Title: Wonderwall Epilogue Pt.2

Author: WickedWhiskey (Tumblr: Wickedwhiskeygirl)

Pairing: Eventually Kurt/Dave

Minor Characters: Finn, Santana, Quinn and Burt (Some other characters might show up unexpectedly.

Rated: R for language and content (might increase with chapters)

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, or any Glee characters. I do not own rights to Oasis's Wonderwall song or any Billie Holiday, Brandi Carlile .I also do not make any profit from this.

Summary: AU (Future Fiction) Dave and Kurt are happily married, but when an unexpected accident transports Dave to his senior year. Dave must now find a way back home and help Kurt remember who they once were.

Epilogue: Two


Ohio State University

Ohio State University seemed like a whole different place in the winter time. The blanket of snow was scattered around the grass and trees giving off a winter wonderland feel for those that have never experienced such a drastic change in weather. The weather forecast stated that Ohio was about to experience a record breaking snow drop within the upcoming days, and were urging residents/students to minimize their outdoor activities until it passed. This impending forecast didn't stop Dave as he was tiredly making his way through the cold towards the North-wing dorms where Kurt was staying that semester. Dave's frozen hands were shoved into his letterman pockets as he strolled through the freezing cold wet night air.

Dave wasn't aware of the cold because earlier that day Kurt had informed him that his roommate was going to be visiting family in Columbus, so he would be gone for the weekend. Dave knew perfectly well that this meant that they had the dorm room all to themselves for two whole nights.

Dave turned towards the Haverfield dormitories when he mused over the last two years since they "arrived back"...as Kurt would call it. Dave's freeze body began to think about the moment everything truly changed...the day he came out in McKinley.

The idea of coming out while in high-school always seemed like social suicide to him, but the moment Dave made up his mind he knew it was time to make that giant leap. The day of his coming out he knew that things would forever be changed, and for the most part he was content about that. The fact that he was being honest with himself earned him a support from the most unlikely of places. The McKinley Titan's stood by their right-guard and no one had issues when Kurt would wear his jersey on game days. The New Direction's stood behind the new couple as the first couple of weeks of coming clean about their relationship was top news on Jacob Israel's blog. To the outside it would seem that the rumors and gossip would bother the new couple, but Dave would shrug off the glares and the whispers as he reached for his boyfriends hand as they walked down the halls of McKinley.

Kurt's simple presence would lift Dave's spirits up like no other.

Dave's thoughts then traveled to his family, and how they supported him every step of the way. His mother adored Kurt, and she would always gush over him when he was over. Paul Karofsky was, at first, concerned with Dave's coming out, but soon realized that his son was truly happy and comfortable in his own skin for the first time since he was a boy.

The entrance to the dorm was coming close and Dave was glad for it because the chilling night air was already making his fingers numb. The dormitories were very much isolated at this time because students had already left for the Thanksgiving holiday. Both, Kurt and Dave, were scheduled to leave Monday morning to spend time with their families. Dave was even surprised that Burt had extended an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner to him.

Dave was grateful for the welcoming warmth that was radiating from the hallways, and that he had the spare key that Kurt had given him since it was already pasted midnight. During the evening Dave sent Kurt a short text informing him that practice was running a bit late, but Kurt responded back letting him know that he could use the spare key he had given him just in case he was already in bed.

Dave fiddled with the locks until he was quietly inside the slightly smaller dorm room. Dave noticed that the room only had one light on that originated from Kurt's side of the room. He smiled as he noticed his boyfriend of two years asleep on his side of the room fast asleep on his bed with a sketch pad on his lap. The sketch pad had a new drawing on it, and the pencil was still in Kurt's charcoal covered hand. Dave's mind wandered to last month when they had the dorm room to themselves, and Kurt needed Dave for his for his Introduction to Sketching class.


October, 2014

"Stop moving," Kurt replied as he moved his gaze from his boyfriend of two-years naked form back to his sketch pad.

"I'm getting sore," Dave replied with a humors whine as he continued to lay in the position Kurt had put him. "It's not easy being your test subject."

"I prefer the term muse, David," Kurt answered as his fingers began to shade in the areas around Dave's sketch. "I can't help it...I love drawing you."

"I'm not complaining, but you know what happens each time you sketch me," Dave replies with an evil smirk.

"No...Tell me," Kurt answers as he lifted his head from the sketch pad.

"It always starts with a look," Dave states as he looks over at his boyfriend.

"A look?"

"Yeah, you look up from your sketch pad, and lock eyes with mine...and we both know what we want," Dave answered as he looked directly into Kurt's eyes to prove his point and he watched his boyfriend turn a different shade.

"What do we want?"

"We want a simple touch," Dave answers as he sits up in Kurt's dorm bed moving his gaze from Kurt's eyes to the rest of his covered body.

"A touch you say," Kurt whispers as he looks over Dave's form that was laying comfortably on his bed.

"It then escalates with you dropping that sketch pad to the floor, and us getting naked," Dave answers as he looks over at his lover with determined eyes.

"That doesn't always happen...does it?" Kurt asked as his mind began to recall all the times he sketched Dave.

"It happens all the time, babe," Dave answered as he turned around to look over his boyfriend as their eyes locked again. "...and believe me I look forward to it every time."

"Well...I'm sure we wouldn't want to break our tradition," Kurt answered as he dropped the sketch pad on the floor and went over to the bed. Dave pulled Kurt so that he was laying down on him.

"What about your assignment?" Dave whispered as he lifted Kurt's shirt over his head.

"You're not going anywhere...are you?" Kurt asked as he straddled Dave's waist.

"I'm staying right here," Dave answered as he stroked Kurt's cheek with his hand.

"Good," Kurt replied as he closed the distance between them. "We can finish the sketch later."

End Flashback

Dave watched his boyfriend sleep soundly until Kurt's eyes gradually lifted greeting Dave with a lazy smile.

"Hey Handsome," Kurt whispered as he stretched out in his bed. "Did you just get in?"

"Yeah, I just didn't want to wake you," Dave answered as he went over to Kurt's bedside as his boyfriend sat up from where he had been laying. "I know that you haven't had much rest because of your exams."

"You should have woken me up," Kurt replied as he leaned closer to the bigger boy. Kurt placed a soft kiss on Dave's lips while running his fingers through Dave's short wet curls.

"You're soaked," Kurt stated with concern as he realized that his boyfriend was completely drenched from the harsh weather outside.

"Yeah…I had to walk all the way from the field in the snow," Dave answered as he kissed down Kurt's neck. "I was going to get a ride with Puck, but he had to skip practice to visit with Shelby back in Lima. I think that Beth is running a temperature."

"We need to get you into some dry clothes before you get a temperature," Kurt whispered in a worried tone as he reluctantly moved himself from Dave's embrace, and went to his bottom dresser where he kept a few of Dave's clothes when he would stayed over.

Dave watched as his boyfriend fussed over him and began to ramble about making sure he was healthy...Dave found everything about his boyfriend adorable. They hadn't lived together since the alternate reality, but that didn't stop Kurt from making sure that he was taken care of. Kurt had even promised Jane that he would take care of her son while they were away in college.

"You know it could be like this all the time if we had opted to dorm together," Dave teased Kurt as he placed some dry clothing on his lap.

"We talked about this...if we were to room together we would flunk out of college because we would never leave our room," Kurt answered with a smirk. "Furthermore, I'm sure my father wouldn't approve of us rooming together."

"You're right," Dave answered as he rolled his eyes playful as he reached for Kurt. "I just miss waking up with you."

"I miss it too, but I know we have all the time in the world," Kurt said as he looked over at his boyfriend with a knowing smile. "...Or did you forget that you proposed to me in an alternate universe?"

"I haven't forgotten," Dave said with a chuckle. "…If memory serves you agreed to marry me in that alternate reality, Hummel."

Kurt stopped rummaging for clothing as he turned to face the boy that held his heart, and soul. Kurt had always wanted a fairy tale love that would be epic...he had to admit that the love he had with Dave was better than any tale or story he had ever heard. Their love wasn't something that couldn't be described, but was very visible to anyone that would see them.

Kurt stood in front of his boyfriend and knelt down on the floor so that they would be at eyes view.

"I know, without a doubt, that I'm going to marry you, and it's not because of the glimpses we had of our counterparts...but because I know that your place is in here," Kurt whispered as he placed Dave's hand over his heart. "You're kind of stuck with me, Karofsky."

"Like I said before...I'm not going anywhere," Dave whispered before placing a chaste kiss over Kurt's soft lips. "I'm going to make you very happy."

"You already do," Kurt said as he hugged his boyfriend and realized that he need to get him some dry clothes before they both got sick. "Let's get you cleaned up."

"Yeah...but before I forget my mom wants you to come over for lunch on Monday when we arrive back in Lima. I think she misses you more than me."

"I miss her too," Kurt replied with genuine excitement. "How's she feeling?"

"She has her good days and bad," Dave whispered as he rubbed circles on Kurt's lower back with his hands. "Dad says that she being strong for all of us."

"She's the strongest woman I know," Kurt answers as he looks down at Dave's hazel eyes. "You take after her, David."

"I'm not like her...she's one of a kind."

"So are you," Kurt whispered as he placed his slender fingers on Dave's cheek. "You are by far the most incredible man I have ever met...both you and my father have taught me so much."

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?" Kurt asked as he tilted his head to the side as he looked down at his boyfriend who was still sitting on his bed with his arms wrapped around his waist.

"Make everything so much better," Dave whispered as he stood up to meet with Kurt's gaze. "You make me feel like I'm a good guy."

"You're not a good guy, David," Kurt replied as he placed both his hands on Dave's chest. "You're a great guy."

Dave exhaled as he heard those words slip from his boyfriend's lips making his feel invincible. Kurt always seemed to have that effect on Dave and during their senior year Kurt's words were able to ground him.

"Now...I really need to get you out of these wet clothes," Kurt replied as he began unzipping Dave's soaked sweater, and then moving to unbuttoning Dave's plaid shirt.

"Trying to get me naked already, Hummel," Dave whispered as his eyes went from Kurt's fingers working on his clothing to Kurt's concentrated expression.

"Let me take care of you," Kurt whispered as he placed Dave's shirts by his desk and then returning to work on Dave's belt.

"You already do," Dave answered using his boyfriend's words as he started lifting Kurt's T-shirt over his head. Once the shirt was disregarded Kurt looked up at his boyfriend with raised eyebrows. "I got your shirt a little wet when I hugged you, so it's only fair that I take care of you too."

"You're impossible," Kurt answered as he unzipped Dave's pants letting them fall to the ground.

Dave lowered himself just a bit as he lifted Kurt from the ground and brought them to Kurt's bed. Dave slowly placed Kurt on the bed and soon lowered himself over his lover as he began placing kisses over Kurt's neck. Kurt's hands roamed Dave's shoulders until they were tangled in Dave's short curls while wrapping his left leg around Dave's waist.

Dave's lips traveled up from Kurt's neck to Kurt's trembling lips that were aching to be kissed by the other boy. Dave's hands traveled down Kurt's sides as their mouth continued to explore one another. They took a few seconds to get comfortably under the warm covers, and then resumed with placing kisses in every available place.

Since their time together over the past two years Dave had been able to memorize every inch of Kurt's flawless porcelain body. He had every freckle...every birthmark...every scare burned into his memory. Dave loved every bit of Kurt's body, and each time they made love he would show the other boy just how much he adored him.

Dave laid on his side as his hands caressed Kurt's lower stomach until they found their way to Kurt's already erect member. Dave enjoyed looking at Kurt as he touched him, for he loved the idea that he could make Kurt feel pure ecstasy. The way Kurt's head rested on the pillow with his eyes dilated with lust and the way he bit his bottom lip to keep from crying out made Dave extremely hard. It was then that Dave began to kiss his way down Kurt's chest until he reached Kurt's hips. Dave had a habit of leaving little marks on Kurt's hips. Dave knew, perfectly well, that Kurt would have his head if he gave him a hickey in a visible place… especially when they were heading home in two days. Burt Hummel would not be pleased if he were to find traces of Dave on Kurt's flawless neck.

Kurt's head was arched into the pillow as he felt Dave's hot mouth kissing his lower body until Dave's mouth wrapped around Kurt's erect cock.

"Oh...God," Kurt stuttered as he felt Dave's warm mouth massaging him. Dave's mouth was slowly moving up and down as he wanted his boyfriend to truly enjoy the feeling of his mouth.

Kurt's hand found their way down to Dave's head, and would occasionally grab a fist full of hair as Dave's mouth began to work faster. Kurt knew at this rate he would be coming in no time, but he wanted Dave inside him...and fast.

"Dave...I need you," Kurt begged as he pulled Dave until his boyfriend was lying on top of him.

"Sorry...I love tasting you," Dave whispered as he looked into Kurt's eyes that were filled with a mixture of lust and desire.

"Don't be...I just want you," Kurt whispered. "All of you."

Dave moved to the night side where Kurt kept a few of their items stored away for special occasions. Dave lifted the cap of lube as he placed the cool gel on his fingers as he turned back to his lover. Kurt crawled until he straddled Dave's waist with his long slender legs. Dave's hand positioned itself in between Kurt's entrance and brought their lips together as he finally entered Kurt's tight channel.

"Jesus," Kurt gasped as he felt Dave's strong fingers stretching him.

"You okay, babe?" Dave asked as he continued to work his fingers in and out of Kurt.

"Y-yes...you feel so fucking good," Kurt whispered earning Dave a smirk as he always loved hearing Kurt usually proper vocabulary shift when they were together like this. "More…David…Please."

Dave then worked in a second finger until he knew a third was needed and with each thrust he would bath Kurt with his wet kisses to distract Kurt from the burning pleasure.

"I can't wait to be inside, Kurt," Dave whispered into Kurt's ear. "I love the way you feel around me."

"I-I love it too," Kurt stuttered as his nails began to mark their way down Dave's bareback. "I can never g-get enough of you."

"I want you," Dave whispered as he felt himself get painfully hard at just the mere sight of Kurt's flushed sultry form quivering below him as he stretched him.

"Then have me...I'm yours," Kurt answered as he watched Dave not needed any further confirmation as he retracted his fingers as they reached for the open bottle on the nightstand. Dave reached for the condom on the nightstand, but felt Kurt's hand touch his shoulder.

"I want to feel you," Kurt pleaded. "Now."

Dave nodded as he disregarded the condom knowing that they were each other's firsts and they had never been with anyone else...they just used the condoms to avoid clean up. He then placed a decent amount of lube on his erect member and lowered himself between Kurt's legs. Dave waited for Kurt to let him know if he was ready, and was assured to proceed as Kurt's lips lifted forward until they were on Dave's. Dave then began to enter Kurt's warm channel as he took in the incredible sensation of being wrapped up in Kurt's warmth.

"Fuck," Dave cursed as he continued to push through the warmth, until he knew Kurt was full of him. Dave rested his head on Kurt's forehead as he looked down at Kurt's priceless expression.

"Move," Kurt whispered as he confirmed with Dave that he would be able to move and not hurt him. "Christ!"

Dave had been many things in his life...a puck-head...a bully...a closeted jock. All these this were part of Dave's past, but Dave knew without a doubt that we wasn't a selfish lover...he wanted Kurt to have it all when they made love. The times that they were intimate Dave made sure to push his own desires aside, so that he was able to give Kurt exactly what he wanted. The fact that he could bring Kurt to the brink of being speechless was enough to push Dave over the edge.

Dave reached for Kurt's legs as the quickly wrapped around Dave's waist as Kurt sat up facing Dave as the larger was sitting on the bed with his lover on his lap. Kurt began moving up and down on top of Dave as he felt himself getting closer to his climax, but wanting Dave to be close behind.

"You feel...f-fucking incredible," Kurt stuttered as his lips were inches away from Dave's own mouth.

"You're fucking incredible," Dave answered as he tilted his head back as Kurt's mouth traveled down to his throat...placing kissing at the base of his neck. "So…fucking …amazing."

"I-I love you, David," Kurt whispered as he continued with his steady tortuous rhythm.

"Say it again," Dave whispered as he ran his hand down Kurt's thigh.

"I love you…you know I do," Kurt whispered as he captured Dave's lips with his own. Dave immediately responded to Kurt's touch. Kurt then slowly lowered his head back letting out small moans as Dave's lips caressed his way down Kurt's chin until he was at Kurt's throat.

Dave laid Kurt back down on the soft sheets as he continued to thrust into Kurt. The thrusts were slow and tortuous until Dave realized that they were both close to their peak. Dave reached down to take Kurt into his hand and began to stroke Kurt's throbbing member with a steady firm pace.

"D-Dave," Kurt cried out as his arms armed around Dave's waist as Dave continued to thrust into his lover's tight warm channel. Kurt's eyes were on Dave as they were reaching their climax.

"I love you," Dave hissed as he felt himself coming apart inside his lover as he rode out his orgasm. "I love you so much."

Kurt's body finally gave into his own climax as he still felt Dave stroking him until his warm seed spilled out onto his lover's hand. It took a few moments for them to catch their breaths, and Dave's body was still lying on top of Kurt's sweaty form. Dave made no intention of pulling out of his lover, for he knew that Kurt enjoyed having him buried deep in him for a few moments after they made love. The intimacy was the best part of it all...the closeness of being with someone and not knowing where you end or where they begin. It was during these times that Dave would have a hard time deciphering which hands were his and which were Kurt's. The larger boy lifted his head to take in his lover's afterglow.

"You look so fucking beautiful," Dave whispered as he moved scattered wet strands of hair out of Kurt's forehead then sliding his hand down to Kurt's swollen red lips.

Kurt's lips lightly parted as they kissed the larger boys rough fingers. Dave then gradually slipped out of Kurt, but continued to lie on top of his boyfriend.

"When I'm with you I feel like anything is possible," Kurt whispered as his shaky hands traced circles on Dave's forearm.

"That's because anything is possible when we are together," Dave said with a wink as his chin rested on Kurt's chest while he continued to look up at Kurt's blue eyes.

Dave's right hand laced itself with Kurt's left hand that was resting on his stomach. Both were in no hurry to get cleaned up, for all they wanted was to be close to one another. They still had the memory of being separated after the first time they made love, so each time afterwards they would just revel in each other's arms.

"Kurt," Dave whispered as he looked up into Kurt's tired eyes. "Can you do me a favor?"


"Can you grab my phone from my coat pocket?" Dave asked with a smile. "I'm too tired to move."

"Leave it there until tomorrow," Kurt smiled with a cute whine along with it.

"I know, but its important," Dave answered cryptically.

Kurt looked over at his lover with curiously, but still slipped out from under his lover while grabbing his blanket from the bed to cover himself since the cool hair was now hitting his sweaty skin. Kurt went over to Dave's disregarded clothing that was lying on the floor and soon located the coat. Kurt searched in the right pocket, but came up short. He then moved to the next pocket, but didn't find a phone but a small velvet box. Kurt took the dark blue box out and for a second didn't know what he was looking at until he opened the box to find that it was empty. Kurt spun around as he held the blanket around his body with one hand and the other hand was holding out the small empty box. Kurt's view then caught sight of Dave kneeling on the floor in front of him with a small silver band in between his fingers.

"Dave," Kurt replied in a rather breathless voice.

"It occurred to me that I proposed to you in a different time," Dave said as he looked up at his boyfriend's astonished face. "I wanted to do this right."

"Are you asking me to marry you?"

"No...I'm asking you to be more than just my husband, Kurt," Dave replied with a smile. "I'm asking you to be my partner...I know we are too young to get married, but I'm not too young to know that when I look into the future the only thing that I see clearly is...you."

Kurt smiled as he watched his boyfriend kneeling down in boxers with the most incredible look of happiness on his face.

"I've been in love with you all of my life, and I know that nothing will ever change that," Dave said. "You were a huge part of my past, and what I want most in this world is to have you in my future."

There was a small comfortable silence in the room as Dave watched Kurt's smiling face.

"Alright, Mr. Karofsky," Kurt replied with a slow creeping smile on his face. "After quick deliberation on your proposal...I have some condition."

"Conditions?" Dave answered with a small laugh escaping knowing that everything Kurt did had a bit of drama to it.

"Yes, I will except your proposal under a few conditions, but just know that there will be more to come as we get older," Kurt answered as he stepped closer to the kneeling boy in front of him. "The first condition would be that you'll continue to be my personal sketching model...that way we could always keep our traditions alive," Kurt whispered with a smirk forming on his face.

"Sounds reasonable," Dave replied as he took in his boyfriend's mischievous expression. "What's the second request?"

"The second is that you'll dance with me everyday…whether in the morning before our day begins or at night just before we go to bed. I love dancing with you because it feels like one matter how difficult things are I'm reminded that you're in my life, and that I can do anything.""

"Okay, that's doable," Dave answered. "Do you have any other requests?"

"You do know that even if you were to say no to my silly demands…I would still say yes," Kurt answered truthfully and without hesitation.

"I know, but I have a few requests of my own, Mr. Hummel," Dave replied with his eyebrows arching up.

"Alright, let's hear them," Kurt answered as he stepped closer to the kneeling figure in front of him and sank down to his knees. Kurt met with Dave's hazel eyes looking at him as he placed his hands on the bigger man's shoulders.

"My first request is that you'll wear my shirts whenever you want…because Lord knows how much I love seeing you in them."

"I think I can do that on occasion," Kurt answered as he leaned in a bit closer.

"My next request is that you'll still continue to be…you. I don't want you to ever change for me or for the world…because we all need you just as you are. You are the most amazing and talented person I have ever met. I have seen every bit of you and I love it all," Dave declared as he held his boyfriend closer to his body. "I'll never know why you choose me, but I promise you that I'll build you a life that we can share…I'll build you a world."

"I like the sound of that," Kurt answered as he placed his head on Dave's shoulder.

"…and I hope you know that I'm going still be kissing you whenever I want," Dave whispered into his lover's ear.

"I have no doubt about that, Mr. Karofsky," Kurt answered as he looked up into Dave's eyes and just before Dave could say another word he watched as his boyfriend slipped the silver band onto his ring finger. "It fits perfectly…just like us."

"Exactly like us," Dave answered as he brought Kurt's lips to his own mouth as he felt Kurt's blanket wrap around his frame as they whispered words of love and promises, for they had all the time in the world…they would have…

Always & Forever


Hi Everyone,

I can't believe that Wonderwall is over! My Baby is finally grown (tears). Maybe now I'll stop listening to Wonderwall on repeat for inspiration, LOL. I would like to thank everyone that has followed and supported this story ;-) Thanks for always being there when I need you! I hope you've all enjoyed this long ride filled with alternate realities, two pairs of Dave/Kurt and time travel! I've also begun writing the next chapter of The Sweetest Downfall and We Set Fire, so I'm not going anywhere. Hope you've enjoyed Wonderwall!

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