Pre-Romance of Carrie and Al

Summary: behind the romance before the show started... Al and Carrie are complete opposites, and after a long night they start a relationship. What good can come out of this, especially when they work together. Al/Carrie

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Chapter 1: A Long Night

"Look Carrie, I'm just throwing a little gathering for the case we finally closed, if you don't want to come then don't okay? It's not mandatory."

"All I said was that I had other things to do, doesn't mean I won't have time for you or your gathering."

"Carrie, we haven't been on good terms lately, we have to settle our differences if we are going to be working together," Al told her with his arms crossed.

Carrie Wells had started her detective job in Syracuse a couple of months ago, this was the first case she actually worked together with Al, the tension between them was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

"Look Al, I know you don't like or appreciate my work ethic, but you are going to just hafta deal with that because like it or not we're partners now. I'm not changing anything for you."

"You are so difficult sometimes, look don't come to this party I don't even care anymore," Al sighed and walked away.

"Like I want to come to your gathering anyways, nothing but a lot of drunk cops."

"I think you just like him," a cop walked over to her with a smile.

"Who asked you Roberts?"

"Just admit it Wells, you are just mad because someone else got to him first."

"As you must know him and his girlfriend Angel have been broken up for about five days now, and I have nothing to be mad about."

"Okay Wells, whatever you say," he rolled his eyes and walked away.

Carrie shook her head and went back to her desk to do unfinished paperwork, which carried on until almost 10 o' clock.

She had to now decide if she wanted to go home and be alone, or be at a bar with all the cops and Al. Carrie really didn't know if she wanted to see Al or not, so she decided that she would just head home and grab a couple of drinks there.

Carrie went home and after putting on her pajamas, which actually was just a tank top and boxer shorts. She grabbed a few bottles of her beer, she was actually very fond of it, and put on the tv and just watched reruns of the Golden Girls, since it was pretty much the only thing on.


After three beers later, Carrie felt herself growing tired, she closed her eyes on the couch, and fell asleep for a little bit, and then woke up to a banging on her apartment door.

"Who is that at this time of night?" Carrie rubbed her eyes, and slowly got up from the couch. Walking on the hardwood floor on her bare feet, she rubbed her arms to keep them warm.

She opened the door only to see Al standing there.

"Um... hey Al, what are you doing here?"

"Nothing really, I had nowhere else to go anyways, can I come in?"

"I guess," Carrie looked at the man suspiciously. She let him inside and then closed the door. "What can I do for you?"

"Just wanted to see a woman tonight, the guys were kind of getting on my nerves."

"Oh, they tend to do that," she smiled.

He was looking at her with a smile, and that's when she got worried.

"Are you alright there?"

"I like when your not all dressed up."

"Thanks, you look great in jeans."

Al looked down an nodded, "Thanks Carrie, well I never told you thanks before."

"Me either, you know, you're more nicer when your not at work."

"Sorry things are so tense at work, this afternoon I noticed how I got upset at you for no reason. It's not my fault I came at you the wrong way."

"Then whose fault is it?"

"You," was his reply and she frowned.

"How is it my fault exactly?" Carrie crossed her arms.

"Because... I think I'm attracted to you."

"You think you are," she smiled, she was actually getting nervous and shy. "Well, thanks, but I don't see how it's my fault the way you act."

"I act like that so you wouldn't find out that I like you, and I came off like I had this dislike for you. I would really like to be closer than we have been."

"I would like that too," Carrie nodded.

"Yeah, well that's what I thought you would want to know, I'll see you at work tomorrow."

"No you won't."

"Why won't I?"

"We both have the day off on Saturdays as I recall."

"I forgot you remember the smallest little details in everyone's life. Anyways it's really late I should be heading home."

"You don't have to leave Al, we should get to know each other more."

"There is only one thing I want to know right now."

"And what is that?" she asked as he stepped closer to her, and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

He lowered his mouth onto hers, their lips melded together, and Carrie threw her arms around Al's neck, he tightened his grip around her waist. His fingers touched her bare skin and she moaned softly. Al pulled back after seconds later, and they were both breathing hard.

"You're a good kisser."

"So are you," Carrie smiled, feeling her whole core heat up, she immediately missed his lips on hers and then brought them together. She pulled him down on the couch, so he was on top of her. He kissed down her neck.

"You taste really good," his hand went up Carrie's shirt, and he smiled into her neck as he felt that she wasn't wearing a bra.

A few seconds later Al sits up, straddling Carrie's waist.

"Should we be doing this? I mean, what will happen to us since we work together, it's against policies for me to date any co-workers."

"I don't think it'll get in the way of how we work. It's pretty safe to say that we both want this."

"You sure about this Carrie."

"Positive, now come here," Carrie pulled him close and kissed him once again.

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