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Sasuke x Kagome x Naruto

Rated: M

She could only sigh while blue met black in a heated battle of stubborn wills.

"Teme! You can't touch that breast! It's mine!" Naruto growled, eyes flashing an alarming red as he protectively gathered a surprised Kagome up to his bare chest while cupping her left breast within his hand, "Mine -tebayo!"

Kagome let out an embarrassed noise and shuddered a little when his hand unconsciously squeezed her generous and sensitive flesh, "N-Naruto, what–?" She was about to ask about his sudden strange behaviour when Sasuke cut her off.

"What are you talking about, Dobe?" Sasuke frowned, his Sharingan activating in response to Naruto's anger, "We agreed to share when Kagome could not chose between us," His voice lowered threateningly, "Every part of her belongs to me just as it does to you."

Of course, he would have preferred not to share the miko, but had finally accepted it as the only option when Kagome simply could not choose between them.

"But this one is mine!" Naruto nuzzled her breasts, his head leaning more to the left, "I get the breast with Kagome-chan's heart underneath it!"

Sasuke snorted, not seeing the big deal, though Kagome blushed softly and ran her fingers through Naruto's spiky blond hair, earning a content rumble from the shinobi.

"Even so, I still love you both equally – Naruto, Sasuke."