so came to the decision that he would leave the world and find a new one to live in and thus activated the time-space technique Kamui to send himself to another dimension not exactly sure where he's end up.

#chapter end#

Sorry but in this first chapter I was say that naruto tired his life not far ninja life but for some reasons that hatret pain s I cold update the story .

Next chapter he bring his new friend but something different

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