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Chapter 8

I'm woken by harsh sunlight streaming across my face, I must've forgotten to close my curtains last night. It's tough getting ready for the day and my mind is full of Edward. The whole day at school seems to really drag as I wonder what I want to do about the situation. I know it's a bit unhealthy but I can't bring myself to consider life without him, he's become my addiction. My mind keeps going back to what I asked from him yesterday in anger. I want him in that way, I know I always will and even though I'm young and many might use the word 'phase' if they knew, I really don't feel that way. I didn't tell Rose about that little revelation because I know she'll think I've totally lost it. I still feel angry with him about yesterday, including slinking about outside of my house and I intend to question him about it tonight. Mine and Rose's relationship is a lot better since we spoke and it's nice to have something and someone to keep my mind occupied. She keeps me smiling with tales of her and Emmett's outings and secret meetings, he seems like a really great guy. It isn't until I'm in my truck, heading towards Edward's house that I think of him again. Silas lets me in on his way out and I head up towards his door. I knock and enter, dumping my bag on the table, it's usual spot and all the pent up anger is back immediately.

"Where are you? I want to talk to you." It takes him a few minutes and then I feel the warmth from his body behind me. I don't turn round even though the urge is strong, I need to know what yesterday was about first. "Were you outside my house yesterday?" I feel his breath on my neck as he answers and it makes me shiver involuntarily, I can feel my anger disappear with every breath that lightly caresses my sensitive areas on my neck.

"Yes." His voice is husky and has an edge to it.


"Does it matter?" I feel his soft lips touch that area on my neck and my legs almost collapse underneath me, but his strong hands hold onto my sides. I try to clear my head, I know what he's trying to do and it's working.

"Yes!" I manage to squeak out as his fingers dig slightly into my sides, it's only just not painful.

"Well I was seeing if you'd decided to go to Mike's and if not I was going to offer my services, and my cock." I could hear the smirk in his voice, but am a little preoccupied with the fact that he just said 'cock'. I feel my body melt into his and I can feel how hard he is in my back. The throbbing between my legs is getting stronger with each laboured breath I take and I can feel my thoughts slip away but I try to cling onto them.

"How did you know where I live?" I stutter, he laughs first before answering.

"Emmett drove you home and the address was still in the GPS." It's such a simple answer that I hadn't even considered.

"But why didn't you say anything to me?"

"Because you were angry." Oh, I wasn't expecting that.

"How could you expect me not to be angry?"

Instead of answering he pulls me round so I'm facing him and his lips touch onto mine, the anger spurs me into attacking his lips. I feel the raw need to be close to him surge through my veins. I push myself up against him as I feel his hands trail down towards my ass. He picks me up easily and I feel softness underneath my back as he lays me down gently onto his bed. I wonder briefly if this is it; was I going to lose my virginity? That thought soon disappears as I feel the mattress dip next to me and his lips are back on mine. I pull at his top asking him to remove it and he does. I run my hands over the dips and contours of his strong muscles, its hard and smooth. He then tugs my tee shirt over my head, I do feel exposed but the lack of light spurs on my confidence as I carry on my exploration of his body. He moves from my lips and the anticipation is strong as I wonder where he is. He pushes away the cup of my bra and his lips touch my nipple gently, but its enough to make my back suddenly arch into his mouth, it's a sensation that completely takes me by surprise as I feel it all in my core. A moan escapes my lips as I feel his tongue swirl around my sensitive peak. I pull him by his hair as he continues the assault on both of my breasts, but I need friction on my hot centre that's throbbing and I buck my hips up towards him. He laughs and pushes his hand in towards where I want him to be, even though I still have my jeans on, the feel of his hand there is unbelievable and as he moves his hand I swear that I see stars as a wave of an unexpected orgasm hits me hard. He carries on to help me ride the last of it until I flop back onto the bed.

"Don't ever fucking say that boys name in here again." I would've laughed if I had any energy left, instead I turn onto my side and wonder briefly if he wants me to return the favour before I surrender to sleep. Like I would let Mike Newton do that to me.

I'm woken by someone gently shaking my shoulder, I feel too groggy to actually wake up properly though so I crawl towards the warm body and snuggle into it before I drift back into sleep.

"Bella. Wake up. It's really late. However much I like watching you sleep, I'm sure you've got to get back." I squint into the dark room and realise where I am. I sit up quickly and feel around for my top.

"What time is it?" I would've blushed if I wasn't so worried about getting home.

"It's just after ten." Oh shit, I need to be home right now, before Charlie freaks out. I find my top and jam it over my head quickly. I grab my bag and then turn back into the room.

"Erm thanks, I'll see you tomorrow." I'm so glad that my face is hidden in the darkness. I hear him laugh, before he replies.

"Bye Bella."

When I get home I call Charlie, he doesn't seem that worried about the lack of phone call and he tells me all about how Renee is still changing the menu around with her chef. Apparently he's been packing on the pounds from tasting everything. When I've finished chatting, I eat dinner before heading up to bed. I try not to think about what happened earlier but it's at the forefront of my mind the whole time and falling asleep proves very difficult.

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