I was sitting around thinking about how Helga writes her poetry and how she uses Arnold as her muse for all of them. Well… what if Arnold wrote a poem about Helga? Here it is!

Disclaimer: I don't own Hey Arnold. Be awesome if I did though. ;)

Only 9

Some days I see you walk,

Other days, I see you run.

Just when I have you all figured out,

I realize, I've just begun.

Like, the times I see you staring

Then scrunch your face and sneer.

Wait. Did I just see you smile?

Naaa. Couldn't be. You use that face for fear.

But somehow, I know there's more to you.

More than you'll let show.

I only hope I'll get to see it.

But for now, I'll never know.

Still, the mystery resides in you.

One challenging, without a doubt.

I just wish I knew what else to say,

Besides, "I need to figure things out."

I know it's not the best answer,

But right now, it's all I've got.

One minute, you're making fun of my head,

The next, you're kissing me on rooftops.

Forgive me for being quizzical,

But it's all so much to learn.

I've never understood this term called ' love'.

Yet, something inside me still burns.

Like…it's ok to feel this way.

Maybe…even right.

I just never dreamed of it happening to us,

Since we've always been like day and night.

Now that I really think about it…

I guess…it all makes sense.

All those times you said you were "mad",

It was always just pretend.

Maybe one day, I'll figure you out.

And then, we'll have more time.

But for now, let's just keep it simple.

After all. We're only nine.