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Sith Warrior - Darth Baras

Yoko sat, arms folded and brooding, in a passenger seat of an Imperial dropship. It was the same dropship that saw her safely to Korriban for her early start on training. The Sith Pureblood focused her red tinted eyes out the viewport, marveling at the sight before her. Traveling through Hyperspace was captivating, the way things passed by at such speed to only end up resembling bright lights was beautiful. "Hiya Boss!" Yoko let out a growl at her overly hyper and bubbly companion Vette.

She turned to see the blue skinned Twi'lek sitting sprawled on her own passenger seat, legs dangling off one side. She meet the Twi'lek on Korriban, where she was caught trying to break into a tomb. She was told by her new Master to bring her along so she could open the way to the vault of an ancient weapon, the lightsaber that was strapped to her hip at this very moment. She has been nothing but an annoyance so far, yet the red skinned Sith found her slightly endearing, like a cute little pet. "What do you think your doing?" The Sith growled.

"What? What did I do now?" Vette asked, suddenly a little afraid. Yoko took no expense to use the shock collar Vette was outfitted with it. The collar circled her neck and was solid black with red lights. A dark and sinister device used to keep rebelling slaves in check, its use certainly compared to its look. Yoko glared at the Twi'lek, then instead of saying anything further just rolled her red eyes and sighed, once more staring out the viewports. It was silent again and the Sith warrior was just beginning to enjoy it the peaceful silence when Vette spoke again. "So where we headed again?"

"The Imperial Fleet." She responded through clenched teeth.

"...and?" Vette asked when Yoko didn't explain further.

"Refuel and restock on supplies."

Vette rolled blue eyes. "Psh yeah right. This isn't even our ship! When are gonna have some fun? You know, go to the local Cantina drink and party?"

"Never." The Sith warrior said bluntly.

"Tch your no fun." Yoko straightened in her seat just as the ship departed Hyperspace and the Imperial Fleet came into view. She watched as the pilot spoke to the Fleet in request to dock on the Space Station. Soon they were cleared and began their boarding to a docking bay of the Imperial Fleet Station. "Come Vette." Yoko ordered as all the landing procedures were finished. Yoko swept out of the room pulling up the cowl of her cloak and securing her lightsaber.

Vette stood to follow and sighed. "Yes, my Master." She said sarcastically, trying to mimic the tone and seriousness when it came to Yoko's own master, then yelped in pain as Yoko activated her shock collar with the remote the Jailer had given her since they met. "Fine fine I'm coming. Jeez." The pair disembarked from the ship. The docking bay was like a graveyard. Only a few people lingered about, most likely dock workers."What, no welcoming party? Bummer."

"Silence." Yoko snapped. Vette sighed but complied with her handlers request. After all she didn't want to be shocked again.

The pair left the docking bay, passing under the inner bay doors, and stopped at an elevator. Yoko pressed the call button on the holo-terminal. Seconds later the elevator doors opened revealing a black robed and red skinned Twi'lek. The right side of her face was scarred with burn marks and on her left were three long scars running parallel to each other, starting on her forehead and passing her eye. The had markings on her face, fang like details surrounding her eyes and flowing around her neck. A true nightmare to behold. Yoko hesitated on entering the elevator, she could sense so much power within this individual, she was certain this Twi'lek could rend her in two her with nothing more than a mere look.

Add to the fact that behind her was a giant of a monster, a Da'shade, a Force Eater. He was red skinned and had what looked like white tribal tattoos on the right side of his glaring face and running off down his chest and disappearing into his clothes. He wore nothing but a loincloth with a belt and a vibrosword. "Friend of yours?" Vette asked after an awkward moment of silence. Her question snapped the Sith out of her stupor.

She turned a glare on her blue skinned pet and shocked her once more. Vette staggered back and yelped in pain, a hand quickly rising to tug off the slave collar, already knowing it won't work, the pain was intense. "Stow your tongue fool." Was her reply. She entered the elevator and Vette, after whimpering in pain, followed. The door closed and was on it's way.

The red skinned Twi'lek chuckled darkly, her Lekku bouncing with her deep laugh. "So weak." Yoko growled in warning, but it was not heeded. "You can't control your little pet so you hide behind a shock collar? And you call yourself a Sith, a Pureblood? Pathetic." Yoko snarled and reached for her lightsaber, she was going to cut this insolent alien down for her words.

However her actions were halted, but not by her own doing, with just a look this Twi'lek took control of her body. "What..."

"You are weak, Yoko." The Sith's eyes widened in surprise. "Yes I know who you are. The Sith who was brought to Korriban early for training, slew Overseer Tremel at the behest of Darth Baras, killed Tremel's daughter when she retaliated, and various other low lives. Quite the warrior." The Twi'lek passed and looked at her monster of a follower as he said something in a language Yoko didn't understand. "Khem here wishes to eat you, he doesn't like weaklings or Force users and you are both. However you are none of my concern. I only advise you release your...friend from the bonds of that slave collar. No one should be controlled." The Twi'lek released Yoko from her Force induced hold as the doors to the main level of the Station opened up.

"Who are you?" Yoko asked all the while moving her limbs, just to make sure she was under her own control again.

The Twi'lek left the elevator and looked behind her. "My name is Aza'deh, Apprentice to the now Darth Zash. Remember what I said Yoko. No one deserves enslavement. I can grasp that concept more than most." With those parting words Aza'deh left the Sith Pureblood. Yoko was seething with rage. How dare that woman make a fool of her, in front of Vette no less.

Yoko didn't understand. She told her that slaves were wrong, that no one should be bound in chains of any kind. Foolish. "Come Vette." Yoko growled.

"Ok." Vette said sullenly. The pair walked further into the Station. Yoko was looking for the shuttle to Dromund Kaas. She was to report there to Darth Baras, who must have arrived by now via his on starship. The pair passed the Station Cantina. Yoko noticed Vette liking her lips and trying to wet her obviously dry throat. Yoko fought with herself. On hand she knew Vette was probably thirsty, and hungry. On the other she wanted to get to Dromund Kaas quickly. Finally Yoko sighed and laid her hand on the small of Vette's back and steered her towards the Cantina. "Come on. Can't have you dying on me." Yoko said offhandedly, as if she didn't just commit a kindness. She sat her down at a table in on alcove in the corner. On the table was a holo-communication device, probably used to order food and drink. "Get whatever you want. My Master supplied with enough money to buy a fleet of starships." Yoko supplied as she rested her hooded head on her hand. She could see out of the corner of her eye the confused yet thankful look she was being given. She growled. "If you prefer not to eat that can be arranged." Vette squeaked and quickly activated the device. Yoko smirked and decided to people watch as Vette ordered her meal.

It wasn't long before the meal showed up, being carried by a human woman in a revealing slave outfit she was blushing like mad, must have been a new slave and wasn't used to the attention in such an attire. "H-here you are m-my Lord." Yoko waved her off after she set the food down for Vette to enjoy. Vette immediately began stuffing her face with her meal, swallowing it all down with her beverage. "You must have been hungry." Yoko mocked, though Vette wasn't fazed.

"You bet. I really appreciate this boss thank you." Vette paused in her eating long enough to speak, then began inhaling her food once more. Yoko growled but didn't say anything further and just waited until Vette was finished. "Hey um...Since we're here do you think...do you think we could talk?"

Yoko narrowed her eyes in contemplation. The words of Aza'deh still haunting her mind. With a sigh she replied. "Fine, what do you want?"

Vette paused to think of what to say, she knew what she wanted but saying the wrong thing may only get her shocked or even disposed of. "Well. I was thinkin'. I've been good right? What's say we take this slave collar off?"

"So you can run? Do you take me for a fool?" Yoko was getting angry. Wasn't she a kind mistress? She feed Vette just now, she didn't kill the girl but kept her alive. Wasn't that enough? Now she was asking her to take the collar off? Besides the shock collar was the only think keeping her in line, if removed she would become a liability and need to disposed off.

"N-n-no of course not. I just..."

"You just what? Thought you could convince me to remove that thing so you could shoot me in my sleep? Your a fool! Worse than a fool!"

Vette felt like crying. Was there any hope of getting the collar off? Was she bound to be a slave forever? She decided then that if that were the case she'd rather die. If she couldn't get the collar off she might as well have Yoko kill her. "You know what? Fine. I'm not going to bow to you anymore you jerk. If you won't take this off I might as well be dead, so just go ahead and kill me now! Aza'deh was right you are weak!" She paused to catch her breathe before continuing. Yoko was shocked at the level of anger Vette gave off. "What's the matter Master can't control a small little Twi'lek without assistance? Screw you!" Vette didn't care what happens next, she just stormed off. There was no where she could go, she knew that, but living at this point didn't seem very worthwhile after all.

Yoko just sat in her chair staring at the spot Vette was previously seated at. What just happened? Why did she just let her walk away? She should have killed her for that insolent display. But she felt that that was Vette's plan to begin with. They were right, she was weak. So far she had not done anything on her own. Overseer Tremel helped her receive her training earlier, Darth Baras took her as his Apprentice by helping her even Vette helped her get the weapon she now wielded. "I am weak." She decided. "But no longer." She stood from the table, throwing payment for the meal on top of it and stormed after Vette. She could sense her aura, it was angry and hateful, she followed it.

It took some time and going up and down elevators but Yoko finally found Vette in another docking bay. From the looks of things and the departing list this shuttle was set to Dromund Kaas. "Again she helps me. Even if she didn't know it. Shit." The Sith Pureblood stalked closer to Vette and tugged on one of her Lekku. Vette gasped and spun around holding the Lekku to her chest, glaring until she meet Yoko's eyes. "Good work." Yoko said motioning to the shuttle.

The blue skinned Twi'lek glared. "I didn't do it for you." She sneered. "I was trying to find a way of this damn Station."

Keeping her anger in check, Yoko nodded. "And you succeeded. This shuttle was what I was looking for." Without a word the Sith warrior drew closer to Vette and wrapped her arms around her neck. Vette stiffened, until she felt a tugging sensation. She watched, shocked once more, the slave collar fall to the metal floor. "Let's go Vette."

The Sith and Twi'lek boarded the shuttle. Vette completely mystified by her master. Yoko was mystery personified. She physically and verbally beat the cute little Twi'lek, then the next second she fed and watered her. She gets angry at being questioned about being set free, then does that without a thought. "Why?"

"Are you questioning my motives?" Yoko snarled. Vette smiled and shook her head, she was just glad to be free of the collar after so long. "Good, now be silent."

"Yes boss." Vette said and laid her head on the Sith's shoulder as they sat next to each other. Yoko stiffened and was about to snap at her charge, but she was already asleep. Yoko sighed and glared ahead. This was going to be a long flight for the Sith Pureblood