I think the chapter name makes it kinda obvious that this is the final chapter. Remember when I said I wanted to have a chapter where The Eternal Steam Engine was a good soundtrack? This chapter ends at the Moriya Shrine, and guess what, mission accomplished! The Eternal Steam Engine is a good song to play when reading the last scene at the Moriya Shrine. I think this is a really light and fluffy ending compared to the dark nature of the entire fanfic, which is exactly what I was aiming for.

My endings are always light and fluffy, and usually heart-warming as well, such as this one. I hope that after so many dark chapters, the ending warms your heart like a nice cup of hot cocoa…

Damn. I should've added some hot cocoa into the final scene.

The fight for Gensokyo had evolved into Mima versus Reimu, Marisa, Kanako, Suwako, the entire Myouren crew, and Shinki, plus the battle inside Sanae's head. The shocking part was how all that remained in the fight was Reimu, Marisa, and Kanako. Kanako didn't want to do any harm because of Sanae being the host body, but was told to suck it up by both Reimu and Marisa. "I need an opening," Reimu said, barely dodging the next in Mima's furious attacks. "Then I can exorcise Mima!"

"Leave it to me da ze!" Out with the hakkero! "Love Sign: Non-Directional Laser!"

Sanae's unconscious mind; Mima's second attack…

"Make it stop," Sanae sobbed, down on her knees and hands with tears flowing out her eyes. This attack wasn't based on memory or fear, but scenario. In front of the miko stood an execution block with Mima as the executioner, and next to her was a large basket filled with two severed heads. The first execution was Reimu, but Sanae refused to give up the battle for her body. After that, Mima struck her in a much more personal way by executing Suwako. Stepping up to the block was Mima's third execution. Kanako.

"I can stop any time. That time will be when you finally give up in this hopeless resistance of yours. The longer you resist, the longer your friends are out there, fighting me. If it goes on too long, the real Reimu will die, just like the real Suwako will, and of course…" Mima raised the bloody axe over the imaginary sky goddess's neck, and said "The real Kanako will die as well."

"P-Please…don't do it!"

"On the count of three now. One…" No response save for Sanae's continuous sobbing. "Two…th-"

"I'll do it!"

"You'll do what?"

"I, Sanae Kochiya, relinquish to you, Mima-sama, control over-" CRASH! Sanae's eyes darted up to the sky that was literally splitting in two and shining a bright light down on Mima, as did the eyes of the evil spirit herself.

"Wh…What is this?" Something was happening. Something that shouldn't have happened at all. "N-No! I was so close, I'm not getting forced out of your body like this! I won't allow it!" Mima continued shouting about how she refused to give up Sanae's body as the light lifted her up toward the sky. "Damn you, Sanae! You're far too damn kind! Let me tell you something, nice girls always finish-" Pop! Mima wasn't there anymore.

That meant Sanae had to get back into her own conscious mind and take her body back!



"You look pissed, ze."


"It's over," Reimu said. "You've been exorcised from Sanae's body, and between myself, Marisa, and Kanako, you're beat."

"No…I'm never beaten," Mima shouted, rocketing up into the sky on massive black wings. "I'll fight you three on one!" The evil goddess raised the tip of her crescent staff, and from that point, thick black clouds began to spread across the world, blocking out any sunlight. "Magic Sign: Complete Darkness!"

"Damn." Reimu wasn't ready for this. "I didn't expect her to be that powerful. I think three on one is a losing battle here."

"Make it four," another voice added, gripping Reimu's shoulder to pull herself off the ground. "Exorcism won't save you here," Sanae said. "You need a miracle."

"I like your thinking. She's in the sky, so Kanako…"

"On it," the sky goddess said, and seconds later the group could see Mima caught in a vicious maelstrom of intense winds. "Gotta get them off-balance before you shoot them down." Then with a snap of her fingers, CRASH! A massive bolt of lightning struck Mima in the back, shooting her back down to the quartet. "Alright girls, on three…" Marisa's hakkero started glowing, as did Reimu's yin-yang orbs as Sanae prepared to perform the final exorcism. "One, two…three!"

"Love Sign: Final Spark!"

"Fantasy Heaven!"

"Mountain of Faith!"

And up stepped a number of others as well, all charging power for a final attack!

"Soul: Severe Trauma!"

"Subterranean Rose!"

"Red Magic!"

"Sun Sign: Royal Flare!"

"Great Magic: Devil's Recitation!"

"Great Magic: Devil's Recitation!"

Mima's eyes widened in shock. All these attacks coming at her, all at the same time. There was no time to dodge! Even if it was just danmaku, the sheer amounts headed at her would be enough to kill a person! "If that's how it will be…Magic Sign: Twilight Spark EX!" One grand final laser, tearing through the danmaku like a knife. But when the attack subsided, her cocky expression faded off her face one final time. Flying at her like a rocket was the girl who just seconds ago acted as her host body, fist reared back to deliver one solid punch to Mima, knocking her out of the sky.

Moments later…

Mima was beat. Her body was fading as she got exorcised one final time; this time to never be seen again in Gensokyo. And when the evil spirit regained consciousness, she started freaking out. "N-No! Look what you've done to me!" Mima's eyes darted around; there was something she needed to do! Grinning wickedly the second she saw Marisa, she shouted "Consider this my goodbye present!" Not a split second later had Mima flown straight through Marisa, grabbing the black-white witch's heart right out of her chest along the way in a brilliant flash of green light. And then Mima was gone. Never again to be seen in Gensokyo.

"Marisa!" Reimu and Alice both ran up to the witch's side, lifting her head off the ground. "Come on," Alice begged, shaking the witch. "Stay alive!" But she knew it was pointless. Marisa probably died the second Mima passed through her, and the truth struck her with tears. That is, until a ghostly hand gripped her shoulder.

"Don't think you're solving the next incident without me, ze."

"Marisa!" The dollmaker spun around, hugging the now-ghostly witch tightly. "I was so afraid! I thought Mima killed you!"

"She did. I'm a ghost now, just like Mima-sama was." Goodbye present indeed; Marisa could now train herself and hone her power to the same level that Mima was at, if not a higher scale of power!

Moriya Shrine, the following morning…

All was back to normal at the Moriya Shrine. Sanae fell asleep the instant Mima was defeated, so Kanako and Suwako carried her home and put her to bed. And when the miko's eyes opened and saw her home, it felt better than being a child on Christmas morning. Leaping out of bed, Sanae put on her shrine maiden clothes that hung near her bed, just waiting for her. She had to see Kanako and Suwako!

"In the end," Suwako said to her sky goddess companion, standing in front of a whiteboard with a map of Japan on it with various locations colored in green or blue, "I guess what I'm trying to say is that you only won the war because you had the high ground. If you were near the shores, I could have taken you out with-"

"Suwako-sama! Kanako-sama!" Sanae darted into the room and held both goddesses as tightly as she possibly could. "I missed you both so much! I'm so sorry for all the bad stuff I did, and I promise that I'll be good from now on!"


"I-Is something…wrong?"

"Maybe you're too good," Suwako said. "After all, being such a good girl is what got you into this mess. If you're angry and need to do something bad from time to time, that's fine, Sanae. As long as you're still the good girl Kanako and I love so much, it's all fine with us!"

"…thank you," Sanae said, hugging the two even tighter, much at the expense of the flow of oxygen through Suwako's body. "Thank you both so much. For everything you've ever done for me, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"It's nothing," Kanako said, smirking a bit at Suwako's face as it started turning blue. "You're the last of the Kochiya family, though, and you're only human…"

"I try to not think about that."

"You need to meet a guy!"

"Wh-What!" Those six words were the last ones that Sanae ever expected to hear from Kanako, who had chased off many a boy when Sanae lived in the human world under the guise of a crazy grandmother. "W-Well, I mean I guess it wouldn't do any harm, but-"


"Bad time, Aya!"

"You won't believe this! There's an incident going on!" Dropping an issue of the Bunbunmaru on the table, Aya said "My sales are at an all-time low!"

"…" Sanae just turned back to the two goddesses in her arms. Between the confrontation with Mima, going crazy and doing such horrible things, and having her worst fears and memories shoot to the surface, she just wanted to spend some time here alone with her family. Two goddesses…no. Three goddesses.


Happy ending! I was going to do an epilogue chapter, but I decided against it, so I'll tell you what happened to some folks from there here in my author notes.

Mima was deemed guilty by Eiki (big surprise there) and sent to the lowest pits of hell for all eternity; deeper than Konngara. She's gonna get exactly what she's had coming.

Marisa did indeed keep on training, in that same house where her training as a witch began. After some months, she became just as powerful as Mima was and has been using her power for the good of Gensokyo. It's safe to say that she's matured since then.

Alice, after a few trips to Makai, learned to accept her feelings for Marisa and stop being so tsundere toward the witch. Eventually, the two created a doll together, and with Marisa's help, Alice was finally able to attain her lifelong dream of creating a fully sentient and independent doll.

As for Sanae…(start playing The Eternal Steam Engine again, you won't regret it)

Sanae lived to become known to Kanako and Suwako as the greatest of Suwako's descendants to ever be a shrine maiden. She kept training herself in her powers and other responsibilities as a shrine maiden, and while she didn't ever accomplish full godhood, she was able to meet somebody special, even if they were always right there. That person was able to help her get over her fears by various methods, and the two were very glad to be in the company of each other. Kanako mentioned it one night during poker, much to Yukari's dismay. That somebody was indeed Reimu Hakurei.

Lastly, on a more comical note, Aya's newspaper had to discontinue for good because of horrendous sales when word got out that Aya had lied when she put on the front page that Mima had been killed. Ironically, Aya now works for a new publisher of newspapers who has delivered accurate and quick reports on everything in Gensokyo. Aya's new boss is none other than Momiji Inubashiri.

And then there's you, dear reader. You went on to read other fanfics, not quite forgetting about this one, and when the idea strikes you to write a fanfic like no other, you will write it much like how I started this off just an idea. Surely, it will be a huge success