Late in the night, Kristina has yet to fall asleep, her mind filled with many thoughts that sleep evades her completely. Pushing off the covers, she snatches her silk robe from the headboard where she hung it, deciding that she'll clean up more around upstairs. It took her most of the night just cleaning up Johnny's room. It was a complete disaster. Now she'll tackle the bathroom and the hall closets. Those couldn't be too bad, right?

"Spoke too soon." Kristina says, staring in at the hall closet. "Oh, Johnny. How could you let it get this bad?"

After getting her gloves from downstairs, she got to work cleaning out the trash that has accumulated in the closet before bagging all the dirty clothes. She has two bags full just from Johnny's room alone, she could just imagine how much dirty clothes are stashed away in the closet. Who knew that one man could create so much dirty garments.

She works hard through the rest of the night, getting the place looking more like it used to - before Johnny stupidly banned the housekeeping from tending to his place. By the time she was done, to her satisfactory, the sun was rising in the east. Marking a new day of her new life and the start of her plans in taking down the chaos known as their fathers.

He wakes up with the sunrise, he can hear her walking around downstairs, a small smile touching his lips as he pulls himself out of bed. In spite of everything that tells him this wasn't right, that she should be as far away from him as she can possibly get, Johnny couldn't muster up the strength to tell her to leave again.

His steps are light as he walks out of his room, making his way to the stairs, looking down at the living room and finding her standing by the balcony. She seemed so calm as she stood there, so content in where she was, and that had him feeling the most relaxed he has felt in such a long time. That in itself had whatever strength he still possessed vanishing like it was never there.

"I think staring is still considered rude." Kristina turns to look at him, a slight smile on her face. "You hungry?"

"Sure." Johnny walks the rest of the distance to stand in front of her. "Did you sleep okay?"

"I didn't sleep." Kristina admits, walking past him. "I already cooked breakfast, so lets eat."

Following her to the dining table, Johnny was starting to see just how stressed she really was. Her shoulders are tense, the way she walks gave it away, he'd probably credit that to the amount of thoughts running through her mind at any given moment.

She was like Claudia in a lot of ways, always carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, taking on responsibilities that don't belong to her - acting as if they did. He watches her as they eat, just looking at her through sober eyes and wondering how much of the situation she has yet to divulge.

"You're still doing it." Kristina points out, taking a sip of her orange juice. "See something interesting?"

"Just you." Johnny says simply. "What kept you up last night?"

"Besides the mess you've made of this place?" Kristina counters, shrugging her shoulders before setting down her fork on her empty plate. "I've got a lot on my mind."

"Like?" Johnny pushes, wanting her to open up to him, almost needing her to.

"Like seeing Ethan again." Kristina sighs, pushing the plate away from her. "Like seeing my mother, knowing she'll try to convince me to go back a school that didn't want me in the first place. To kids that poke and prod, making fun of the mob princess."

"You're on your own as far as Ethan is concerned." Johnny says, setting his fork down on his empty plate. "But you have to know that you're more than what those kids make you out to be."

"Am I?" Kristina counters. "Everything I've ever accomplished in my life only happened because of who my father is. I couldn't even get into college without him greasing a few palms."

"Give yourself more credit than that." Johnny says, eyeing her intently. "You're not what others make you out to be. You are who you make yourself."

"Its not fair to use my words against me." Kristina says, taking their plates and walking to the kitchen.

"You mean like you did?" Johnny counters, leaning against the doorjamb.

"That's different." Kristina loads the dishes into the dishwasher before closing the door. "I have to get going. I'm meeting up with Molly to get caught up on what I've missed while I was gone."

"Hoping to run into Ethan while you do?" Johnny questions, laughing when she throws him a wash rag. "Just asking."

"Whatever." Kristina walks past him, into the living room. "While I'm out, you might want to think about buying into the Haunted Star. Molly overheard Lulu talking to Dante about needing someone to help keep the place afloat."

"That sister of yours sure overhears a lot." Johnny comments as she shrugs into her coat. "I'm afraid to think of what she's overheard me say."

She gives him a look that has him feeling a little uncomfortable. It was that slight smile that has him wondering what's going on in her mind and - right now - wondering what the hell Molly has overheard him saying. Before he can ask her what the look was about, Kristina was out the door. Her suggestion playing his mind, buying into the Haunted Star, that could work.

"Lulu, hey, its Johnny." Johnny says into his cellphone. "So, I hear you're looking for a partner."

Kristina walks into the new restaurant that just opened up, giving her name at the front and being lead to the table that her sister was already seated at. Thanking the woman, Kristina turned and hugged her sister tightly, having missed her so much while she was away. It seemed as if Kristina blinked and Molly just transformed into a beautiful young woman.

"You look beautiful, Molly." Kristina comments as she takes her seat. "I can't believe you have a boyfriend. The last time I saw you, you were all about the books."

"I'm still all about the books." Molly assures. "But now I have a boyfriend to go with it."

"And he's not even your first boyfriend." Kristina counters. "First it was Shawn's ward, TJ."

"He was great for a while, but he just doesn't have the same goals that I do." Molly shrugs, laying the napkin on her lap. "Besides, Mom would have gone insane if I kept dating him."

"Yeah, be the good daughter." Kristina laughs softly. "Being the bad child is my job."

"So, how is he?" Molly asks carefully, not sure if she really wanted the answer.

"Have a look for yourself." Kristina takes out her cellphone, showing her a picture she took of Johnny. "What do you think?"

"He actually looks human." Molly examines the picture. "It almost makes me think I imagined him all hairy and grotesque."

"I'll let him know you approve." Kristina laughs softly as the waitress comes to take their order. "It took a lot to get him that way."