Miles' idea was worth a gamble so Marina, Shout, Kiki and Twist decide to go with it.

"I'll go in with Ms. Kiki; our story will be that I'm looking for my…dog"

Miles seems to hesitate with those words but Twist ignores it for now.

"Simple but it might work"

Kiki ponders for a few minutes

"I'll pull the alarm to signal you guys to get in"

With the plan set the five set to work.

Kiki and Miles enter the police and the clever boy puts his plan into action.

The two approaches the desk

"Can I help you" The officer at the desk asks eyeing them.

Miles puts on the best teary-eyed face he can which is pretty convincing since his father was Hermes.

"Off-icer, please help me" he hiccups as very realistic fake tears role down his face.

Kiki held her breath not sure if the act would fool the cop but it did

"Of course, that's what I'm here for little guy" he says gently placing his hand on Miles' shoulder

"Officer…sniff-sniff…my puppy ran away…and I can't find him"

to seal the deal Miles starts sobbing harder.

"Shhh its okay come with me I'll help you make some fliers."

The officer took the boy up a flight of stairs and Kiki quickly pulled the alarm which sounds immediately Kiki waits as the officer races back down and Kiki promptly knocks him out.

Miles comes down the stairs smiling brightly

"I'm satisfied now" Miles states with a sly smirk.

While outside Twist, Marina and Shout dash into the impound lot and find Twist's car it was a stunning Toyota Supra it was yellow in color with blue spiral designs coursing across the chassis.

Shout and Twist work the wheel lock.

While Marina stands watch for any cops while Kiki and Miles fly out of the side doors they get to the impound lot at the same time Shout and Twist manage to get the brace off of the wheel.

"The pigs need to smarten up I mean leaving the windows open" Shout states indicating the open passenger side window

but the Twist wasn't complaining he slid himself through the window

"Guys go, I can take it from here."

Shout and Marina nod and then look for Kiki and Miles but don't see them

"Where did they…" Marina begins before be cut off by the screech of tires as Kiki's bright pink A3 blurs past with three police cruisers on her tail.

It takes them a minute to realize that their friend is leading the cops away.

Twist's Supra pulls up next to them

"What're you guys waiting for get to your cars, Kiki's a good driver but she won't hold them off forever"

Twist then steps on the gas and pulls out onto the road and starts moving in Kiki's direction not soon after Marina and Shout's cars catch up Twist engages his SMS system so that they can communicate.

"It looks like Kiki's headed for the freeway" Marina says over the system.

Twist puts his foot down like a brick and his Toyota's speedometer starts climbing hearing the purr of his car's engine puts the chocolate-haired teen in a special zone.

When behind the wheel Twist becomes a different person, he is very clever and observant, he rarely gets nervous but anyone other time he is normally a silly goofball.

"I see her and wow, four cruisers and the chopper; she must be a hot one" Shout comments

Twist's eyes search the freeway length ahead of them and saw a shortcut that passes through a farm pasture, he knew of it well because he'd used it himself several times to ditch the 5-0.

"Marina, see our old passage way up ahead" Twist asks with a tone of authority


"Use it to catch up with Kiki"

"Got it" she answers and veers off and across three lanes of oncoming traffic with ease and into the shortcut.

"Shout, let's get a few of those cruisers off her back"

"You got it boss" Shout responds

and the both increase speeds Shout's Mercedes moves up and taps the rear quarter panel and successfully clips the cruiser sending spinning out in to another car.

Twist proves his skill by pulling up next to a police car and pushes against it.

The cop pushes back with fervor but Twist manages to push the officer right into an unforgiving oak tree and directs his Supra away without as much as a scratch.

That left two cruiser they had to take them both out at once or one would call for backup or elevate the chase, last thing they need right now was state troopers.

Meanwhile further up the thruway Marina had managed to catch up with Kiki

"Kiki, Twist and Shout are getting the cruisers of your tail" the red-haired beauty says over radio.

"Got it!" Kiki responds before she spots three more cruisers up ahead

"Damn" curses the female ace driver.

That's when Miles realizes that the cops had set up a road block

"It's a blockade!" the ten-year-old shouts

he then sees one of the taller officers, he had pasty-pale skin and blonde hair. He had a pair steely blue eyes that were as cold as slate. He was holding a Colt 45 Revolver and it poised in firing position.

The first gunshot sounds and the shot ricochets off the Audi's bumper, the second shot was a complete miss.

"Twist, there's a roadblock about a mile ahead"

"Don't worry about Shout's taking care of it right now" responds Twist's uncharacteristic serious voice.

Another gunshot goes off and this one goes right through the center of the windshield and right over Miles' head.

It came so close that Miles felt the heat and yelped a little.

Then the four and fifth shots ring out and miss, Kiki, Marina and Miles knew that the Colt Revolver only had six shots if he missed this shot he was out of ammunition.

It seems that the officer realizes it too and took careful aim and squeezes the trigger bullet flies out the end of the nozzle at over 200 miles per hour.

Kiki has barely anytime to react as the bullet makes another hole in the windshield and whizzes by her but a second later she hears a cry of pain and something hit the back of her seat and sees little Miles was hit and now was bleeding heavily.

"Oh my gods…Miles!"

Kiki couldn't afford to be distracted but with Miles bleeding so badly she couldn't make a decision.

"Kiki what happened"

Comes Twist's voice his words laced with concern

"I'm fine but Miles was hit in the shoulder by a Colt Magnum Revolver." Kiki says as roadblock steadily approaches her little Audi couldn't smash trough it wouldn't survive but then something strange happens all four police cruisers are pushed aside by an invisible force Kiki then hears a voice; the voice of Hermes, Mile's immortal father.

"Go now!"

Kiki doesn't need any more telling she slams the gas down and the A3 rockets off with Marina's Chevrolet trailing behind as Shout and Twist arrive from an earthen trail to right of a pair of road signs.

They race back to their hideout also known as Twist's basement.

Kiki quickly looks back and sees Miles unconscious panic floods her hoping they're not too late.

[Dun-dun-dun Cliffhanger, will Miles survive and if he doesn't who will Hermes blame, the cop or the Fresh Beats] [Miles' survival is in your hands readers give some reviews if you want to find out]

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