The war that was brewing between him and Corinthos was nothing compared to the war waging in his own mind.

All those years he had thought that his mother sacrificed her life for his.

All those years he thought that Anthony Zacchara was his father when he was actually his grandfather.

That sick and twisted bastard wasn't even his father!

To realize why he hated him so immensely, Johnny wanted nothing more than to put a bullet through the man's head.

To rid his life of the demented filth known as Anthony Zacchara.

The more he thought of all the suffering that Claudia...his mother...endured, Johnny's blood began to boil.

His mind turning to darker thoughts.

Anthony was a sick twisted man, Johnny always knew that, but for him to pimp out his own daughter...his own flesh and was unthinkable.

Knowing Anthony shoving Sonny on Claudia wasn't the first time he pimped her out...Johnny saw red.

The darkest blood red that could only be found in the arteries.

Johnny was ready to kill.

And he was ready to destroy both Anthony and Sonny alike.

Every woman thinkable has tried to get through to him.

To stop him from practically handing his life to Sonny to end.

He just couldn't care less at this point.

The woman he thought was his mother sacrificed her life for him even though he wasn't her child.

The woman he thought was his sister, but was actually his mother, died for no reason.

How was he supposed to swallow that sick and twisted reality pill?

From Olivia to Carly, using tough love as if that would work.

Even Lulu and Maxie, though he simply shoved them out the door and slammed it in their faces.

Then came Ethan, who almost made it through his barriers, only to be shoved out just like the rest.

All their words didn't even make it into his ear to come out the other...nope, it didn't even enter his mind.

Walking over to his wetbar, Johnny poured himself the strongest liquor he had.

It was strange to think that the only person who could get through to him was...

A knock sounding at the door pulled Johnny out of his thoughts and had him cursing in every language he knew.

He wanted so badly to ignore the person at the door, but the persistent knocking prevented any such action that didn't have him opening the door.

"What the hell is your..." he swallowed the last of his words. This wasn't possible.

"Nice to see you too." she said simply, snatching the alcohol from his hand before walking past him into the penthouse with her luggage. "You are such a slob."

Johnny gaped, unsure of what the hell was going on.

Closing the door, he turned to look at her as she dumbed his drink into the potted plant before pouring the rest of his alcohol into separate containers and locking them away in her empty suitcase.

Johnny couldn't help but wonder when they came up with suitcases that were locked by code.

"What are you doing?" he managed to choke out as she shoved the bag of alcohol under the desk.

"You do not need anymore alcohol." she said sternly. "What you do need is a bath."

"Kristina!" he groaned as she started shoving him towards the stairs.

"I do not want to hear it!" she stated sternly, in a voice he didn't think she knew how to use. "You're taking a shower, now!"

Johnny wanted to protest, but he couldn't find the strength as she pushed him up the stairs.

He wasn't sure when she got so strong, but she was exuding more strength than he remembers her having.

"Either you bathe yourself or I bathe you." Kristina threatened. "And don't think I won't."

Though he wouldn't mind her trying, Johnny caved and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

Kristina fixed her outfit before walking downstairs to start cleaning the mess throughout the penthouse.

She has never seen this place so disgustingly filthy in all the time she's known Johnny.

Slipping on some rubber gloves, Kristina got to work throwing the trash away and wiping down every surface in that living room.

She worked quickly, wanting to finish the kitchen before Johnny came back down.

Walking into the kitchen, Kristina almost threw up.

She gets that his life has been flipped upside down, but this was ridiculous.

The dishes had mold, the food in the refrigerator were barely eatable.

Throwing the gloves into the trash can along with the rest of it, Kristina walked back out into the living room.

If the first floor of this place was this tragic, she didn't even want to imagine what the second floor looked like.

Soon enough Johnny was walking back down the stairs, shoving his body into a shirt.

Kristina walked over to him, taking a deep breath and shaking her head.

"Good. You smell decent again." Kristina ran her hand through his hair. "Now you need to do something about this raggedy hair and scruffy facial hair."

"What are you doing here?" Johnny asked, stopping her from walking away. "You shouldn't be here."

"Yeah?" Kristina arched an eyebrow. "And since when has that stopped me?"

"I'm serious..."

"So am I!" she snapped. "I'm not Carly or Olivia! And I sure as hell am not Lulu or Maxie! There's not getting rid of me Johnny and you know it. So suck it up and clean yourself up."

"Kristina, damn it!" Johnny exclaimed. "This isn't a joke!"

"Nothing ever is with you." Kristina stated, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm in the middle of writing a term paper and I get a call from Molly saying that you are literally throwing your life away. That no one has been able to get through to you, not even Ethan! Did you think I would stay away once I heard that?"

"I'm not your problem." Johnny spat, walking over to the couch.

Though he almost forgot he had one during the last few weeks.

"You're right. You're not my problem." Kristina walked over to stand in front of him. "You're my friend and I'm not leaving."

"Aren't you in college?" he challenged. "Don't you have classes to attend."

Kristina's eyes turned a shade darker but she didn't indulge him.

"I'll worry about my life." she stated. "Right now you're the one that needs help."

"Kristina." he groaned, why did she have to show up? "Just leave."

"No." she said plainly.


"No." she stated. "I'm not leaving."

"What do you mean by that exactly?" Johnny eyed her intently, he knew that there was more to this statement.

Kristina walked over to the door, rolling in two more luggages.

"These aren't empty." Kristina stated, placing them by the door. "And I'm not leaving."

"You're going to live here?" Johnny shot up from the couch, completely shocked.

This had to be a dream.

A terribly vivid, cannot be happening, dream!"

"Damn straight." she stated, shutting the door. "I won't let you throw your life away."

"This can't happen!" Johnny shook his head. "This isn't happening. I'm passed out somewhere from too much alcohol. That has to be it."

Groaning, Kristina walked up to him, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him close.

"Will this prove to you that I'm really here?" Kristina snapped.

Before he could retort, Kristina slammed her lips against his, the moan that escaped his lips gave her tongue access to snake into his mouth.

Johnny's blood began to boil and, for once in a long while, not out of anger.

He moved to deepen the kiss when she pulled away abruptly.

"Believe I'm really here yet?" she tilted her head defiantly.

"Uh..." Johnny shook his head. "Huh."

"Good." Kristina pushed him away. "Because if you're planning on taking down my father and're gonna need me."

"What?" Johnny blurted out when her words sank in.

"I ordered groceries and I'll be cooking you dinner." Kristina stated, grabbing her luggage. "By the time I'm done unpacking you better be clean shaven and back to the Johnny I know and love."

Johnny watched in awe as she bounded up the stairs to claim one of the rooms.

He had to be dreaming.

He had to be.