A Little Kindness

Chapter One

This story begins on a balmy Thursday night in mid June; a young boy has been orphaned by a drive by shooter. This boy goes by the name of Miles Pride, he wandered around for three whole days before a teenager named Twist Munroe came upon him "Hey little fella what're you doin out here" he asked with goofy smile on his face. Miles looked up at the older boy and saw a kind teen with short and spiky chocolate brown hair, deep brown eyes. Now Miles was old enough to know about stranger danger so he was hesitant to answer the elder lad. Twist seemed to put this together "Oh I get it; you won't answer me because I'm a stranger right?" Miles nodded curtly. "I want to help you and I promise not to hurt you" Twist Munroe said truthfully. "You must be hungry right, it looks like you haven't eaten in at least two days" Miles inclined his head; he was more than hungry he was starving. Twist extended his hand towards the boy who in turn grasped the teen's hand albeit hesitantly. Once the silly teenager was sure he had Miles' hand wrapped in his own strolled towards his home. They walk in silence for a while until the stillness started to irritate Twist "So" he began "I didn't quite catch yer name back there squirt" Miles took on an angry glare "Don't call me squirt! It's Miles Pride!" he said Twist put his hands up in surrender "Sorry, squirt…I mean Miles and I'm David Munroe but everybody here calls me Twist" "Okay David where's your home?" The teen shuddered at the use of his real name "Just call me Twist and it's over there" he pointed to an old rundown apartment building. "You live in that decrepit place?" "Yep" Twist nodded "It's lot nicer inside than out." They walk through the door and are greeted by the building's receptionist "Hey Twist got that old jalopy out of lock-up yet" the receptionist inquired while snickering "Shut it Travis, before I shove my shoe down your throat" Twist growled at the man. Twist and Miles enter the elevator and ride it to the fifth floor once they reach said level they enter Twist's apartment "Welcome to my humble abode Miles; it ain't much but it's home. Miles' eyes scan the place and what Twist said was spot on; the apartment was small just big enough for two people, there was a small bathroom and kitchen area and a living room. "The bedroom is through that door on the side there" the older boy stated indicating the door next to the small rickety television. "Okay let's see what I can scrounge up for food" Twist said heading towards the kitchen and began rifling through cabinets. "Oh feel free to make yourself at home Miles, like I said I know ain't much but it's better than nothing" Miles made his way over to a ramshackle sofa and sat down to his surprise it was quite comfy. A few minutes later Twist enters the living room with two bowls of soup "Here you go Miles, its hot so blow on it" the teenager said with a smile on his face. Miles took it graciously and did as instructed and blew on it "Hey Twist" he said after slurping up a long noodle "Yeah" the teen answered "What did the guy at the desk downstairs mean by old jalopy?" Twist's face darkened but he quickly brushed it away "He means my car" Miles tilted his head curiously "What?" Twist asked defensively. "You have car? I didn't see it when we came in" Twist chuckled a little "It's in lock-up" "What's Lock-Up" "A place where the police put cars that have too many tickets" Miles looked at Twist for a moment "Why do you have so many tickets?" he inquired of the teen "I'm a street racer" he said simply. "Street Racer, isn't that illegal?" Miles asked as Twist blushed "Um, well yeah, but it's the only way I can afford to live here and feed myself. " Miles nodded in understanding. "Twist, how old are you?" the teen looked at Miles as he stood up "Seventeen and three months" he replied "How old are you" "I'm 10 years old" Miles answered smiling "Are you done with that?" Twist asked pointing at the boy's empty soup bowl. "Yes" the boy said handing the dirty bowl to the teenager who took it and walked to the kitchen to wash the bowls. Miles took another glance around and noted that though this place was grungy and rickety it was well kept. After a few moments Miles felt his eyelids grow heavy and he quickly dozed off. "Miles, you know you can stay here with me if you want?" Twist offered but stopped when he saw Miles fast asleep on the couch "Aww" he cooed gently "Looks like someone lost their pep" He strolled over to the small closet and pulled out a pillow and blanket, placing the pillow under his head and covering the boy with the blanket. Miles snuggled up falling into a deeper sleep. Watching this Twist is reminded of his own tiredness and yawns "I'll think I'll follow his lead" Twist said his eyes tired out. The teen makes his way to his room and flopped down on the bed, he pulled his comforter over him and fell asleep.

The sun rose the next day and bestowed its breath taking radiance upon the city. Twist was enjoying a very jovial dream when columns of golden sunlight shone through the small window across from room and illuminated the teen's face. He shifted and pulled his comforter over his head to try and block out the light but to no avail because the comforter was just as rundown as the rest of the apartment. The chocolate-haired lad was roused further by a curious smell. Twist sat up, his hair sticking out in different directions. He gives the air a sniff and the aroma he is detecting smells an awful lot like bacon. He stood and walked into the living room and looked around for little Miles. His brown eyes eventually fall on said boy standing on a chair in front of the stove decked out in an apron. An electric skillet was situated on the counter in front of the boy. "Hey little man, what're you up to?" Twist asked looking at Miles with one of his kooky smiles. "Making you some breakfast" Miles replied smiling kindly. Twist was shocked no one had ever been nice enough to make him breakfast. "You didn't have to" the teen said Miles shrugged "My mom always taught me to repay acts of kindness" "Since you didn't have to help me…but you did." The younger one stated "Besides I like you, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Twist blushed a little at that and looked down at his feet. After about ten minutes the two sat down the rickety table and enjoyed the marvelous breakfast Miles had prepared. "What's on the agenda for today?" Miles inquired peering at the chocolate haired teen "I've got to get my ride out of the lock-up and get back out there" Twist stated tersely while glaring at his empty plate. "That means you've got to pay those tickets right" Twist peered up at the boy, contemplating whether to take the boy under his wing he really couldn't afford to leave him here. "No…we've got to…steal it back from the police" Miles paled a little "Steal it back!" the boy exclaimed staring at Twist. "Well…I really don't have the money to pay the fees…and the land lord will be by soon…and I really need a place…I also have quite the record." Miles looked stunned but he then remembered what his savior had said the day prior about his street racing providing him with income. "It's the only thing I know Miles" stated the teen with finality; effectively ending the conversation. Miles simply nodded "So how are you going to do it" Twist considered the question for a moment "I need to first talk to my friends and see what they think" he responded before standing up, heading to his room to get dressed; after about twenty minutes or so Twist emerged dressed in a pair of black jeans, a blue undershirt complimented by a yellow hoody with a blue design of a turn table on the front pocket. Miles notice the Twist also spiked his hair a little, the seventeen-year-old look positively stunning. Twist then eyed Miles and snorted at the condition of the boy's clothes, he then started tearing through his closet until he found a few garments that shrunk in the wash "Hey Miles!" called the goofy teen, said boy then appears next to him "Here try these on" Miles nods and goes into the small bathroom to change outfits. When comes out, the shrunken clothes fit the youngster perfectly. Twist then realizes that Miles freshened up a little too, his untamed semi-long dark brown hair was combed back nicely and his face was clean. As for the child's outfit he was wearing light blue V-neck T-Shirt, brown board shorts and a pair of aged sandals. Twist seemed pleased so he ushered Miles out of the apartment but not before grabbing his house keys and iPhone. They quickly ride the elevator down to the lobby and exit the building just as swiftly. Outside; the sun shone down radiantly making the dingy area look more accommodating. Miles and Twist stroll up to the street and notices several different cars of different makes and models. It was normal in a big city so little Miles didn't see it as a matter of importance until a bright pink Audi A3 skidded around the corner with a loud screech of the tires; the small car continued its slide until a slid up to the curb almost perfectly. The driver side door opened and the operator stepped out; upon seeing said driver Twist's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

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