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Hoth was a cold and bitter planet. Ice, snow, and white as far as the eye could see. The wind blew with constant freezing air and it bit at Yoko's exposed face. She ignored it. She was focused on one thing, finding this Jedi Knight Xerender and crippling the Republic. The War Trust was destroyed, only the this Jedi remained. If she could find this Jedi and end him quickly, she could get back to her girls on her ship. That's what she was hoping for, but realistically she didn't think she could do it. The Jedi could be anywhere on Hoth. However, none of that mattered anymore, not as much as the two women in front of her. She was somewhat in awe of how fast they had found her, or that they managed to find her at all, much less catch up to her. She wouldn't admit it to anyone but the Sith was lost. Then her two saving graces joined up with her, frowns and glares on their faces. She could feel the anger they had towards her right now and she understood. Yoko just left them there, on the ship, and went off alone. After the three had finally accepted that they couldn't be away from each other, Yoko did something horrible and she felt guilty, again, and she hated it.
So there she stood, in the freezing cold, being berated by Vette, with a very disappointed Jaesa beside her. The Sith felt small in that moment, smaller than she ever felt. Glaring down at the white snow beneath her boots she seemed to shrink in on herself and mumbled. "Sorry." What was wrong with her? Why was she putting up with this? She was supposed to be the one in charge! She wanted to snap back, defend her reasoning….but she couldn't. They were right and she found herself….not wanting to despite it all. She couldn't stand the thought of snapping at them anymore, she'd rather rip her own heart out.
Vette and Jaesa, garbed in their cold resistant cloaks, were standing close together to stave off the cold. At her mumbled apologize they softened their angry stances and looked at each other. Their connection was already so deep, that a quick conversation was made just with their eyes. They knew Yoko was sorry. She never really apologized to begin with so when she did, she meant it. Vette sighed and smacked Yoko on the shoulder. "Alright, alright stop pouting, it's fine."

Yoko glared at her, as if to say she wasn't pouting.With a huff she turned away and walked over to the speeder her girls had used to reach her. She had to admit to herself she was foolish in not using one. She figured her Force speed would be enough. The girls giggled at their grumpy lover and joined her, Vette talking the driver seat and Jaesa jumping onto Yoko's lap. The Sith grunted but wrapped her strong arms around the slender woman's waist nuzzling her face into her back. Even though they weren't mad at her anymore she still felt terrible and couldn't met their eyes. So she hid, like a coward, and it pissed her off. She was no coward.

As the speeder took off across the snow, Jaesa shifted and straddled the red skinned woman's lap. Yoko didn't move much and buried her face in Jaesa breasts, enjoying the softness but really just hiding. "Yoko. It's okay….really. We were upset that you left us, but we do understand why you did it." She received no response. She sighed. "Look at me, please?

Yoko hesitated and finally looked up, trying to keep her expression neutral, but of course Jaesa saw through it. She smiled, so lovingly at the Sith that it made her want to cry. Not for the first time she felt undeserving of their love. She tried to explain. "It hurts, Jaesa…." Her husky voice rasped.

The human frowned, looking over her lover with a critical eye to find any injuries. Finding none she asked. "What hurts, darling?"

Placing a hand over her breast where her heart lay beneath she answered "The thought….of losing either of you….I want to order you to the ship and lock you up so you'll be safe." She glared at the snow filled landscape as they zoomed by.

Jaesa and Vette shared another quick look. "I understand, Yoko. Do you think that we don't worry about you? When you literally dive into a full battalion of soldiers? We love you and you worried us to death when you left us. We thought maybe something had happened to you down here. Not even Malavi and Pierce knew where you went." She explained softly, gently.

Now Yoko felt even worse. She honestly hadn't though of them worrying about her. She could take care of herself, she wasn't the one stolen away from them. But she knew that was no excuse for her brazen disregard for her own well being. "I'm sorry, I….." She said again.

Jaesa and Vette smiled, the human holding Yoko close to her chest, running her slender fingers through the mane of thick black hair. "It's okay, Yoko. Everything is fine."

Everything was not fine. It had all gone so horribly wrong and she didn't understand how. Yoko found herself on the constant defensive against the Jedi Master Xerander who was Padawan to Jedi Master Wyellett in the past. They were dangerous and incredibly skilled in the lightsaber forms, it was all Yoko could do to keep them at bay. The Sith warrior gnashed her teeth in frustration, she was getting no where. She dodged and weaved around their lightsaber attacks, blocking the ones she couldn't evade. She cast a quick glance at her girls who were currently fighting off Republic forces, she was on her own.

She fought desperately but it wasn't long before she made a mistake. Jaesa shouted for Vette in desperation causing Yoko to look at the only two people in the galaxy she cared about. Jaesa had jumped in front of Vette after she was blown from cover by a stray thermal grenade and erected a Force barrier to protect her. That moment of distraction was all the Jedi needed. As one they got past her defenses, bringing their sabers to bare. One was on either side of her and Yoko noticed too late. Before she could defend herself the two Jedi attacked and as one sliced at her arms. Her armor held but only for a moment. She felt the sting of the crystalline light as the cut through her skin and severed her arms at the shoulder.

The warriors eyes went wide in shock, not believing that something like this could have even happened. In seconds they had bested her, and taken away the only means to fight with. She was now, effectively, useless. But that didn't matter now. She shook with never before felt pain as she looked at her lovers, both had seen her defeat. "It is over, Sith. You're master has failed. You have failed."

Yoko feel to her knees, glaring and gritting her teeth against the pain as she listened to him declare his victory. Xerender was getting on her nerves."S-s-shut up." She snarled. "You think it's over?"

Jedi Master Wyellett spoke next, standing beside his former Padawan. Both of them towering over her. "It is over, Sith Yoko. Please, give up. We will take Jaesa and her twi'lek friend back to the Republic and-" He was cut off by a chilling laugh. A laugh that came from Yoko.

Her shoulders shaking with laughter as she tried to smother them. They were going to what? Take her girls from her? It was almost hilarious how sure they were of that fact. "I'm afraid….you will not be doing that." Yoko declared.

"I don't think you are in any position to make such threats. Stay down, Sith, and you will not perish." Wyellett ordered. The Jedi turned his back on her and advanced on the shell shocked women inside the Force barrier. "Jaesa Willsam. It is over. Please, lower your barrier and we will take you away from this….dangerous woman."

Jaesa shook her head and strengthened her barrier when the Republic forces advanced in preparation to collect them. "No! Just leave us alone! Vette and I want to stay with her!"

"She has manipulated you, Jaesa." Xerander chimed in gently. "Sith are deceivers and liars. Whatever she has told you was a lie. Please, come back to the Republic, you can bring your friend. No harm will come upon."

"They're not lies! She would never lie to-" Jaesa began to say but was caught off but a loud animal like snarl. The influx of sudden Force power was all she needed to know that it was her Sith. "Yoko..."

"Lies?" Yoko sneered as she struggled to her feet, her body shook with rage. "You think I would tell lies to the only two beings that I love in this Force forsaken galaxy?" She lifted her face to glare heatedly at the two Jedi, her red eyes getting brighter and redder. "You have no right to speak about lies…."

Xerander and Wyellett looked at each other in confusion. They could feel the heavy influx of Force power coming from her. Where was it all coming from? How was she even able to keep going? They took up defensive stances, and with a motion commander their squad of Republic soldiers to their side. Their blaster rifles all falling in line pointing the seemingly defenseless Sith. "Get ready, men." Xerander ordered.

Yoko chuckled darkly, a hollow and evil sound, as if she were possessed by something beyond comprehension. "Get ready?" She laughed again, taking a step closer. The soldiers tensed but didn't fire just yet. "I am armless, no weapon and out numbered. Why so tense?" She cackled under her breathe and took another step.

"Yoko please….don't do it." Vette begged, finally finding her voice in all the chaos that had happened. She didn't want Yoko to die, there was no way she could take them all on.

Yoko looked at her girls, her features softening just enough to get her emotions across. "I will not let them take you away from me….not again." With those words she channeled the Force that had gathered and roared. "I will not let them take my paradise away from me!"

"Fire!" Blaster fire roared from the rifles and in Yoko's direction. With a war cry, she launched herself into the air and shot towards the soldiers line. Within seconds she was on them, the first kill was a swift and powerful kick to a helmeted head. He dropped like a rock, lifeless. She moved onto the next, sweeping legs from underneath and following her momentum to bring her heel down into a chest, crushing and rupturing the armor and flesh beneath, shattering his heart. Two kills in seconds. She didn't stop, didn't slow down, she used the Force to quicken her movements, empower her hits so they crashed into her foes like the very wauntauns on this icy hell. She weaved between the ranks, decimating them, occasionally using the Force to propel and fend off the two Jedi masters when they attacked so she could continue to even the odds.

Jaesa and Vette could barely keep track of where Yoko was, when they finally laid eyes on her she was already moving onto the next kill. Eventually she and destroyed an entire platoon of soldiers and was battling against the Jedi Masters, without a lightsaber. Jaesa dropped her barrier and Vette jumped back to get some distance and began firing her blaster pistol on the Jedi. The former padawan rushed to her lovers aid with a roar of her own. She would be damned if they killed her here. "Yoko!" She shouted as she swung her lightsaber with all her might at Xerander. The Jedi dodged at the very last second.

At the distraction Yoko charged him and got past his defenses and rammed her knee into his gut. He coughed, the air being knocked out him. The Sith followed up her momentum by spinning and kicking him across the face, launching him into the nearest bulkhead, next to Vette. The twi'lek took that opportunity to jump on him and jammed her pistols into his chest. She shouted her anger and pulled the triggers, over and over again until they overheated. What remained of Xerander would be hard to identify.

Yoko didn't even pause after her kick she was too into her rage to bother. Instead she had attacked Wyellett with a vengeance, dodging and kicking as she fought. Jaesa was beside her, deflecting the lightsaber attacks and fighting with a ruthlessness that was not like her. She was scared. So scared that the Jedi, her own people, were going to take away her only happiness. She had delved into Wyellett's mind and while he was not a bad man, what she saw of him she could not help but hate. He saw nothing but the Order and it's success. No feelings, no emotion, just blind loyalty. She didn't agree with it, couldn't agree with it and she didn't agree with him trying to take Yoko away from her.

In the end, it was Jaesa who stood strike for strike against Wyellett. Bashing and striking with rage instead of that calm that the Jedi were meant to have. "You should have left!" She yelled as she dodged his strike and countered by cutting off his saber hand. She kicked him afterward. "You should have left! Why couldn't you have just left us alone!"

Wyellett was going to retort but didn't have the chance, a blaster shot hit him in the shoulder. Then Jaesa was on him again and this time he couldn't fight back. She struck him down with a coldness that he had not expected. As his world went black and he joined the Force in the afterlife, his only solace was that Yoko would no longer be a threat to the Republic.