Title – Eavesdropping 101
Sequel To – Helping Hands
Author – Moonbeam
Rating – PG-13
Word Count –1071
Summary – Stiles plays lookout for Scott at Allison's and manages to overhear some interesting things.
Disclaimer – If I owned this show there would be more of it, lots lots more of it.
Author's Notes – Convenient isn't it. But that is what stories are based on. I know this is slow but I know where I want to go so I hope you will all stick with me. Enjoy and let me know what you think if you want.

Eavesdropping 101
by Moonbeam

"Father." Stiles lifted his head from where it was resting on the wall under an open window. He'd been watching the driveway carefully; no one could have come home. Scott was an idiot; it was the only explanation since Scott had decided to meet with Allison when her father was home.

Stiles twisted his body around and lifted his head until one of his eyes was able to see over the top of the window frame. There were three men in the lounge room. Chris Argent, an older man who looked a lot like Chris with grey hair and a scar running the length of his left cheek, and another man who was younger than Chris and looked a lot like the older grey man.

"Chris, you are being too lenient on that wolf pack." The older man said.

"Father, I explained to you what Kate did. I am not going after Derek unless he gives me a reason too." Chris said.

Stiles dropped back down into the bushes but kept his head cocked so he could hear what was being said.

"Kate must have had a reason to kill them." Chris' father said.

"There were humans and children in that house." Chris argued.

"Yes, well some casualties are unavoidable."

"You were the person who taught me the code, how can you condone what she did?" Chris asked his voice raising.

"Your sister is dead and that wolf killed her." Chris' father ground out.

"She had him in a basement where she tortured him for information with my seventeen year old daughter. Besides he didn't kill her the rabid wolf who she left burned and insane killed her before Hale killed him." Chris hissed.

"Tea?" Came a female voice. "Chris, I forgot the sugar can you go and get it?"

"Of course." Chris stomped out of the room.

"Michael, Allison is upstairs please keep it down."

"Yes," said Chris' dad. "I will, sorry."

"Thank you," said the last male in the room.

"You're welcome Ben."

"Sugar." Chris said when he walked back in.

"I'll leave you all to it." Mrs Argent said before she left the room.

"Your daughter should have already known about werewolves, she should be being trained." Michael, Chris' father said in a calmer voice.

"Allison had only just turned seventeen. We were not told until we were eighteen." Chris said.

"I knew before that." The last man, Ben, said.

"Yes, well you were the youngest. It wasn't a good idea."

"Have you convinced your daughter not to see that wolf?" Michael asked.

"Yes, she agreed to not see him anymore. He has not hurt anyone. Nor has Derek. But I am watching them." Chris said.

"Very well." Michael said.

There was silence in the room above Stiles' head and he sunk back down into the soft earth. He was going to have to get word to Derek that there were more hunters in town. Best bet would be to send word to Jackson when he passed on the information he had 'discovered' or rather fabricated about Lydia.

Stiles was about to crawl away so he could stretch his body out when the voice above started again.

"Chris is too soft." Michael's rough voice said pulling Stiles back up to listen.

"He always was." Ben said. "Kate must have known something and he let her die."

"We will have to find out what she knew; find out what makes Derek Hale dangerous. Did the trial work?"

"The solution must have been too weak. I was able to wound him but he got away. I haven't seen him but he should not have been able to get away."

Stiles stretched up a little more, there was a reason Derek had passed out from his wound. He silently prayed for the two hunters inside to be a little more forthcoming.

"Next time we will up it to a twenty percent solution. This afternoon I will go and stake out the house to see if he is there. We will keep Chris out of this." Michael ordered.

"Allison's wolf wasn't there last night. Neither was the other beta."

"How did Derek fight?"

"Like he'd been trained. If we are going to take him down we will need more hunters. Maybe Nigel's group."

"I will think about it." Michael said.

"For now," Ben said. "We will need to keep an eye on the human helping Allison's wolf. Also the girl in the hospital, she should have turned or died."

"I have never heard of someone surviving the bite." Michael said his voice contemplative.

"She must be something." Ben started.

The door to the room opened. "Ben, your friend Nigel is on the phone."


"I am going out for a while." Ben said. "I'll be back for dinner."

"Goodbye." Mrs Argent said and Stiles could hear her moving around the room.

Stiles dropped back down to the ground and watched the front door as Michael walked out and climbed into the old green jeep in the driveway. Stiles cursed, he wouldn't find out anything else now.

About twenty minutes later Scott jumped down in front of Stiles making him jump and kick out, catching Scott in the knee and bringing him down.

"Man," Scott hissed. "You suck at being lookout. I snuck up on you."

Stiles grabbed Scott's shirt and yanked the wolf behind him as Stiles ran from the house and down the street to the park where he had parked. When they were in the car Stiles turned to Scott and punched him as hard as he could on the arm.

"How stupid are you, Allison's father was home."

"Yeah," Scott said still looking blissfully happy even under the guilt. "Apparently her grandfather and uncle have come to town."

"Great, just what we need more hunters."

"Allison is great; they are not going back to New York after all." Scott said with a goofy smile.

"Focus Scott!" Stiles yelled. "They attacked Derek last night, they used something, the reason Derek passed out from the wound. We need to warn him."

"Let me know how that goes. Oh crap look at the time. I am late. I'm just going to run to work. See you later."

Stiles stared behind his best friend wondering how he could possibly still be that oblivious.

Stiles swore again and turned the car on debating whether he needed to go to Derek's or home.