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Chapter 4:

"Shit Al, how come the sex gets more amazing after each time," the red head had her head on his neck chest, his hands rubbing her bare back.

"I'm just that good, I like making you feel wanted," he kissed the top of her head.

"Well, you're pretty damn amazing at it," she kissed his chest, before straddling his waist, lowering herself onto his shaft. Closing her eyes as her head fell back, the faster she rode him the louder they both started moaning.

It ended with Al distracting Carrie enough so when he flipped her onto her back, quickly grabbing his handcuffs while her eyes were close, and cuffed her to the bed post.

Carrie felt the cold metal touch her heated skin, "You handcuffed me, I didn't know you liked it like that," she licked her lips.

"Well we're just getting started," he grinds his hips into her, Carrie taking his shaft in fully.

"Al!" she shouts, as his mouth lowered onto one of her breasts, sucking hard, and massaging her other breast with his free hand.

She arched into him and he rammed into her, multiple times, letting her ride out her orgasm. Her nails dug into his back, making him groan and slide his hands down Carrie's chest, and finding her ass.

"Fuck," she groaned as he slowed down his movements. He pulls out of her carefully and lays down next to her, kissing her cheek. "Can we go for...a... round... two?" she pants, and Al smirks, licking his lips.

"Maybe I'll keep you handcuffed and I'll go get something to eat," he sat up, pretending like he was leaving the room. Carrie's free hand, used all her strength to pull him backwards, next to her.

"You said you wanted something to eat?" she asked, with a wink.

"Oh, so you're willing to offer me a snack?"

"You have to get it yourself handsome," she nipped at his earlobe.

"Gladly, Detective Wells," he grinned, starting to kiss down her neck, chest, ending at her waist. He glanced up at her and she nodded. Al smirked as he lowered his mouth on Carrie's most sensitive part, his tongue licked the slit, and he brought his mouth sucking on her area.

His movements started speeding up, when his cell phone vibrated . He pulled back and Carrie grasped some of the hair on his head, bringing his mouth back to his previous position.

"I should get that babe," Al looks up at her.

"They can wait, you can't stop now. You can check your phone in five minutes," Carrie moaned, and Al thought for a second, and shrugged, before getting back to what he was doing.


5 Minutes Later

"Hot damn Al, that was fuckin' amazing, you have a way with your tongue," she caressed his cheek, before he uncuffed her and grabbed his phone. "Who was it?" Carrie asked, sitting up in bed next to him.

"Just my mother," he ran a hand through his hair. "Good thing I didn't answer, she would have ruined the moment."

"Why do you say that?" her hand ran up and down his chest.

"Because she's been trying to set me up with this woman, who is the daughter of her best friend."

"Sounds complicated, what should you tell her, since your with me?"

Al looked at Carrie and smiled, "I might as well tell her the truth."

"And what's the truth?"

"That I'm in love with this amazing woman, and I do not see her slipping away from me as long as I'm alive."

"Wow Al, you love me that much?" Carrie felt her eyes threaten with tears.

"I'd give my life for you Carrie."

"Well hopefully not, I don't want you to die, then who am I supposed to have amazingly hot sex with?"

"Good question," he smirked, "Are you hungry?"

She looked at him and nodded, "Kind of, what are we going to eat?"

"Want me to order some Chinese food?"

"You know how many times we had that, how about some pizza or chicken?"

"Alright, I'll look in the phone book for places with take out and chicken. Stay in bed while I'm gone, alright?" he kissed the top of her head, before pushing himself out of the bed, and grabbed some boxers, putting them on.

Carrie sighed and grabbed her phone, laying on the bedside table. She had three messages, one from her mother, one from this guy she was dating a few weeks before she got with Al, and the last one was an unknown number.

She checked her mother's first, Hey how's my Carrie doing, give me a call whenever you can. I want to hear more about this Al guy you seem intrigued a lot by him.

Her mother was the only other person she told about her seeing Al.

She checked her second message, Hey Carrie, it's me Malcolm. I made a mistake in letting you go. I want you back. Please can we meet up somewhere and talk?

Carrie sighed, she was in love with that guy, but then Al came along and she doesn't have feelings for Malcolm anymore, the sex was nothing compared to her and Al. She replied saying she was sorry and seeing somebody else.

Then she opened the message from the unknown number:

Detective Wells, I see that you aren't at your apartment anymore. I know you went with that Detective Al guy. You try to hide, but you aren't safe. Have fun trying to find out when and where I'll strike next, you better watch out, because I got eyes everywhere.

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